Who doesn’t have problems in their lives? All of us do and most of them are relational issues or fears like fear of rejection, judgement, guilt and shame…

I will help you- 

  1. Clarify your thoughts and address the core issues/problems
  2. Identify the solution and actionable steps to take
  3. Heal the parts of your heart that is hurt and take you through the process of forgiveness or voicing that place of hurt and anger

YOU may be dealing with:

  1. Not knowing how to speak up for yourself- I will help you to overcome the fear of speaking up and to speak up for what you deserve in any relationship, I will coach you and give you actionable steps to speak up in that relationship or in a work situation (in a way that brings peace and understanding to both parties). Maybe you feel under-appreciated at your work and want a raise, well I am your coach.
  2. Boundary issues- not having boundaries in your relationship? With your parents, friends, coworkers or other half? I will coach you through setting up appropriate boundaries and how to voice your opinion and emotions in that relationship to better understand each other and grow in love.
  3. Romantic issues- you have problems in your relationship and need advice on whether he or she is “the one”. I will give you honest and REAL talk, no BS here. But again, it is YOUR choice whether you want to keep or toss the relationship! I will respect you either way. This is a no judgement zone. But I want to see you get set free.


God’s intention for YOUR LIFE IS TO SEE YOU LIVE OUT YOUR POTENTIAL ON THIS EARTH and the only way to do that is to:

  1. Understand your identity (so that you won’t be shaken by other peoples’ accusations)
  2. Overcome the fears that PREVENT you from living your best life
  3. Step out in faith and courage

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Private Coaching sessions are $300 an hour.

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3 sessions- $875

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