1. Are you a brand or PR agency interested in collaborating with Rebekka Lien? Email me at
  2. Private Coaching and Speaking at Events/Groups
  3. Brand Ambassador/Commercial Acting/Hosting
  4. Show Hosting
  5. Marketing Consulting- Create Marketing Plan, Implement Social Media Accounts, Hand over and train.

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 Rebekka Lien is an Unconventional, Unique, ENERGETIC,  personable Motivational Speaker & Consultant. As A German Born  Taiwanese, she has lived in Hamburg, Taipei and Los Angeles. She is a multi-  lingual world traveler with a background in Design and Business and years of  experience in Marketing, Coaching, Business, Design and Consulting.

 Let me help you with Love, Dating,  Relationships, Work, Life Circumstances, Inner Healing, Personal  Growth & Development. Sessions include follow ups, worksheets &  invitations to special events and specials to continue your personal growth!

Sessions Expire 1 year from purchase. Non-Transferable. If giving for gifts,  please note recipient at checkout. Sessions ARE easy to schedule, simply email me 3 available days/times for session ( and I’ll reply with chosen time.  🙂 

Single session
$150 on skype/phone
$200 in person

5 pack
$650 on skype/phone
$900 in person

8 pack
$1200 on Skype/phone
$1450 in person

30 minute first time session -$75

Click the link below, it will guide you to my venmo page. Go ahead and choose the amount of your choosing for the packs. Thank you!

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Does your organization or corporation need coaching, tired of old school motivation and need an energetic force to bring your staff to new levels of success? 

Let me identify what’s not working and strategize a KICK ASS plan to eliminate the unnecessary and create a guide to achieving your organizations’ ultimate success. Since I’m all about celebrating peoples’ strengths and am a master of drawing out the ROCK STAR in your staff, you can count on a celebration, not a guilt tripping kind of seminar.

I’ll tell the truth, nothing but the truth. 

People thrive when they are celebrated, not tolerated. Want your people to thrive? Rebekka’s the woman.

For inquiries, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

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You don’t want to tell your problems to your friends because they won’t tell you the truth, you don’t want to talk to your mom because she’ll tell you “I told you so”…what you really need is a coach that will tell you the truth & help you achieve your dreams over a cup of coffee (or cyber coffee if over skype).

It’s all about supporting YOU, I’m a coach that will celebrate your every success because it’s about the journey, not just the goal. It’s about WHO you become and what flows out of you is wondrous, spectacular.

We all need someone to speak truth and love into our lives, some of us have never grown up with encouragement. Now you’re an adult and you crave acceptance but also words that will get you fired up to a better life. And you know it’s out there, that better life. You don’t feel like you’re there yet, you’re not happy enough, you’re not successful enough, perhaps you have had relational issues and you can’t let go of past hurts, Your ex is still in your mind, you hate that about yourself.

Maybe you get drunk every weekend to cover up this shit that is REALLY going on inside. 

Rebekka’s at your aid, I’m no superwoman but I will tell the truth and nothing but the truth with some humor and laughs. Get your career, life, relationships, goals, inner game together. Whatever you need help with, just say the word. Commit to your happiness today. 


“I attended one of Rebekka’s workshops and was happy to find out it was not a large group of people sitting in a room listening to a lecture about results that seem impossible to achieve, then having a small amount of time at the end to answer questions. Her workshop was small and interactive, and she was able to take her own knowledge and experience and apply it to each person individually with suggestions that are do-able. Ever since taking the workshop I’ve been re-discovering many of my forgotten talents and realize I can make money from skills I already have and things I already enjoy doing!”

“Rebekka’s workshop inspired me to take action and finally say YES to creating my own workshop and moving forward as an entrepreneur. Her wealth of personal knowledge encourages people to make real changes and she is genuinely interested in each of the group members who come to the workshop. She also has a FB group to help workshop members stay in touch and support each other to growth.”

For inquiries, please contact me below:  





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