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“I attended one of Rebekka’s workshops and was happy to find out it was not a large group of people sitting in a room listening to a lecture about results that seem impossible to achieve, then having a small amount of time at the end to answer questions. Her workshop was small and interactive, and she was able to take her own knowledge and experience and apply it to each person individually with suggestions that are do-able. Ever since taking the workshop I’ve been re-discovering many of my forgotten talents and realize I can make money from skills I already have and things I already enjoy doing!”

“Rebekka’s workshop inspired me to take action and finally say YES to creating my own workshop and moving forward as an entrepreneur. Her wealth of personal knowledge encourages people to make real changes and she is genuinely interested in each of the group members who come to the workshop. She also has a FB group to help workshop members stay in touch and support each other to growth.”

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