my my my my poem from way way way way back.

I wrote this probably….in high school? found it on my myspace. my my my my. Pretty cool I think.

An illusion, skeptical stares

Faces down, is it all an illusion? Blank faces void of senses

My heart beats steadily

Your hands, your feet, your body, your heart an image of my own consuming my thoughts, my pride

Time passes by, an echo my converse in the air a vertical cliff, 90 degrees

The world’s eyes, sublime, surreal

My joints locked in place If i step, will I fall? If i flinch, will you run? If I let the shades of color spill forth from the cave on my face,

will the world explode like a soda can

Too many intentions rolled up in a sliding door digressing, fading Like a vast ocean turned into invicible mist.

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