Prophetic Word- Come Out Of Hiding


Spoken Prophetic Word

“My child,

Come out of hiding. I know you’ve been hurt and wounded. I know it hurt, I know it sucked. 

I see a vision of you in a cave and you are rereading your past hurts. I see memories written down and you keep rereading them. It’s a dark dark cave.

I see a vision of you with lots of people accusing you, surrounding you and you are cowering in fear, you are scared of the world. 

But now I want you to come out. I want you to come out of the cave. Child, what I have for you. Colors and beauty. Yes there are accusers sent by the devil, but there are also lovers that will love you for who you are. They won’t accuse you, but love you.

I see a vision of you being embraced and hugged and loved for who you are. 

OH CHILD what I have for you. People who will give everything to love you. People who will say yes to you. People who will embrace you at your worse. And you may have moments where you feel like YOU don’t have enough or you are not enough. You feel so scared that you will fail them and you will fail them because you’re not supposed to be their god anyway.”

You see I found relationships suffocating at times because I felt pressure to be someone I wasn’t or I felt pressure to carry their burdens, I felt responsible for their problems and I didn’t know how to set boundaries. Perhaps I am still working on that. How do you spend time with people and still set boundaries to your heart?

You tell them- hey I need a break from talking about your problems. You set verbal boundaries, you speak honestly.

God- I am responsible for your heart. 

Will you let go of the past and move on?

Will you forgive and let me by your safety?

Do you know that I am enough for you and that you are perfect in my eyes. Don’t hold onto the pain. Let me be your safety net. 

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Strength Is Letting Go


Strength is letting go,

surrendering to the promises which holds you in air, in gravity, floating throughout space

Your letting go is a gift to the universe, you allow everything to conspire FOR you.

It’s already done, it’s a done deal.

Let you body surrender, let the striving cease, let your mind feel ease, let you heart subside in complete love.

Though you don’t feel that you deserve it, but your faith is delving deeper into your soul and you know somehow, somehow, and no earthly persons knows, how it’s going to happen, but you sink deeper.

You hold on when the thread, the rope untangles, faster than you can hold onto, suddenly the rope is completely gone and you fall back, slowly, at first, faster and faster, into the abyss of self-consciousness, of perhaps Wholiness. 

You feel your heart explode and light escaping everything that is you, and suddenly the light within you is the very thing that lifts you higher. The light is like a gravity lifter, it defies gravity and somehow 

and finally flying, but it’s not you flying, it’s the light within and all you’re doing is really just floating, expanding, going where you need to but completely engulfed in love. 


I’m not here to teach you how to succeed.

I’m here to teach you about forgiving those who have hurt you, letting go of the past, accepting what is so that you can move forward, without hindrances, so that yes…you can succeed and be happy in life. However, without confronting the shit in your heart, and being real with your ego, you’ll never be happy because an ego self is selfish, not filled with love. 

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life-

The Painful Journey of Becoming New

For awhile I really didn’t understand why people took Xanax and other antidepressants. I had and have many friends that have sudden panic attacks. Yesterday lying in bed, I finally understood.

After moving out and becoming independent, I felt this HUGE gap of isolation. Your “real” family is dispersed and you are really on your own. It’s a sense of liberation and loss at the same time. Your life is constantly changing and with change comes new things.

The reality is: Every season of life requires a time of grieving. 

Time is not linear. Time is abstract. Everything is spiritual, everything is connected.

When a season of life passes, when what was “stable” leaves, there is something inside your spirit that grieves. However, the western world is so practical, that this grieving time is looked down upon. Grieving is healthy.

Yet, even lying in bed thinking about my aunt who passed away…I wonder, how did I grieve the loss? I just didn’t think about it.

I am happy, I am mad, I am angry, infuriated, I am happy.

I smile without notice, I laugh and am insecure.

This is what I am now, yet not forever.

I hold onto the little joy I receive, cherish it, hold it wishing those moments will never pass.


Her smile radiating.

Her own pains reflecting mine. Her past like a mirror of mine, noting all the segments of hurt.


I am, you are. Love, intersecting. Intersection of love and pain, bittersweet, life.


Sometimes I cry and feel this deep pang inside of my heart, rising up near my throat. My neck and shoulders tense up and I feel this harsh tenseness that won’t release me. I giving up, letting go, forgiving. I am, a woman, a woman who holds her own.

No one is to blame. It’s time to release myself to the future which awaits a queen of promise.  She is like the girl that held onto her teddy bear, waiting for her mother to come home each day. Waiting, her future. Waiting, her parents. Waiting, always, for that which never came. One day she found out that what she wanted was right through the door. All she had to do was walk through a painful journey of accepting, healing and releasing. She realized that no one is to blame, that everyone has their own door to walk through. Her job was to walk the journey in strength and love. All she could ever do was to be herself.


License of a Higher Order of Beings

The winds are particularly strong today.

Loneliness can be such an unsettling disease. At first you are okay with the things that complicate your life, the art that stimulates your eye, the décor and the clothes. Those exterior fancies seem to come and go, the hand, the human interactions are what resonate in our mind. Someone breathing, smiling, eyes alive compared to a room full of things. It is also unsettling how little I can get rid of.

I keep selling my things off and for some reason, it looks like I have more. The things keep haunting me. For most of us, our lives become more and more complicated, intricate, interwoven, spun faster when we get older. Responsibilities pile, social media boggles our mind day and night, technology tends to complicate rather than simplify.

The rat race is tiring.

Sometimes my brain would stop thinking, but when I’m alone the question of life forces their way into my head like h20 seeping through cracks in wooden doors. Now I realize, work isn’t everything. Without love we are prone to become robots and machines, without affection, we are but heartless creatures. What does silence have to say about us human beings?

A hunger for the good life lies deep within us all. But it requires an honest evaluation of who we are and how we are living. Some manage to avoid these hard questions for years, or even for a whole lifetime- diligently going with each year’s flow without pausing to imagine other possible destinations. With the passing of years, our childhood dreams are pierced by reality. Our daily lives are filled with obligations and pressures. As we grow older, we drift away from “what could be” towrad a life shaped not by personal vision or calling but by circumstance and compromise”- Life Entrepreneur

“You need to understand that the world you see outside of you is a reflection of what you see inside of you. If you see only problems and darkness and despair, that’s all it’s ever going to be. If you are a person who sees hope and opportunity and the face of God, then you can be one with the people who make real change”.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexppected in common hours. He will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him; and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings”. 

Pictures taken in Australia

+ Take Time to Grow– Herbs and nature take time to grow, so do we! We need time and space to be nurtured into beautiful beings.

+ Live life in truth– without truth we live a lie, we must love truthfully, speak truth in love, and let love guide us.

+ Lean into your pain– do not run away, escape or deny your pain. Those times of hurt, lean into it. Lean all your might, your being into the pain because in pain, you will encounter truth. In pain, you will find again who you were before the lies robbed you of your rights, your inheritance.

Events coming up– Me playing on cello and selling my jewelry ( March 17th (Honey Badger Cafe in Alhambra). This will be an innovative, totally random, fun even consisting of music, fun and art with Justine Tsayfan. More info coming up soon!! Hope to see you there!

When you are used to being the queen, it is hard to consider democracy replacing lone rule

Me in Germany

“when you are used to being the queen, it is hard to consider democracy replacing lone rule”- tracks

“For many outback people, the effect of almost total isolation coupled with that all-encompassing battle with the earth is so great that, when the prizes are won, they feel the need to build a psychological fortress around the knowledge and possessions they have broken their backs to obtain. That fiercely independent individualism was something akin to what I was feeling now- the stiffness, the inability to incorporate new people who hadn’t shared the same experience. I understood a facet of Alice Springs, and softened towards it, at that moment”- tracks

I tend to read books that happen to mirror my thoughts, my season of life. Robyn Davidson was a heroic woman who set out into the outbacks of Australia with camels by herself. I can’t tell you what happened in the desert yet because I’m only on page 75. However, the quotes above hit home for me. I live in this very environmental, hippie, vegan lifestyle, conserve everything neighborhood called Silverlake. I love meat and I don’t hug trees, but I have become used to living a communal lifestyle of sharing and living simply. Because I’ve started my own business and have to pay bills, I pretty much live month to month.

When I walk into grocery stores and shopping malls, I feel like a foreign alien. Some of my thoughts include “omg, why are people wasting money on nonsense?”, “I feel like an alien right now”, “so many people walking around”, “why do the same race congregate together”. I have slowly become some type of modern monk, but a woman. I haven’t bought groceries for 3 weeks and I borrow all my books.

Sometimes I feel myself relating to this: “That fiercely independent individualism was something akin to what I was feeling now- the stiffness, the inability to incorporate new people who hadn’t shared the same experience.”

But when I’m eating with friends that don’t live the same lifestyle, enjoying music, dancing to house music with them- I realize, we are all the same, just human with feelings and a spirit. You can choose to be prejudiced or you can choose to dance the music of life with people who are vastly different from you.

My 3-4 months of cleansing, building a new identity in being, and conversing with God has been taxing at times. Sometimes I find myself oversleeping, sometimes mad and impatient of waiting, sometimes bored, sometimes overwhelmed with my business, sometimes wishing my business was doing better, sometimes wishing I had no debt, sometimes worried and depressed from loneliness, yet…I know that nearing 24, this is a pivotal time in my life. This cleansing process is worth the journey. It is it’s own reward and hopefully (cross my fingers), next month I’ll be a better person, a more soul-filled, settled, rested, peaceful person who can love and BE better. I’ll be a better person for the world.


I’m sitting in a boat, mist drops, cold breeze, nothing.

It is silent.

There were bees in my room, buzzing around a light, I couldn’t figure out why I was asleep with bees in my room.

All the venomous spiders roamed around weaving webs, strong as cords, bouncing from place to place.

The ocean rippled and roared. I sat silently trying not to wince.

“It is in the silence that you will find God”

I gave up looking, striving, finding, searching because I don’t know what I’m looking for, not sure what I want either.

Perhaps I simply want to find peace, to be at peace with myself.

Even when the droplets of water start blurring my vision, storms making me sick and cold, even when I find myself alone in the boat.

I want to find my soul settled, when I dip my head into deep waters, hold my breath and let go. Peace my child.



People. People are those that stay by you and leave. Balloons that sway one direction and the next thing you know, gone, into the air. Onto another land.

Now. Is the time.

A year ago we prayed that God would use us to touch peoples’ lives. You are only a phone call away. I, am leaving this familiar terrain. We keep wishing. Wishing. Wish we do, pray we do. Then, all of a sudden, our lives are changed overnight. And then we almost wish that we didn’t wish. Because wishing sometimes leads to reality. So I beg myself. Please, enjoy now.

Now. Is passing me.

Just as I write.

Now. Is when I have the ability to grasp and change my situation. Now is a gift granted that I must take, with vision of the future, imagining something bigger with the small now that is taking place. Now has everything to do with next and the future. Everything that we do now forms and molds the future that we will one day say “now” is “today”.

Crying for joy, crying for grief. Crying as though I had never cried. In front of people I never cried before. Grief has taken a hold and floodgates spreading forth. I am prouder than I know, weaker than I think, frailer than I’ll ever conceive. Standing ground, finding balance, finding stability, yet flying forth, wings renewed, stronger than I’ve ever been. Today’s the day.

Now. I think back and unbelief blinds me. Eyes a wallow, shoulders soft, chairs tipping over, people in awe galore. Dancing to the lime light when no one else dares. Laughing loud when all’s a silent. I have the right to be f*** up sometimes, inhibition freed, as though I’ve never dared to touch those emotions stored up, venting.

Now. Confiding. I never did, I never faced the emotions. Skipped over, turned around, neglected, abandoned, the child growing up. Cracks, crackles, smiles, bloated faces, why not, why, why not, why. They questioned like birds on top of a building, nodding back and forth, not knowing, questioning, always questioning…but never reaching a conclusion. I spew answers, I spew truth, and I’m the best preacher you’ve met in town, though I too, am just as lost. Just decided to answer the call, that’s all.

Now. Abide.

my my my my poem from way way way way back.

I wrote this probably….in high school? found it on my myspace. my my my my. Pretty cool I think.

An illusion, skeptical stares

Faces down, is it all an illusion? Blank faces void of senses

My heart beats steadily

Your hands, your feet, your body, your heart an image of my own consuming my thoughts, my pride

Time passes by, an echo my converse in the air a vertical cliff, 90 degrees

The world’s eyes, sublime, surreal

My joints locked in place If i step, will I fall? If i flinch, will you run? If I let the shades of color spill forth from the cave on my face,

will the world explode like a soda can

Too many intentions rolled up in a sliding door digressing, fading Like a vast ocean turned into invicible mist.

Contests Should Be Global- I Should Write the Fine Print.

This is so ridiculously cute.

“2009 facetnate! winners: Pip & Pop’s sickly sweet super kawaii installation of sugar, pigment, origami, plastic toys, beads, confectionary and drinking straws, Under the Crystal Sky.

The Sydney Japan Foundation is now accepting proposals for facetnate! 2010. Australia-based emerging artists and curators can submit proposals for projects that would have a strong Japanese influence, to be put on as a solo or group exhibition in the second half of the year with a grant of $3000.” –

I WAS GETTING SO RIDICULOUSLY excited about this, but read that it’s only for Australia-based artists. How sad. -_-

I finally finished printing all the tags I need to glue the “benefiting non- profit” tag unto my handmade goods. Here is just two of my bags. I also made these cute pink, green, and purple pillows. They are beyond rad.

The inside of the red and black tweed bag has pleather- like fabric on the other side. Both are made of “scraps” and treasure finds. To be sold at Art Show March 12- See flier below (that’s not me):

The “various artists” includes me.

The sun has risen. I walked on stones and pebbles. The bulldog runs.

I am alone. I am content. I smile and breathe. The air is clear.

The greens are alive. The wind swivels and blows. My hair is messy.

I stoop over the drops of dew. Clinging onto the leaves of life.

I am alive. They all say hi. I’ve yet to see. The dreams to rise.

Good night!

Freedom To Be, To Choose

Drawing that I finished. Copyright: Rebekka Lien. I have made this into cards too- for sell proceeds going to charity- to be announced.

Life Is Unexpected.

Fury, laughter, and silence.

Drops of rain cover my window pane.

I am hovering like a helicopter.

Not flying, nor landing.

Heads drooping.

Flowers rotting.

Call me from the grave

This life is short, but beautiful

searching for eternity in my heart

I have yet to experience travels of miles, lands, terrains, hills, valleys, oceans, mountains


stories, people, embraces, laughter, tears

there’s much to come

The strong aren’t strong at all.

Teach me to catch today by the hands.

For I am just another unique masterpiece

writing a story of your glory with my life.

that you have given me.

I could have not existed, not even have a soul, a thought, a conscience,

a heart.

It would be like

having a mouth zipped, brains frozen, body a vegetable,

incapable, lifeless, heartless, thoughtless


I sit.



One cannot comprehend the gift that is us. To be given life, a book, a blank book we choose to write any story we want.
To be given life, a blank canvas we choose to create any image we want.
To be given life, a song, a melody we choose to write, conduct, and compose.

What is it ? I hear.

We have. We have freedom to choose. What will you choose to create out of your life, what story will it be? What melody?

I hope it will be beautiful.

Make it beautiful, choose to be.

Be BEYOND uncontrollable circumstances

Be the person you TRULY DESIRE to be.