Strength Is Letting Go


Strength is letting go,

surrendering to the promises which holds you in air, in gravity, floating throughout space

Your letting go is a gift to the universe, you allow everything to conspire FOR you.

It’s already done, it’s a done deal.

Let you body surrender, let the striving cease, let your mind feel ease, let you heart subside in complete love.

Though you don’t feel that you deserve it, but your faith is delving deeper into your soul and you know somehow, somehow, and no earthly persons knows, how it’s going to happen, but you sink deeper.

You hold on when the thread, the rope untangles, faster than you can hold onto, suddenly the rope is completely gone and you fall back, slowly, at first, faster and faster, into the abyss of self-consciousness, of perhaps Wholiness. 

You feel your heart explode and light escaping everything that is you, and suddenly the light within you is the very thing that lifts you higher. The light is like a gravity lifter, it defies gravity and somehow 

and finally flying, but it’s not you flying, it’s the light within and all you’re doing is really just floating, expanding, going where you need to but completely engulfed in love. 


I’m not here to teach you how to succeed.

I’m here to teach you about forgiving those who have hurt you, letting go of the past, accepting what is so that you can move forward, without hindrances, so that yes…you can succeed and be happy in life. However, without confronting the shit in your heart, and being real with your ego, you’ll never be happy because an ego self is selfish, not filled with love. 

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life-


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