Prophetic Word- YOU ARE FREE! Don’t Submit!

They’re going to want to put you in a box, but don’t submit to them.
I see a vision of people pointing at you, accusing you.
They’re telling you “do this and do that, be this or that”. They’re reprimanding you, telling you to do it their way, they have cuffs on their wrists, they’re tied to a desk, a job, a wall, a house, a way, a person, a tradition, a church, an organization, an institution, a car, a brand, a country.
I SEE YOU ROARING! YOU ARE SCREAMING and YOU SCREAM THE SIREN OF FREEDOM. Like in the movie Birds of Prey, the girl screams and the bad guys die.
I see you surfing in the ocean, you are free.

People are trying to contain you.

They have a box, it’s a small one. “Come here, go there, go inside, you’re doing it wrong- do it my way”- They say.
I see some of you are still crawling into their boxes, peoples’ boxes. You crawl and go towards the box and you’re crying, thinking you have no freedom.
But I see Jesus standing there – He points to the cross, “do you know I paid for your freedom? I was bond so you can be free. Why are you subjugating yourself to Satan again, why are you subjugating and submitting yourself to obligation, why are you putting yourself under judgement and the law again?”


You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to!

You can do whatever you want.

The Spirit of the Lord lives on the inside of you. man-on-surfboard-2763512.jpg





Upside Down



Don’t allow other peoples’ fear and their desire to control you put you in a box! 

Sow a seed, thank you for your partnership in setting people free! 

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How It Feels To be White In A Foreign Country

Hi friends,

You must be wondering how I am faring in a foreign country such as Brazil? Well, I now understand how it feels to be white.

Now, I have lots of white friends. I never knew how it felt to be white and always took pity on friends when they looked at me quizzically when my mom or relatives would speak mandarin. Jesting about the gringo is common; though the white friends can´t understand it. Of course, I have Indian friends too, but it just feels way different being white.

In Brazil, hardly anyone speaks English. According to my newly adopted Brazilian brother, you only learn vocabularies such as “dog” and “cat” in school. Thus, my Portuenglish is often returned with a empty look “what the hell are you saying? Are you from outerspace?”.

And of course, “JAPONAISE” is the common comment about my race. If anyone says I´m Japanese again, I will seriously choke the life out of them. I said, “I´m from LA but I´m Taiwanese”. “Thailandness?”- they reply.

OMG. Stab me!!

Thus, this is how it feels to be a multi-cultural, tri-cultural German born Taiwanese American. How does this relate to being white? Well, I often see my white friends have these typical quizzical looks when a restaurant worker or some non-english person would say something.

Now, I see it in the mirror. I, myself, carry a constant quizzical mask. The mask says “what the hell are you saying?”

It is in South America that I finally realized, “dayam…I´m American and I´m proud of it. Yes, I´m a confused American that happens to be Taiwanese and was born in Germany, but I´m still American in culture. I love my ghetto personality.”


I am going to miss Brazil because the people are incredibly warm. They are naturally positive, they smile and laugh for no reason. Well, reasons I can´t understand. They are laid back and can take hours to get out the door, but they enjoy relationships and talking. I have learned a lot from Ecuador and Brazil, the people are SO unlike Americans. They live simply, save and recycle, and they seem a lot more content than…well, me. So this is what I´ve learned from them- relaxe and enjoy the sun.


Melbourne I’ve Arrived!

So I’ve been in Australia for 2 weeks.

This morning I had to wake up at 3:15am to catch the shuttle. It was pretty tiring, considering that I had some alcohol the night before. I felt lightheaded. I said goodbye to my English friend and my musician friends. It was bittersweet. As always, when it comes to traveling, you’ll always meet soul friends that you’ll perhaps never see again, or if the friendship was real- once again when I visit them.

Went to waterfalls in Cairns.

So I’m finally in Melbourne and I feel super lucky that my friend has a chill and quiet house in the suburbs. I kind of needed this, so I’m really enjoying this…a lot. I needed to get away from 10 bed dorms…Gilligans hostel didn’t help. There was music every night. I don’t want to leave Australia!!! 😦 I don’t even know what I’m doing when I get back, I have to work to pay rent, so ridiculous.

How God Provides!

Exactly 18 days ago, I sent out a fundraising letter on email and on Facebook.

I didn’t know how God would work, but God worked in ways I still find hard to believe. Yet, I had faith and it was that little mustard seed faith that God honored!

The first person who donated lived in England, the second was a Tumblr/Twitter Follower that I never met, the third was someone I totally didn’t expect to give, the fourth was someone I hadn’t talked to in years….so on and so forth.

The whole week before I was gripped with anxiety and fear, it was not from the Lord, but God had me experience that because it was kind of like withdrawal from “Earthly Security”. I didn’t know how I would pay rent for the 2 months that I was gone- since it’s September and October, half of on each month. I had already been unemployed for a month and was learning the meaning of “being” and “resting” with God. My roommate said that I was so at peace compared to when I used to work full time. I was able to laugh and smile again.

One night I broke down and felt God’s immense LOVE, I saw myself with wings, stepping on rainbows, and spewing colors that I’ve never seen. People looked up at me in awe and the blind were healed. I felt God’s love like I never before, in a fetal position, I surrendered.

Several moments and divine encounters built my faith that week.

Exactly a week before I leave, my good friend gives me a check amounting to my rent! Praise God!!! The angels truly spoke to people and how God is gracious to us! I so honor those that gave and their obedience to the Lord. I know that it is not in vain- that you will be rewarded 10 fold because God sees your generosity!
I was piecing together the cash I had to pay rent for October and was lacking 40 bucks or so. I prayed, “God today provide”. At the prayer meeting, my friend gave me a gift and inside was a check for 50 bucks. God is so GOOD!

It was at the end of my prayer meeting that my friend left. However, he came storming back, knocking on the door. He said he had previously been trying to find an offering he had lost and determined that he would give it to me if he found it. He looked in his bible before he came but it wasn’t there. When he went back to his car, Jesus had put the envelope back in the bible!!!

Furthermore, God provided in small ways that I can’t even begin to thank Him!!! My friend gave me a bunch of random household stuff that she thought I wouldn’t need. But I totally did need them- simple things like liquid hand soap. In order to save money, we were using old school hand soap. Everytime I used that bar soap, I thought, a liquid hand soap would be nice. God hears my thoughts! Other things that He provided through people were toothpaste, face wash, etc. Things that were so simple, yet showed God’s detailed planning in our lives. He hears our little thoughts and lavishly blesses us because He loves us.

That’s what I’ve been learning- God is a lavish lover, a lavish blesser who honors our little faith.
I am so blessed.

I really feel like God is calling me to be healed and to be a healer. God is putting ex-prostitutes on my heart. He is also putting in my heart a desire to speak life into someone’s soul and to restore what Satan has destroyed- our identity as beloved children of God.

My friend painted this in Germany.

CD Release Party- I’m Playing Cello!

CD RELEASE PARTY AT Villains Tavern 
8/30/11Show starts at 9 p.m., 1356 Palmetto Street Los Angeles, CA 21+ FREE

Click HERE for our Facebook invite

I’m playing cello for the band- please come out! It’s free! NOT GOING TO LIE, it sounds amazing! 

Fundraising For My Love Journey

Hello Folks!

If you have wandered upon my page, you will know, I am different, unique….interesting maybe? Different.

In less than 3 weeks I will be backpacking in Australia. My goal is to love each person that I am “divinely” appointed to meet. This could be a sales rep, a waitress, a business man, the flight host, a DJ, an artist, an accountant, dancer, volunteer, homeless folk, anyone really. How will I do that? I will be their friend. If this world is lacking something, it’s definitely lacking friends, or people who are willing to STOP their agendas, their work, their goal of making lots of money, to listen to someone that needs to be heard. 

To donate:

How Will I Love People- I will first and foremost listen.

I will also be be-friended and inspired by those that I meet. As you know, I am currently writing a memoir that will transform communities. It is a unique story about my life, but also a live journal that I am currently writing – based on the present future. It seeks to touch hearts, change hearts, and bring more beauty and healing into the world.

Here’s where I need your help and your investment. As a hippie who has quit her normal 8 to 5 job, I’ve been living off noodles, 99 cents store cabbages, selling vintage clothes on ebay, and well, the mere necessities. I’m not really living the glamorous life, but I’m so grateful because I have all the LOVE that I need in my friends and family.

That’s all I really need. 

$10 – can feed me for a day (minimally if I ate bagels and water)- Note US exchange rate sucks. It’s 1.10 US to 1 AUD. $15 is preferred if you would like me to be healthy. 
$21 – can house me for a night @ a hostel- where I usually make friends with
$200- pays for buses/transportations for a whole month (I think….)
$70- pays for a one way flight ticket to Melbourne from Sydney
$100- pays for a one way to West Australia
$560 – houses me in hostels for the whole month
$1258 – pays for my roundtrip flight ticket
I swear if ONE person donates, I will seriously cry because I know that I am NOT a nutcase and really have people behind me!
Click DONATE to contribute to My Journey of Love! Whatever you SOW, you will surely REAP. I know this because I’ve seen it in my own life! Going on this trip was a risky decision, but I dare not stop supporting my ecuadorean boy and the orphans in Moldova. I will keep supporting those that need it and have faith that God will provide all that I need! 🙂 

Click here!

I Want To Dance With A Kangaroo

I am flying again!!

In 3 weeks or so, I’ll be jetting to Australia! I know! My life is so exciting!!

I’ll be there from 9/11- 10/11 and I’ll be going to several cities- for sure Sydney and Melbourne.

Some things of TO DO’s ON MY LIST:

1. Connect with like minded people, artists, musicians, dancers, creative minds, cool people like you.

2. Dance with a kangaroo

3. Shuffle at a rave (I know I’m lame, apparently people who shuffle in Australia are 15-17 year old boys and girls….and I’m 23)

4. Meet some life long friends- yes, like the type that you talk to more than once a month, or once in two months, friends that I can definitely call – SOUL MATES as they would call it.

5. Buy some really cool and unique swag not found in the US.

6. Meet and contact some folks through twitter/tumblr. This is my most exciting project!!! I think this will trip everyone out.

Freedom To Be, To Choose

Drawing that I finished. Copyright: Rebekka Lien. I have made this into cards too- for sell proceeds going to charity- to be announced.

Life Is Unexpected.

Fury, laughter, and silence.

Drops of rain cover my window pane.

I am hovering like a helicopter.

Not flying, nor landing.

Heads drooping.

Flowers rotting.

Call me from the grave

This life is short, but beautiful

searching for eternity in my heart

I have yet to experience travels of miles, lands, terrains, hills, valleys, oceans, mountains


stories, people, embraces, laughter, tears

there’s much to come

The strong aren’t strong at all.

Teach me to catch today by the hands.

For I am just another unique masterpiece

writing a story of your glory with my life.

that you have given me.

I could have not existed, not even have a soul, a thought, a conscience,

a heart.

It would be like

having a mouth zipped, brains frozen, body a vegetable,

incapable, lifeless, heartless, thoughtless


I sit.



One cannot comprehend the gift that is us. To be given life, a book, a blank book we choose to write any story we want.
To be given life, a blank canvas we choose to create any image we want.
To be given life, a song, a melody we choose to write, conduct, and compose.

What is it ? I hear.

We have. We have freedom to choose. What will you choose to create out of your life, what story will it be? What melody?

I hope it will be beautiful.

Make it beautiful, choose to be.

Be BEYOND uncontrollable circumstances

Be the person you TRULY DESIRE to be.