Japan, I grew up listening to J-pop, reading mangas and watching anime while doing homework. Doraemon and the black market liquor store with fake anime toys, arriving in Japan was like a familiar spirit of childhood and independence from parental love.

Japan, I found myself unable to express myself, caught between societal constraints and the “I should’s”. I should be quiet, I should not talk on the trains, I should not be a loud American, I should say “sumimasen”. Bowing was like smiling. Bowing in Japan is better than kindness, better than beers, better than honesty.

Japan, I could hear the slapping of creams and smacking of thighs. My friend was putting on her ritual makeup creams, thigh thinner, cellulite creams, and I couldn’t sleep at all. “How the hell do people spend that many hours on putting on creams!!!” I thought while feeling the light attacking my eyes incessantly. F@#%.


Waiting for the fireworks!

Camping & poo-ing in the fields


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