(Top- August 2011)

March 2011 For a Friend

Before coloring

After Coloring

Beauty In Chaos Painting- Sold in Mosaic Hope In The City Auction 2009

Beauty In Chaos

Drip Watercolor with ink pen.

Below: A whole mass of painted color chips that I painted and cut out to create this. Each picture is somewhat surreal, somewhat abstract. It may take time to understand, it may take thinking.

Fashion Illustrations- Funky Does it

December 2008


: Love Regeneration :

A Painting with Watercolor, color pencil, and ink.   December 2008.

A collage of cut papers I made @ FIDM.


Beauty In Chaos- the overiding theme in most of my artwork. December 2008.

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3 thoughts on “Art

  1. JoN@1han

    i wish i am as talented as u…
    sigh..u know…i wanna go into art too…..or music..or acting…hahaha
    i just cant live w/ science and mathematics…-.-

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