The Bex List


The Bex LIST is a few of my FAVORITE THINGS!

Not in order of favorite to least favorite. This is just a random list.
* You may get on this list, you can send me your favorite things and see if it gets on here by emailing me at, I accept products and services 🙂

1. Bob Marley songs


2. The sunset

3. Roses and all flowers

4. Magazines- even the trashy ones

5. Kate Spade, especially bright colored bags

6. Apple products

7. Laughing so hard I fall onto the floor and can’t breathe, I get up with a 6 pac.

8. Drake, his songs are so sexy- See above photo of me wearing him.

9. Talking trash and talking not trash with friends, and laughing hard with friends

10. Jo Koy and Angela Johnson, because they’re like the most awesome comedian best friends

11. Being able to fart in front of anyone

12. Granny panties, they’re much more comfortable, I don’t understand how people work out in thongs. -.-! What’s the point, just go commando!

13. VIP events with tuna tar tar and photo booths, plus DJ and swag bags. Please tag me on pics dude!!! I like dressing up.

14. Traveling


15. Beaches, any beaches, I love the ocean.

16. Mani and pedis- I love KRYPTO GEL NAILS! Pastel and bright colors.

17. Hot men- the ones that look cute and hot at the same time, not douche bag hot, like “I can cook you dinner and wash your dishes too” hot.

18. The color Purple and Pink. Classic girl colors.

19. Seth Green – childhood crush.

20. Jessica Alba- Dark Angel, childhood TV show. Love.

21. Jacuzzis – MUST HAVE.

22. R&B – Back at one, etc.

23. DANCING- anywhere, but love The Abbey.

24. Tea- green tea, chai tea, a good cup of tea makes the worries go away.

25. Jewish things- I don’t know why but I am attracted to Jewish culture. I guess LA is all Jewish pretty much. I even won concert tickets from Jewish Journal.

26. French Bulldogs- OMG. SO FREAKEN CUTE.

27. Manners- I’m old-fashioned. I believe in writing thank you cards. I believe in males opening the door, if not I will stand there until you open it. I believe in males paying if they make more money.

28. Quotes- I love quotes, I quote quotes all the time.

29. Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream

30. Lounging at the Pool- I will spend hours by a pool, just give me some martinis.

31. Red lipstick– so je ne c’est quoi.




32. Accents– accents are the most hilarious thing God invented. But I think French accents are hilarious, I like to speak with a french accent for fun. Here is one video you can learn the French accent.

Bucket List 2016: 

Things I’ve always dreamt of doing…

  1. Be in a hip hop dance crew- I’ve always loved dancing and I love hip hop music, fashion and dance.
  2. Learn how to DJ – DJ a big party
  3. Drive a Fiat
  4. Work with talented musicians and artists
  5. Create amazing creative projects
  6. Be in the comedy world

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