First Week In India

My Airbnb hosts that I found super last minute. There were several change of plans. But God led me to where I needed to be.

I had many fears of coming to India. People told me “be careful, people get raped there. People don’t respect women”.

Sure people do stare but God sent angels to help me on my first day. In fact it was someone I met in San Francisco in a hostel that God specifically led me to. At that time I didn’t know if I could afford a room. Seriously.

And God said “go there”.

They had a deal where you got $1 off each passport stamp, the manager just gave me the first day for free as she didn’t have the energy to count them. Then I proceeded to tell her about my work.

She gave me 3 more nights for free.

So when God says He provides all of our needs according to His riches in glory He means it and when we put His kingdom first, He does provide!

The Indian man I met told me “when you come to India just call me”. The first day I got cheated by rickshaw drivers and seriously thought “I need help”.

I then contacted that Indian man and within a few minutes he arrived with 2 friends.

God works all things together for those who love Him.

The Spirit proceeded to take me to where I needed to go.

I had a dream my new friend was going on a business trip on Wednesday and sure enough he was, so I am going to a new city and then flying out to Mumbai.

One person I met told me he was getting an arranged marriage and I told him I saw him backpacking and traveling. There are societal expectations but I said you don’t have to conform. He jokingly said to his mom, I’m quitting my job and not getting married!

I shared my story of leaving everything behind to follow Jesus. Maybe my story is more about gaining freedom from societal expectations and hindrances like fears. Fears of judgment from family and peers. I often have to explain that I am not understood in my own house. A prophet is not welcomed in his own town- because of that Jesus could not perform miracles because of peoples’ unbelief.

The day before I left for India, my mom was yelling at me whilst I cried myself to sleep.

You think it is easy to follow your own path? Hell no. I’ve encountered so much resistance and persecution even from my family.

Sometimes we need to leave what we know to truly become and understand who we are.

Indians are so close to their family, much more than Chinese people. But there’s also a lot of expectations.

Personally I don’t think it’s healthy but again I’m a bit Americanized. My family isn’t exactly close, we are almost estranged.

Yet, each one has their own decision to make.

Live your path or live inside the box of culture. Jesus did not live inside his family’s expectations. His mother came looking for Him and He said “my mother and father are those who do the will of God”.


That’s a bit harsh. But His words break expectations.

You will not always be liked by people when you hear God and listen. People will find you disagreeable as they can’t control you.

You are unpredictable. You can’t give hard plans as God may redirect you. You don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Your direction is God and He is the one who directs you.

So I found it a bit annoying when people kept asking me- what are you going to do now, you want to eat, take a shower, go to the market?

I know it’s their concern and care for me, but I found I needed serious headspace. Freedom, what is it? The ability to think and act for one self. Do you live in freedom??

India is much better than I expected. I am grateful for how hospital and loving people are but my desire is also to see people live in complete freedom. I really respect the bond people have with each other here.

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Trust Issues

Oh God I have more issues than I thought.

Trust issues, daddy issues, self reliance issues.

You know why people who are independent are actually the ones who need the most help? Because they are awfully scared of disappointment. They’ve been let down by a parent and are trying to not need anyone.

And that’s how I grew up, fiercely independent. Time and time again I would trust someone and they would let me down so I thought it might be better to trust no one.

But now in India I find myself opening my heart and feeling like if at any point I’m disappointed I’ll walk away. I can just leave.

And then I wonder why I can’t seem to have a normal relationship. It’s easier to meet someone overseas for a week than to find someone who is willing to commit. And perhaps I’m deathly afraid of commitment because my 2.5 year marathon of committed relationship turned sour. It dragged on even though I knew he wasn’t it.

God’s like okay girl you need to work through your issues.

But I thought I was healed. Then it all starts coming out like a leak in my heart. There’s a crack, and it’s leaking the issues.

I’m surprised when people are kind to me.

I think they have an ulterior motive.

But there really are kind people in this world. Some people who have connected with me in the last few years are my mother, brother, sisters, fathers. God does heal the wounds that keep you hidden. He wants us to come into the light and open our hearts to people.

Yesterday I had a dream I was going to my old church and people were kind to me. I couldn’t believe it. My heart felt full.

“Do not be afraid, you won’t be put to shame; do not fear disgrace, for you will not be humiliated. You will forget the shame of your youth, and the reproach of your widowhood you will remember no more.” Isaiah 54

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Taming Lions & Healing The Sick

First day in India.

It’s 10pm and I’m at my friend’s friends house praying for his parents and prophesying.

Wait- oh yah I met this friend in San Francisco. He was a bunk mate on top of my bed at the hostel. See how God works all things together for good? He said, when you come to India I’ll help you.

Rewind to the plane. I first sit next to a business man, then the kids behind me keep kicking my seat….I ask to move seats and end up next to a family but the kid again, so I move behind them to give them more room and meet a Japanese girl who lives in Spain.

I met a flight attendant while waiting for the bathroom and her name is grace. She says she has problems hearing on an airplane so I ask to pray for her ears and she says she is also Christian. I hold her ear while outside the bathroom.

Ummm let’s just say the warfare has amped up but so has the fruit. I have stomach problems, adjusting to the food, the ac sounds like a construction going on next door, and I wake every few hours.

I got lied to by a rickshaw driver, took me to some fake tourist place because my SIM card was not activated yet and I couldn’t use the WiFi to order Uber or book accommodation.

They left me there and demanded money. Then some kind rickshaw driver took me to another place. I met a Muslim tour sales dude who tried to sell me a tour but then instead I prayed for his heart to be healed from a miscarriage in his family.

Topics like this kind of come up when you’re talking.

10 minutes into finally getting into a hotel in the so called “slums”, my new friend that I met in San Francisco says “we are coming in 5 minutes”.

We eat, I’m full, I get bloated, actually feel like diarrhea coming on. He says “do you want to come visit my friend with me? Actually you can pray for them. They are sick”.

45 minutes later, some cows and dogs that we walk by, dirt paths, I’m in a home with 10 other people, kids, adults.

I’m asked to pray for one who has cancer and another with liver problems. I start prophesying “you need to forgive yourself, someone betrayed you, etc”. I’m prophesying “I see bricks on your shoulders, cast them on Jesus”. They are mostly Hindu but I am talking about Jesus.

“Actually my daughter’s name is Grace, I love Christ so much” the son says to me. I say “be filled with the Holy Spirit and I anoint you now with the gift of tongues”.

My friend said God is anointing me like Paul and now I agree. Because this is all stuff you would experience in the early days of the Bible, unplanned Holy Spirit Led stuff.

Now I’m awake after a dream where I’m taming a lion. The lion is hungry but it does not devour me when it runs towards me. I hold my hand up and it closes its mouth.

It’s just the beginning.

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Breaking Off The Fear Of Lack Part 2

I woke up an hour ago and heard “change rooms”. I’m like seriously? It’s 1:40am and I already did one room change due to machine noises next door.

I went downstairs and the receptionist said no. I went back to my room and had no peace. Finally I went down again and she called the manager and let me change to their last room.

I’ve been hearing “go higher”.

There is greater clarity now.

He started downloading prophetic words to me for people.

In one vision I saw doors after doors lined up and I had the key to each door. Behind each door was a captive, each person had tape over her or his mouth and chains tying their hands together. They were immobile and stuck, unable to speak.

As I opened each door to free them a provision was available for me.

I see the words “fear of lack, fear of judgment, fear of rejection, fear of failure” marked on each person. But as I had the key to free them each fear fell off as I held their hand and led them out of that room of captivity.

You are leading people out of Egypt and as you do that, you will set people free from the bondage of mammon.

“No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.” Luke 16:31

“And he said to them, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” Luke 12:15I posted a photo of me with my worldly possessions because they don’t mean anything to me.

God told me to sell everything and follow Him because I am living for a kingdom that we cannot see. Sure I am blessed with provision and things, but that is not what I count dear to my heart.

I want to see people set free.

We often think we need more material things but it’s actually our heart that needs to be set free.

So when I ask people to give I’m asking them whose kingdom are you living for? And who is your allegiance to? To saving your own life or losing it for Jesus.

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money. “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?” Matthew 6:24-25


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Testimony From Taiwanese Divine Appointment- Setting Captives Free From Shame

One night in Shuangxi God told me to go to Taipei the next day (last year when I set out to follow Jesus and begin ministry). He said to check couchsurfing. It was midnight. I was surprised the girl accepted my request right away. I packed my bags and went to stay with her the next day.

We shared testimonies and I got to pray for her. That day I started getting oppressed in my mind. I felt so tired and wanted to quit ministering to people. I felt like it was too hard. That day I was so extremely exhausted I slept at 9pm (at the time the girl started knocking on my door).

The next day I was going to leave early (as I was so mentally exhausted and had a dream there were these idols and spirits trying to get near my bed) when she knocked on my door again and told me about how her dad had abused her as a child. She told me that in 30 ish years she has never told anyone.

I prayed and sang over her, it was a really intense healing session. She started crying and I felt God’s love so intensely for her.

I now realize the devil was trying everything to stop me from hearing her story and praying over her. I still remember prophesying “God is a good father, He is a good Father, He will never leave nor forsake you”- words that anyone who had a horrible father would need to hear.

Since then as I prophesied she has quit her job and traveled overseas to follow her dreams and the path God has for her. She has become a prized friend who I pray with often. I believe she is a pioneer who will deliver many women from shame as she discovers her identity in Christ Jesus.

Here is the testimony she shared with me. Is one sheep worth it? Yes. I pastor those who no one will reach, I pastor lost sheep. God has sent me all over the world to reach those who institutions will never reach.

I might not have grown up with a dad but I grew up with Father God and when you grow up with Father God you have an anointing to break off the spirit of shame and rejection. My dad said “she’s not mine” to my mother when I was born. But I am daddy God’s.

I am beloved by the Father. And no matter who abused you- daddy God loves you and knew you before you were born!

Her testimony –

How I met Rebekka


My name is Kelly J. Yeh. I met Rebekka in summer 2018. I was her Couchsurfing host and I hosted her in Taipei for 3 days. Before I met her, I took a trip to Sydney, Australia to visit my friend and roomate whom I met in university in the church. I was deeply touched by my friend’s hospitality so I decided to host some people.

I used Couchsurfing when I was traveling in Europe so I thought it’s time to give back to the community. God gave me a room that I could host for about 2-3 weeks so I got the chance to host her. It was really amazing that God arranged us to meet. God told me in that evening to check out what’s happening on the Couchsurfing app, so after work I decided to lay on bed and just browse through. Then she sent me the request. I read that she was born in Germany, so I decided to host her. And I didn’t think too much.  


Before I met Rebekka – about my personal background


I was born in a Christian family. My father and mother were introduced by a couple in the church and they got baptized before they got married. My father used to be very abusive toward my family and I. He passed away in 2009 because of liver problems. He used to hurt my family verbally and physically and most of my childhood I was in fear. I’m a person who values justice, so I always fought back verbally. But he never listened. I remember one day back when I was 8, my father hit me without any reason.

I had to PEE and CRY to had him stop hitting me. When I was 18 and after the university entrance exam, I sat in the living room using the computer and was just relaxing and reading. And then he started to yell at me and complained me about using the computer because it was “such a waste of electricity”. I really hated God for giving me a dad like this because all the sisters in the church I know have good parents and are rich. I didn’t understand why I had to suffer all this. I also got bullied during middle school and high school (I went to the top ones in Taipei) because of not cheating in tests with nearly everybody else in class.


Overall, my childhood was kind of miserable. You can say that. But I did all my best to try to make myself happy and not have depression. For example, reading novels, listening to music, going to the gym, etc. Until I met Rebekka and until she prayed for me.  




So when I hosted her, before we met, she texted me that she’s very happy to walk around the campus of the university I worked at. It seemed to be where her father use to work. She also told me she was amazed by the architecture inside the library.  


When we met, we told each other about ourselves. She was happy to know that I’m Christian and she told me that God told her to come to Taipei for a visit. I asked her why she came to Taiwan, and she said she wanted to meet her dad, and she is staying in the countryside of Taipei County – Shuangxi. She told me God wanted her to come to Taiwan so she booked the ticket and her mom was angry and didn’t talk to her for a while.   


When I went back to my room, God actually told me that I should host her and I should really value and honor this person.I was kind of surprised to hear this as God seldom spoke so clear and loud to me.  


The second night I hosted her, I attended the counseling session that my sister organized for my family nearby Taipei Main Station. I was really upset after attending it because my mom still wouldn’t listen to my painful experiences of growing up. I felt so BOUNDED and RESTRICTED in a sense. I went back to my place and knocked her door and I wanted to pray with her. She didn’t answer.

The day after that day we met each other in the morning, and I asked her to pray with me and I told her about my story that I described in the first session of this article and what I experienced last night. She told me that she had experienced strong spiritual warfare last night when she slept. I told her I felt so sorry about that because it was partly because of me that she experienced this, and she said it’s ok as she experienced this quite often.       


She hold my hands and we prayed together. After that I felt so much better. I felt that I’m not afraid of things anymore. I felt that I have the courage and I can be happy again, without making the effort every day to make myself happy. It’s actually a tiring process to repeat, to find things to satisfy your soul and spirit.


I have also been praying for a breakthrough for almost 3 years. God has listened to my prayers. And I have been praying for the healing for my period problem for 15 years. Now I’m still waiting for God to heal me.


I was also a wounded and lost sheep in a sense. I got hurt by the church because a lot of people in my church value money and appearance. My family is not the richest and due to my childhood experience, my period has never been normal again (I’m literally waiting for God to heal me now as I write ) and I have gained some weight though I don’t eat a lot. Literally only one sister whom I met at work wanted to introduce a brother to me. No one in my church value my appearance in the church. They value more the newcomers. I have attended the church for more than 10 years in faith but I really was just tired of it.       


After we prayed together, she told me that she felt that she knows why God sent her to Taiwan, and she felt that her work is done here. I asked her about she’s going next, and she said Korea.


We have been keeping in touch and encouraging each other since then, as in 2 month I also embarked on my journey of following Jesus in Europe, starting in London as God spoke to me about going to London.



About what I’m doing now


I decided to quit my job and take the trip and follow Jesus in September, 2018. It took me 2 months to decide to do it as it’s a big decision. I’ve been traveling since 16th. October 2018. I’ve also battled with a lot of kinds of evil spirits, all kinds of attacks like toothache that almost made me book a ticket back to Taiwan, a “healer“ that claimed to be able to heal my period problem but turned out to just wanted to date me and didn’t have good intention. Rebekka told me she saw an evil spirit and advised me to left his place. He had two roommates.  


I remember during my trip in London, I was really hesitant about going to Germany as the flights are expensive and I had bad memories about Germany. I had a bike accident there and my colleague from China prosecuted me and spoke to my thesis advisor and accused me in everything and had me to quit my job.

It was a great spiritual warfare and I really had trauma. Rebekka told me that God wanted her to tell me about going to Germany because I wouldn’t listen. She donated me USD 25 and thus I had the courage to book the ticket to Germany because of this. Later I gave her back this money because I wanted to her to buy something to celebrate her birthday. God provided me more than that amount, as my friend whom I helped and gave lots of advice with finally moved into an apartment and found a job working in a hostel rather than staying continuously in hostels and was constantly looking for a job.     


Where I’m currently at and where I plan to go


I’m writing from Tel Aviv, Israel. The Holy Land. I’m almost done with my 8-month Europe trip and I’m taking a rest here. There is really good energy and good vibes here! You should definitely consider visiting here. You won’t regret it. God provided me a host for about one week and where I can have some rest and finally don’t have to be stressed out about finance about housing. I will move to the hostel later in a few days as I feel God has arranged some people He wants me to meet.


Today God spoke me about going to Brisbane, Australia. I will also go back to Taiwan for a short while.  This is great faith, but I decide that I want to take a leap in faith to see what God has arranged me there.


My dream is to have a happy family and to experience once in my life what a happy and loving family is like. Also to help people. I hope to open a cafe or a hostel to help people. It’s a really big decision for me as I have a masters degree, have taught in university, have won the best paper award in Taiwan, etc. But I want to see what God can do. I really want to see that. And experience that.


I hope my testimony helps you. May God bless you! I hope to write about the divine encounters in my spirit-led trip later when I have some more time.


Yours truly,

Kelly J. Yeh


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Prophetic Word- DREAM BIG! New Collaborations Are Here!

The new season is here! I hear God say!

Yesterday God had me watch this Thai movie called we belong together. It is about two friends who separate due to one moving on to another country. Spoiler alert, one friend goes through the grieving process of someone’s death and you experience her numbness and pain throughout.

The pain is so uncomfortable as the director or writer seems to draw out uncomfortable moments to relay the main character’s pain.

It’s drawn out for so long that only at the end when the main character leaves that you realize maybe she wasn’t the main character after all.

The friend left behind starts biking and the song changes from a slow song to a fast happy one.

Then this night I have a dream where my ex best friend from when I was a child died but I didn’t even care, like I didn’t grieve.

The mutual friend of this ex best friend gathered with me and started talking about collaborating.

These new friends were chefs and I said “I’m thinking of reviving the foodie part of my blog. I can eat your food and creations and I’ll blog about it. I want healthy food that is not bland! You know, rich with flavor!”

There are so many meanings behind this but I feel like what died is no more, move forward as new opportunities and doors are arising in your life.

The last few days God has been highlighting the word “dream” and showing me again the desires of my heart.

The first day in Bangkok I have no idea where to stay and I hear the name of the hostel I stayed at once, but there is major “spiritual warfare”.

I realize, it’s because I feel lack. A spirit of lack was attacking me and I have a dream about dating this frugal man. I paid for 3 nights but only ended up staying one night. I didn’t understand why God would have me book 3 nights but only stay 1, but I knew He was saying “move on. You don’t have to stay”.

This was symbolic of moving from the past and what you’re comfortable with. Some of you have lived frugal and barren lives and God is asking you to think big and trust Him!

I’m led the second day to a hotel and I think to myself “God how are you going to provide, this is above the range I thought I’d spend”.

But this night while I’m going back to my room, I notice there are people lining up at a club in front of the hotel.

I’m so excited! I start skipping! I can’t believe I’m skipping! When is the last time I felt excitement??? My heart has felt so numb from grief I haven’t felt joy in a long time.

I enter the club and immediately meet 2 girls, I introduce myself to them. We dance for 3 hours and I actually laugh. When was the last time I laughed?

This one girl dances near the stage but is given a warning by the security guard. I want to dance on stage so bad but I know I’ll get thrown out.

The 3rd day I stay at an Airbnb and have a hard time getting in but the owner’s dad comes to greet me, he is a chinese man.

He first shows me a bigger room, then realizes he got the room number wrong and shows me the one I booked….it’s a smaller studio.

The room smells like smoke and it’s near the elevator.

I’m disappointed. It’s not what I want. I often had conversations with God that sound like this “God what should I do? Should I change rooms?”

Usually He doesn’t reply. He wants me to follow my heart. I’ve had conversations like this where I don’t follow my heart and end up regretting why I didn’t pay a few more dollars for what I want.

I’m so tired. I don’t know why. I try to figure out why I’m tired from not getting what I want but decide to eat first.

I return and message the owner’s dad. I ask to see the room and it is all pink. The color of my heart when it’s in love.

I want it! I’ll pay a bit more for what I want. I’m happy.

I got what I want!!!

I actually got what I want.

So the next day I have a dream that I’m talking to a guy I like and telling him how I feel. Another ex best friend who dated my ex (in real life) and didn’t tell me appears in the dream.

Betrayal. That’s what happened.

I often felt that I didn’t get what I want and people often took away what I had, even if I didn’t want it to begin with.

Then God started to tell me how I feel neglected by Him because my dad neglected me. Because of growing up this way, I never got what I wanted from my dad….or maybe that I never got what I wanted-which was a human father.

And that marked my experiences of never getting what I want and feeling like I’ll never get what I want.

God’s like that won’t be your experience anymore. You will get what you want.

I started to pray big prayers!

“God restore unto me the years the locust have eaten away! Bless me Lord! Honor me! Bring people that will encourage me! I’m not throwing pearls to pigs anymore!”

My last day in LA was grievous. I sat silently as my mother yelled at me. I cried tears of pain as lay down to sleep on my last night in LA. I’m never coming back here.

I’m never coming back to dishonor.

I’m never coming back to lack.

I’m never coming back to being misunderstood.

I will have people that honor me in life. I will have friends that encourage me. I will not take on false responsibilities and I will grab the promises of God now!

Your new beginning is here! What is dead is dead. Now new hope and courage will fill your heart with dreams. God desires to give you your dreams!

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Breaking Off The Fear Of Lack

I had a dream I was going to buy a water filter and it was only $5 but this girl said “don’t buy it, it gets moldy”.

I remember the ramen I bought was about 500 yen and it wasn’t that good.

Another dream where I was telling my past church members that I got my hair dyed for free, that I didn’t get paid for it but all parts of my purple hair was free.

Again God was reminding me of my royalty status in Christ.

God will have me ask people for donations, and He is specific about who to ask.

He says “my people have relied on their own ways for too long and I want them to live in my abundance, however they can’t do that if they keep controlling and fretting in their own ways of gaining money. I am the provider, I am the father, not you”.

God told me to ask a guy on the plane for a donation but I chickened out because the previous night a huge demon came out of my mother. I mean she wasn’t possessed per say, but she started yelling and it was a huge spirit of lack speaking.

She said that I’m not a missionary, if I am I need proper training. More so she doesn’t believe God speaks to me, etc. I felt bullets hitting my heart and silently sobbed my way to sleep.

How I knew for sure that demon left was when we saw a cockroach out of nowhere. I said the spirit of accusation was present and started to cast it out. I had a huge headache after she yelled at me. I started saying “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus”.

I’m not just a missionary, I’m a prophet. A prophet does more than what a missionary does. She speaks the truth and she is not allowed to shy from confrontation.

I get severely wounded sometimes by what people say to me but I am reminded by God “they are lies”.

I started to see why God had me ask.

The demonic stronghold held her in fear of lack and God wanted to break off that fear.

And He has me ask so that I would not be afraid of “not being enough” or to be afraid of rejection or judgment.

My job is to obey God no matter what. But sometimes asking puts me in a place of being judged and rejected. Even a friend of mine said I was being disrespectful for asking again after she said to never ask again.

I said “God told me to ask” so what can I say? I love you. But I have to obey God.

Elijah has to ask a widow for a meal and she claimed that meal was going to feed her and her son, and they would die.

But because of her obedience everyone knew of a prophet being in their house, and the whole city gave to that house so she never lacked.

One time a Samoan said “You shouldn’t ask Samoans for money they are poor”. He called me all kinds of words, said I was fraud and not sent by God.

Again there was a stronghold of lack in him and it triggered it. My asking for a donation. Whenever there is a stronghold, a strong reaction is coming.

People act with annoyance or anger because there is a root of the fear of lack that is binding and holding that person in bondage.

God’s like “don’t be afraid to ask because I’m breaking off the root of fear in people”.

And sure I may lose friends because of it but He also wants me to live in boldness.

So today I hear God say “ask them for $5”.

5 is the number of grace.

He’s saying “are you willing to trust me with little? To trust in my finished work on the cross? Or to continue trusting in your own ways of accruing wealth? I want you to live in my abundance”.

Sow a seed of $5, 50, 500 or whatever you feel led. God is breaking off the root of self dependence and self reliance.

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Praying 🙏 that God set you free and help you live as royalty paid for by Jesus’ blood.