Pioneers, this is for you.


Are you someone who is led by the spirit and feel like no one understands or accepts you especially in the established churches? Has God led you to an unconventional way of living? Have you been scorned and judged for simply following Jesus? 

Then this training is for you.

Last night the Lord gave me a vision of people who were frozen and God sending pioneers to start fires in people’s hearts. He told me to start a Firestarters ecourse.

If you feel that God has called you to Pioneer new frontiers and need guidance or direction, this training is for you. He told me to charge $50 to make it accessible to people.

In this training you will have direct access to me as I help you through the maze of breaking off fears, generational mindsets and set you where you need to go. I will prophesy into your life. In addition you will be part of the exclusive Firestarters group on Facebook.

This is especially for those who have:
1. Chosen the path less taken
2. Have felt misunderstood, judged and rejected for your decision
3. Dont see anyone following Jesus the way you are
4. You are a Pioneer
5. Want to break free from the fear of lack, guilt, shame and get unstuck and live the life God has called you to

Sign up for the course by sending the course fee $50 to or

The videos will be made available to the public but the coaching and private group is part of the tuition fee.

Your obedience to Jesus will break ceilings and barriers your family and ancestors have put on your life. You will be able to see cycles broken and you’ll be able to live out your dreams without being halted and stopped.



Breaking The Curse

Written this morning

A husband is supposed to be your emotional support, a prayer partner, your spiritual support. They need to meet on the same level spiritually, otherwise they will be a hindrance to your faith and spiritual walk. Under the curse of Adam and Eve, Eve’s curse was that she would “long for her husband and her husband would rule over her”.

But Jesus broke that curse, so that Christian women should no longer need a husband in a soulish sense but she’s able to be whole without a husband.

Because Jesus becomes her all, just as for a man his identity is no longer in dominating a woman but submitting to Christ.

Is the man you’re interested in submitted to Christ? Are you submitted to Christ?

Are you allowing God to fulfill all your needs?

Or are you relying on someone to save you? Jesus is our savior.

Though God uses people to help us, as they are conduits of love, our trust should not be in man/woman but God alone.

Are you trusting in your job, location, boyfriend, girlfriend, person for financial stability or are you trusting in God-

God will test your loyalty and trust when He calls you to leave something you’ve trusted in, instead of Him.

Are you going to people for emotional support or are you going to God first? This will be tested in moments when you no longer have the friends you thought you’d have.

Is God your husband/wife? This will be tested when God asks you to have loyalty to Him and not the other half.

Do you look to people for acceptance? This will be tested when you have no one to look to for affirmation or acceptance.

If you make God your all you’ll see you’ll actually become fearless and unstoppable, the way God intended us to live.

For some, God hasn’t released your husband or wife to you because you would put them above God and worship them above the Lord. 

Would you be willing to surrender every promise God gives you because your loyalty and love is for God above all?

God isn’t a cruel God. He’s a loving God.

He knows when we put anything above Him, we will always unsatisfied.

Whether it’s a wife, husband, money, comfort, convenience, a career, our kids, a job, a location, our friends, what people think of us.

As long as we worship or idolize anything that is not God, we will experience and live in fear because we live in the constant fear of not being or having enough (or the fear of losing what we have) but when we put God first we live on an unshakeable foundation, a solid rock, a firm identity of being enough in Christ Jesus.

Our hearts come alive in Christ. Our lives come alive in God. The only way to freedom is giving your all to God and allowing Him to be your all.

He only asks us to surrender our all to Him because He is much more than anything or anyone we hold onto now.

In relationships, I often see a fear that holds people together, not love.

The fear of not being enough.

When he/she loses their other half. The fear of the unknown. The fear of the future.

But God is more than enough for you.

Before I came on this trip I had a dream where I was wearing a wedding dress on an airplane. As days progressed, my dreams progressed. One day in September I had a dream I got married.

In our relationship with God, there are stages.

Some of us are just dating God, we are not willing to commit to God because of it’s fear. We’re afraid He’s not a good father/husband.

We’re afraid He will leave us like our Fathers did.

We’re afraid He won’t provide for us as our father didn’t. We’re afraid He won’t keep His word like our fathers didn’t.

Though I still have fears and I battle doubt God always calms my fears.

I remember all the times He brought me through. I remember when I was lacking and He fed me. I remember when I felt alone and He was there. I remember our history.

That is why I am committed to Jesus, because He’s never failed me and I’m willing to walk as far as I can on water, on faith in this lifetime and not miss a single miracle He wants to do in and through me.


Certainty In The Unknown


Written in the middle of the night

Our life is a series of never ending unknowns.

When will we get married? When will we buy a house? How and when will we raise children?

Where will God call me next?

We want to know because knowing GIVES us a sense of security,

producing it right away,

seeing it right away gives us a sense of safety.

When the truth is only God knows. 

And I have to surrender control and allow God to be in control.

I need to allow God to make a way instead of trying to make a way. Not knowing the NEXT often makes us question

  1. Am I doing enough?

And we often STRIVE for the answer hoping we will find certainty in the NEXT. 

Instead of grasping and living in “I am enough in Christ Jesus”.

Jesus paid the price so I can rest knowing WHEN He does tell me the NEXT I will also be enough then. I am enough now and in the future. I will always be enough because of His sacrifice on the cross.

I am not lacking.

I am enough in Christ Jesus.

The frustration then comes when we don’t see change or results in people we’ve been called to help. But the truth is-

Change takes time.

No one changes overnight. Most changes take time, change requires

  1. Revelation
  2. A shift in mindset and thinking
  3. Desire
  4. Commitment

A lot of people stay stuck because they keep going between 2 branches instead of letting go in order to grab unto another.

Like monkeys.

At one point of swinging away from one branch, Tarzan/Xena has to grab unto the next brand. He/she cannot hold 2 at once.


Sow a seed

Living Against Cultural Norms


Living Against Cultural Norms 11/25/2018, 9th day in Shanghai China, 4 months overseas, written in the middle of the night on my notebook.
I’ve gone through more challenges than I would care to experience following Jesus and ministering to people in different countries. It’s easy to hide behind a computer but when you are interacting and living with people on a daily basis you’ll face many objections and challenges.

For one, sexism.
Another, the spirit of intimidation and control (witchcraft).
Another, hurt.
There were times I had to ask people to put their phones on silent mode in the dorm rooms. In a 8 bed dorm room you’ll encounter plenty of people.

When I asked this guy to silence his phone as all kinds of sounds were coming from his phone (BTW the first night I got woken up by someone watching porn on their phone, no headphones), he ignored me and pretended I didn’t exist.

He finally got off his bed, which is the top bunk above mine.

When I confronted him, he looked away and pretended I didn’t exist.
Then he stared at me and said “are you crazy? Why are you staring at me?”
I was speechless.
This kind of person exists in this world?
When I told other chinese people about it they said I should just ignore it. They ignore many things. To them it’s part of life- longsuffering.

I believe God calls us to forgive and love our enemies, but He doesn’t call us to be silent.

In fact, a prophet is supposed to speak in the face of opposition, persecution and intimidation.

This week I also showed my past TV appearance videos to some people. They were shocked as I was “skinnier” and “prettier” back then, they said.

I said “I didn’t know who I was back then, I felt that I needed to put on makeup but now I don’t feel the need to put on a “face” for anyone.

But those words still affected me and I had to climb out of the “feeling of not being enough” hole. The truth is I didn’t each much back then out of the fear of lack and the fear of gaining weight. When moments like that occur I have to look at Jesus and reaffirm “I am enough in Christ Jesus”.

I had a dream last night I hadn’t changed water in a tank for 3 weeks and the fishes were in a really thick shampooed filled liquid.

I had another dream a woman pastor layed her hands on my head and I started sobbing. When I woke up I could hear myself crying.

The process of loving others is not easy. I find myself angry and hurt at times, laughing at other times.

I share my testimonies and of God’s grace to people who aren’t perfect- like me.
People who are scared of intimacy, vulnerability, letting anotone into their hearts, people who carry a spirit of lack and don’t feel like they are enough, people who feel guilt and shame and sometimes have no capacity to give me any love because they haven’t embraced God’s love.

Even though I experience joy in these friendships, I’m ultimately still a pastor, minister, prophet.

Its not a 2 way street. I may be sharing intimate parts of my heart but I am never to look for belonging or acceptance from people I minister to because my home is God, no one else.

Perhaps the joy I felt caused me to think that I’ve found new friends, but close friends are people who can actually level up with you.

God will humble you and cause your heart to be enlarged, but your heart will also have to process continual rejection and persecution.

Most of the time people don’t understand me but my job is to share what is on God’s heart and know my belonging is in God.

Being a pastor to the lost sheep is not easy.

It’s a calling for people who will surrender to their hearts continually to God.

It’s a calling for warriors.
It’s a calling for those who won’t give up in the face of strong opposition.

Sow a seed

Spiritual Revolution

Here is a MAJOR awakening happening in China. A lot of people I talk to ACTUALLY have vivid DREAMS every single night. They might not believe in God but THE L#RD is speaking. I feel really grateful to be part of this awakening as I’m a fire starter, a match to the revolution.

After talking to 4 guys in the kitchen until 2 in the morning, p4@ying for some of them I had a vivid dream.

THE DEVIL hates what I’m doing.

In the dream people are partaking of a buffet and eating. They eat so much that they fall asleep, when they fall asleep, the devil with blue skin and white clothes choke people to death. Each person is in front of a TV screen in their own cubicle. I start warning people but there is so much distraction, people start talking and trying to SHUT ME UP!

I finally get one person aside and warn them.

In the dream witches dressed in black start chasing me and I feel dizzy in the dream (witchcraft) I yell JESUS JESUS and I can’t wake up but I finally do.

THE TREND right now and the strategy of the ENEMY is to distract people to be so ENTERTAINED by media, that he is systematically BRAINWASHING people into thinking they are living the life they want when in fact, they actually FALL ASLEEP spiritually.

I see people on the PHONES ALL DAY. I see people walking on the subway with their phones, NEVER one minute leaving their phones.

It’s a way to actually numb their emotions.


YOU WILL NOT BE A SLAVE TO the brainwashing of media in J#sus name. You will be the ONE TO WARN OTHERS.


I DECLARE protection over all of God’s CHILDREN in J#SUS name. You need to be the one to SPEAK UP about injustices, about oppression and suppression. THERE IS A MAJOR AWAKENING HAPPENING OVER THE WORLD and WILL YOU BE THE ONE TO STEP UP and STOP HOLDING ONTO what you think will give you SAFETY!?

The world will end one day, will you drown in the distractions of the enemy or BE THAT WARRIOR to fight no matter what?


Last year my mom was going to ask her travel agent about going on a tour to China. I decided to go with her but decided to bring my passport because who knew?

Well, I ended up going.

But guess what, out of nowhere the travel agent said she wanted to give me a free visa to China, she believed that I was really a writer.

I didn’t really understand but I knew PAPA had made a way.

Now I understand that every prophetic word and writing is pivotal and essential to changing minds, hearts.

Do you know of any prophet going to China and prophesying?

Freedom comes from OVERCOMING FEAR.

I will not fear, I will rise and stand as I see the spiritual revolution unfold. Wherever and however G. Leads, I am ready.

Don’t Stay Stuck


Prophetic Word November 23, 2018
One of the tactic of the enemy is to make you think you’ve found your nest with people you think you belong with. But you know their true character.

They are not your destiny.

Your belonging is in Christ, not in people.
The enemy will send people to make you feel comfortable or familiar and because you’ve felt “alone” for so long you will think “maybe this is where I belong”, but

ARE they pushing you to GROW or allowing you to be STUCK in mud?

True friends will pull you out of the mud and not allow you to stay in it or even allow you to drown in mud.

Beward of wolves in sheep skin, they might even be your family members or friends.
A true prophet will not say what you want to hear but tell you the truth. A desire to fit in and be accepted by those around you will be detrimental to your growth.
You belong to God.
You are already accepted and approved by God.
Your only way is forward.

Beware of those who want to entertain you with mud (the past) because God wants you to move forward.
You must push through the familiar voices, they are distractions from your destiny and true freedom.

Beware of those who just say what you want to hear or give advice that allow you to stay stuck.
Not everyone will make it out. Some will stay in the mud.

You don’t dim your light to accommodate peoples’ darkness, you shine your light- even brighter to bring change to darkness.


Just because it feels comfortable doesn’t mean it’s a path from God. Sometimes the more you find your freedom the more you should face and confront difficult conversations and blockages. 

Because your path to FREEDOM comes with battles.

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Happiness Is Not Selfish

When you follow your heart, listen to your heart, act on your heart’s desires, you actually allow others to do the same.

Yesterday I was talking to a guy and I said “If peoples’ happiness depend on what you do or don’t do for them, isn’t their happiness based on sinking sand and not on inner peace? Many times Asians live for their families and parents but your parents need to find their own happiness too, it shouldn’t be dependent on your actions and what you decide to do with your life. THIS IS codependency! lt is unhealthy and is not healthy for both parties.
When you tell your truth you actually allow that person to grow as well. You are afraid of hurting that person’s feeling by creating healthy boundaries but you actually hurt them by not telling them. Because awareness leads to change if that person is willing to grow.”

FYI I am currently in Shanghai, China.

We were talking about how Chinese culture is very much about sacrificing for our family, and being “unhappy” for the sake of others.

Think Amy Tan.

But who said that being unhappy for others leads to their happiness.

That’s a total lie.

When you are happy, you actually give others permission to be happy. And happiness (in a healthy and whole way), not in a slave to desire kind of way. I’m talking about being fearless in your life, knowing you are enough kind of way. I’m not talking about a shopping spree happy kind of way, I’m talking about living out of your heart and not what society deems as happiness.

I told him- you are worthy.

I said you are actually in a season where you are opening your heart and showing your vulnerability, showing your weaknesses, being unafraid to to speak your truth….overcoming the fear of rejection.

This is a prophetic word for you.

Some of you have been in hiding but the Lord is saying to come out of hiding. Speak your truth, you are worthy. Tell your story, you are enough. Don’t be afraid of rejection because you know who you are in Christ Jesus.

The time is now.