God Wants To Meet You In The Unknown


I’ve been battling a cold recently.

I had a dream last night where I couldn’t figure out what train to get on, whether to Azusa or Disneyland. I took the train the wrong way, I got off, then took the train the right way, and then got off to take another train. Then I just decided to go use the restroom which was in between both trains. A door opened up for me to go number one.

In another dream, I was trying to choose the right cup to drink water from because I was parched. But I didn’t like any of the cups. Some were too big and some were dirty. Then I was lying on the beach and I had no sunscreen on and my eye was parched.

When I woke up I felt like God wanted to meet me in the unknown.

The waiting and transition season often feels like a drag. It feels uncertain, unstable…you often can’t answer peoples’ questions like “what have you been up to?”

Your reply might be “just resting”.

But it’s not just resting, it’s meeting God in the unknown. 

The transition period often calls for us to be still and know that God is God. 

He wants to remind us of His character – that He is good, that He loves us, that He knows what He is doing, that He sometimes puts us in a season of rest so that we understand His character.

And that is why Resting is so hard for people of this world. RESTING means letting go and trusting that everything will work out. 

That is why most people cannot rest if they have dire circumstances in life, but we know that Jesus is working on our behalf (we live from a place of victory) and so even in dire circumstances our hearts can rest in a God who knows what HE is doing, who is trust worthy and who never LEAVES nor forsakes us. 

So it’s not really just about God answering your prayers or delivering a miracle….it’s manifesting all those things HE wants to give us from a place of knowing how much He loves us and cares for us. He wants us to live out of our God given identities.

He wants to bless us as fathers bless their children, from a pure heart of love.

Whenever I try to figure out or ask God “what should I do?” I now know that I want to DO without knowing who He is or who I am.

When we are trying to figure out what’s next, it is often because “in the waiting” we have become impatient and doubt creeps in. This doubt asks us “does God knows what He is doing? Is He a good God? Should I try to handle this situation now since it doesn’t seem like God is doing anything?”

In the transition period, God desires for us to KNOW His character and heart in a deeper and stronger way.  He wants us to know WHO He really is in every circumstance. He wants us to mature in our understanding of our position in Christ.

So many people want to have His material blessings without becoming people who walk with Him as friends. The true blessing is becoming a people who carry His presence and become blessings on this earth because of their intimacy with Jesus. 

God desires for us to KNOW who we are– people with spiritual inheritance and authority. A people who have a Father who loves them.

God desires for us to KNOW who HE is– A God who loves us unconditionally and HAS PLANS to prosper us and not to harm us.

The unknown season forces us to get to know WHO we are in Christ and WHO He is for US.

So don’t feel burdened or rushed to get to the next season, there are treasures of intimacy in the unknown and waiting season. Feed your soul and spirit with the love of God. Indulge in the love God has for you. Rest in knowing that His grace is enough for you.

“I need you to understand who you are and who I am for you before I open the doors to the next season. Not knowing who you are could cause you to open doors to people and opportunities that will hurt you more than help you. I need you to walk in the Christ given authority you were meant to walk in, you inheritance causes you to walk in true spiritual power”- says the Lord.


The Devil Wants To Shut Me Down


The devil wants to shut me down, I love how he uses strangers and people who don’t even know me. My words are power, by my words I am justified.

My words are the expression of my life, I’ve always written, ever since I was young. In some governments and society freedom of speech is prohibited. In religious institutions where the spirit of control reigns, speech is limited and oppressed. 

Writers, Artists are oppressed, shunned, excommunicated. 

Words are powerful. And that is why I will continue to write whatever the fuck I want. 

Because I am a shocking person, I am an outcast who loves the outcast. I am a revolutionist who loves to shock people with my life. 

Tell me what to write when you have put your life on the line for love. Tell me what to write when you have lived as fearlessly as I have. Tell me what to write when you have trudged the forests on your own, survived death and back, tell me what to write when you have put your heart on the line for God.

I will not back down for the life of me.

My words are my heartbeats, my words are an expression of the blood running through me. I am a shock to society. I am younger than most, wiser than most, older than some, but with a hundred thousand lifetimes.

I am a spirit and a soul that no one has ever seen before. I have got all the saints and angels, prophets and leaders who have gone before me cheering me on. Believe me, you cannot control the words that God speaks through me. 

So I will write WHATEVER the fuck I want. 

Even if it offends you.



You’ve Been Living A Lie

photo (3)

Well, not all of you. Hopefully not the majority. But I sense that you are reading this because you want a life of authenticity. You’ve been living a lie, the lie that because you are NOT ENOUGH, you have to keep striving, to be someone, to be great, to be successful. It’s all a lie. Indeed, we are not perfect, thus we are not enough on our own. We are not enough, but we are enough in the eyes of the infinite source that sustains us and keeps the universe running, the one who keeps the stars up, the sun shinning everyday, the moon appearing at night. If us humans can build such beauties as the eiffel tower, who built the ocean, who built the mountains?

Yes, rush around, rush around. The message of the day is – you are not enough, so you must try harder, work harder, put in more hours. Isn’t it? We need to attend to this urgent matter because we will lose lots of money and after 30 years of trying harder, we fall into our death bed, or we rush around with panic attacks, soon getting into a car accident which then cost us everything we’ve worked so hard to earn.

I hope this will wake people up. It all seems very positive, “all success takes hard work”- that’s a lie. How about someone who wants to be a CEO of a company and he works very hard scrubbing toilets, yet never putting into action what he really wants to do and wasting crucial years of his life. How about “BE harder”. I know that sounds strange.

Be- stop everything and be and breathe. The birds of the air do not store up what they’ll eat next, they trust and take it one day at a time. Be, because who you are attracts everything that you are- including quality people, resources, wisdom, wealth.

Some of us have been told growing up that we are not enough. Some of us, like myself, were also told that “you should be thankful, I could have left you or given you up for adoption”. I felt like a burden. I’m sure you’ve felt that way, that you were a burden so you needed to work hard to prove you were someone of worth, or that you could be independent and not be a burden on someone. I started working when I was 14. Actually I started when I was in 3rd grade.

I’ve always been entrepreneurial, but I wonder when that entrepreneurial free spirit then became a burden when I felt that I had to use it to prove my worth. My gifting became a curse because of the fearful motivation beneath it all.

I felt that I was not enough alone, as a human being, imperfect yet brilliant, a design, a marvelous light of energy. 

I trust that this post will open the hearts of many to sit down and think.

You see, everyone identifies with something, a label. Whether it is a son, daughter, mother, father, designer, architect, writer, etc..none of that matters. We are often given a role and have expectations put on us. Some of these expectations are preconceived, from many years of society telling us what it should look like, some of these are purely manmade, reflections of what another person lacks and needs.

In the eyes of infinite source, we are magnificent, and we should create our life work, our life expression out of authenticity, out of being, out of wanting, out of desire, out of passion, not out of pressure. You see, the sun will still rise, the sun will still set everyday. What are we rushing around for? When we are rushing around, we are not living in the moment and before we know it, we’ve spent 80 years of our lives, rushing to our deaths and not remembering one minute of it. 

Get away from all the voices and be still.

What do you hear?

Feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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And to end with a song I think resonates with what I wrote:

Making Life Happen

I wish I can tell you that life is easy, life is simple.
It really isn’t.
Today I feel stuffy, almost sick but not.
I’m drinking tea and I took an allergy pill which made me completely zoned out for 2 hours.

Today something really significant happened.

I decide to make life happen instead of wait.
I was sitting there waiting for my free haircut at a women’s conference.
Lord knows how long I waited, then something in me clicked.

Despite being zoned out, completely out of it, I felt my body jerk up and my feet started walking. I walked up to the director and told him that I knew someone and worked with some people he knew. Immediately, I was VIP and so was my friend.

The moral of the story, sometimes we wait for things to be given to us, actually all we need to do is think creatively and act upon it.

Being in your mid – twenties, it is pretty interesting. You see life ahead and you see what you passed. Relationships and friendships are interesting. Everything is like a highlighted note in your memo. Relationships can be difficult, not flowery like the disney movies. Friendships can be conditional, based on what you can give, sometimes not what you can take at all. You realize, as you grow up, that kids are a lot funner to hang out with.

Kids tend to laugh and smile to anything they want. They say what’s on their mind without thinking. They are the sole expression of themselves. For us, adults, it gets a bit complicated doesn’t it?

There tends to be some kind of agenda. So my word for today, be a kid. Be genuine and be blunt even when it’s socially awkward. Of course, think creatively and ACT.

Speaking of being a kid- watch me on Let’s Make A Deal. I’m the kimono geisha. 


TV Children

1992- drew this when I was 4

They call us, tv children.

Changelings, sitting in front of TV’s, alone, doing homework, but not.

Changelings are little creatures, they hide under tables and play with barbies until they hear footsteps coming home.

We hear screaming and shouting, throwing of things, we learn to adapt like aliens.

We, like wallpapers, we like transformers. We learn to sing when there is only silence.

We recognize each other because we have no home, not an earthly one. We learned to make do, learned to see flowers when there was only blood and chaos.

Unicorns, monsters, purple and pink rabbits. We have seen it all. We have seen angry people, monstrously sad ones, scars on wrists and crushed plush toys.

TV children have learned to overcome, they are stronger than most and live in your neighborhood. They appear normal, but they are really part of my clan. Reclaiming the little girl and boy inside each of us.


How I’m Able to Work and Travel Quite A Bit

Hey Rebekka,

This is really an impulse message, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

From my noticing of my facebook news feeds haha, it seems like you’re able to work and travel quite a bit. I’m kind of in one of those post-college moments where I think that before I get married in my early 30’s or late 20’s, I want to be able to travel the world and experience what there is to offer. At the same time, I know right now is an incredibly important time to start being smart with finances(adding money to your roth IRA, all that stuff).

My question is, how are you able to travel a lot, manage your work, and I guess keep an eye on your finances? I would love to hear your thoughts since you’ve been through this.


This seriously made my day. To know that I have inspired someone, or to help others question the norm and to live outside the socialized, pre-made box that is boring, mundane.

I will be answering this question, but I thought perhaps I’ll write up a few pointers.


1. Trust in the Lord, not in your finance– money will never give you true happiness. You can have a million dollars, a billion dollars, a few cents, a dollar, and still be unhappy. Money is relative. Social status is also relative.

  • When you know that God loves you and is a provider, that He provides even for the sparrows and the ants- how much more He provides all that you need!!! Because He loves and cares for YOU! YES the UNIQUE YOU!

2. Work IS NOT your life, It Does Not Define You- Work should NOT define who you are. What you do does not define who you are. Yes, you may be an artist or accountant, but that’s not who you are. You are _________ (plug in your name). What you do overflows out of WHO you are- your beliefs, your convictions, your personality, your core, your spirit, your BEING.

  • You need to SHIFT out of that mentality. The world wants to socialize you to sit at a desk for 10 billion hours until the day you die and fall into your coffin. YOU DO NOT LIVE for vacations- that is a SAD way to live. Because you only get one week or two weeks, or three per year. If that’s so, the rest of the year is a waste of time.

3. Learn to TAKE RISK, for it is the ONLY path of a nomad– LEARN TO TAKE RISKS. Even if it’s a small one. If you usually drink lattes, get cappuccinos. If you only wear socks that match, wear ones that don’t. If you are scared of one thing, whatever it is, DO IT! YES, do that which scares you. There’s a reason you are scared of it, it means you are destined to conquer it!

  • Perhaps the normal thing to do is to count how much you are earning each day and be afraid to take days off for the things that you truly enjoy. Well, don’t live in FEAR, LIVE IN RISK! Live for that which your heart pounds LOUDLY for.

I took many days off work to attend seminars, conferences, travel and to refresh my soul. The several hundred dollars that were deducted from my paycheck could not have given me the joy that my travels did.

Let me ask you– Does a few hundred dollar more make a difference? Do you really need to get expensive clothes and bags? Do you really need to eat out all the time? Or would you rather backpack in a foreign state or country and enjoy the BLISS of meeting new people and animals.

Bottom LINE! I’d rather live in risk and change, then live in conformity and mediocrity, and eventually- hatred of my life. I’d rather have the NOW of not knowing where my income will come from, then the certainty of hum drum and boredom.

‎”the choice isn’t between success and failure; its between choosing risk and striving for greatness, or risk nothing and being certain of mediocrity” – forgot who I got this from….

The perfect time will not come. It never does. Paths are made by walking.

I googled “creative entrepreneurship” and found Jonathan Mead, Illuminated Mind. I am seriously blown away by his thoughts and thinking. I now realize that I’m not the only one who is “discontent” with “how things are”. The creative entrepreneur seeks to break traditions and form unique identities within society- new ways that challenge social norms such as the 9 to 5 or work should suck, or we live to work.  Shouldn’t life just be LIVING OUT WHO YOU ARE TO THE FULLEST? Not just pretending you are some domesticated mute slavishly obeying rules?

Jonathan Mead- The problem arises when you realize that

everyone else has an idea of what you should be doing

with your time. In other words: if you don’t choose a 

purpose, someone else probably has one for you.

I realized that it’s not that hard to pay yourself to be

who you are. As soon as I chose a purpose for myself, it

became easy for me to see all the ways I could provide

value to others while following it.

You have to choose your purpose. You have to choose

the way you contribute value that is meaningful to

others. You have to find a way to pay yourself for the

value you share.

I want to help you make the change you want in

your life. Please don’t read this as entertainment. Do

something with it.

Because if you don’t implement, nothing will change.

No action, no results.

The perfect time will not come. It never does.

Paths are made by walking.

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