Contests Should Be Global- I Should Write the Fine Print.

This is so ridiculously cute.

“2009 facetnate! winners: Pip & Pop’s sickly sweet super kawaii installation of sugar, pigment, origami, plastic toys, beads, confectionary and drinking straws, Under the Crystal Sky.

The Sydney Japan Foundation is now accepting proposals for facetnate! 2010. Australia-based emerging artists and curators can submit proposals for projects that would have a strong Japanese influence, to be put on as a solo or group exhibition in the second half of the year with a grant of $3000.” –

I WAS GETTING SO RIDICULOUSLY excited about this, but read that it’s only for Australia-based artists. How sad. -_-

I finally finished printing all the tags I need to glue the “benefiting non- profit” tag unto my handmade goods. Here is just two of my bags. I also made these cute pink, green, and purple pillows. They are beyond rad.

The inside of the red and black tweed bag has pleather- like fabric on the other side. Both are made of “scraps” and treasure finds. To be sold at Art Show March 12- See flier below (that’s not me):

The “various artists” includes me.

The sun has risen. I walked on stones and pebbles. The bulldog runs.

I am alone. I am content. I smile and breathe. The air is clear.

The greens are alive. The wind swivels and blows. My hair is messy.

I stoop over the drops of dew. Clinging onto the leaves of life.

I am alive. They all say hi. I’ve yet to see. The dreams to rise.

Good night!

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