See below for samples of my designs: Design, Construction, Photoshop, Illustrator skills, Visuals. Specializing in eclectic and unique menswear, womenswear, and kids wear….and anything else that I can get my hands on. All artwork and designs are copyrighted, please no stealing!

Contact for hire.

OC FASHION WEEK- November 2011 

Photo: John Garduno

Hope In the City Fashion Show 2011

Mosaic Hope In The City Paper Dress 2010

Kidswear: R: IMQP Clothing Line

Handbags: Beauty in Chaos…Extinct Form of Art
Men’s Wear: Inspired by English and Japanese wear

Junior/Young Contemporary Hoodie Collection

Below: Trash Into Treasure: Design for Hope In The City



May 19, 2009

Photoshoot: Photography by Solace Arts- MORE TO COME!!! 🙂

This is the piece I made for Hope In The City Fashion Show II (May 16, 2009).


March 7. 2009

My First Fashion Show…EVER!

EVERYTHING IS FOR SELL!! I have decided to sell off my designs after much holding onto and being reluctant to let go of my work.  Please email me for pricing.  Everything is one of a kind,  I do not wholesale or mass produce.  Everything is sewn by me, original, one of a kind creative work.  I will post more if you are interested- email me!

This event happened a few days before my birthday, right after I collapsed and went home sick.  But in spite of that, it was the best experience ever.  Just the remembrance of planning the whole event makes me excited.  I had no idea how it would be done, but from my experience of attending and helping out with fashion shows along with my event planning experience…I was set.  Below are some pre- show pictures, fittings and plain FUN, FUN, FUN.



Yes I made all of them.  As you can see, I love prints and color.

treeThou Shalt not pick the lemon of doom.


This dress I actually reconstructed by taking off the collar of a plaid shirt, cutting a white t- shirt, and sewing on fabric.

dressingforfashionshowMe on the far left- going wildly crazy.  See my eyes are half- open.   Laugh out loud.  In the center is a Eastern/ Western print gown.

2006- 2008 My Fashion Designs

My favorite work at FIDM

Dress I created for Draping Class, no patterns created, just draped and sewed. The fabric I found in my closet.

Fully lined jacket with Asian brocade and a polyester black. I was inspired by my own culture, Chinese, and am in love with modernized Asian motives and styles.

Two garments I made for class. (Left: flower vest with princess seam and mandarin collar, Right: French darts, Asian frogs, mandarin collar that can be flipped down, and peplum- modernized Asian)


Macy’s Visuals- Fall 2009

Stylized and selected outfits for the mannequins

The black furry vest that I insisted we had to use.

Jones New York

Millions of boxes that I tied and trees we put together.


10 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Hi Rebekka,

    Now that I know you can sew, and quite well I might add, I think you would be great assisting young children in The Sewing Studio. I love the green and pink parsley print number on the dress form. You are truly multi-talented and I look forward to working with you as your career advisor in the BA program at FIDM.


  2. I was FENT I come to have frequently to go to my that side with
    everybody to say Penghu everybody very thought they hoped they also
    had again to come

  3. Dee Lily aka Diana Chen


  4. Faye

    wow! love your designs Rebekka:) I also love the color!! I wish I could do that someday.

    we should hang out sometime ,huh? I think i will go to a fashion district someday next week to find a dress for my brother’s wedding.

    have a good day 🙂

  5. Michael Lew

    Great blogging and really got an idea of you fashion direction. Cannot wait to meet you at the Hope in the City show on March 24th.

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