(September 11-October 11, 2011)

Australia, I can hear the clinking of glass, laughing and jovial jesting. I could feel the warmth of hospitality, the feeling of being meat to some burly men eyeing you down the street, the graffiti lining the walls of Melbourne.

Australia, to me you are freedom, laughter, dire sarcasm, and ocean lands.

I Finally Found Free Wifi

Well, not exactly, because I still had to buy a drink to use their internet. I’m staying at this hostel in Sydney…quite dirty compared to the ones I’ve been to.

This is my journal entry from yesterday….enjoy!

September 11, 2011

Landed in Australia around 6:30 AM. Total culture shock because I was so f%cking impatient to get to the shuttle and the concierge was taking so long. Plus my monthly had come on the plane, so my trip started with lots of hormones.

Not going to lie, but this hostel kitchen smells like fart. I hate how when people see me, they see an Asian face, not a live person. I’m so tired though, been walking around since early morning until 6am. I’ve been non-stop alive for 12 hours after a 15 hours flight. I’m dead as a cockroach. Dead. Dead. Dead meat. 

I was walking by the bathroom and I was startled because I saw this FINE David back, like muscled and toned staring at my face. I passed by and said “well, hello”. Of course non of the stalls had bathrooms so I went back and bumped into David, or so I call him.

I walked around the city, went to 2 backpacker flight stores, and felt totally ripped off. Of course I didn’t book anything because whose going to pay 600 bucks (AUS) for 4 tours. Rip off!! I also went to Vodaphone and got a sim card for 30 AUS. The guy was from Malaysia and had been in Australia for 7 years. I wonder how selling phones can be interesting, but then I find many things unworthy of my time.

I’m sitting in this dim room of computers, the only place I can find any kind of well, peace. It’s here with this 18 year old English boy from Nottingham, he’s quite something. I thought he was Australian because he had his pants sagged. I find this hostel quite dirty, more dirty than any I’ve seen. Thinking back, the san diego one was seriously clean. 

Anyways, I met 2 aussie males at the university. Met up with the lady from Project Futures, and then met a german girl. For some reason, everyone seems to look at me weird, like I fell from planet Mars. Seriously, just because I have red hair and black slanty eyes…don’t mean you can’t make friends with me.

By the way, I noticed a lot of people are scared to meet other folks, it’s like they are scared other cultures will absorb them and that they’ll lose a part of themselves. My new German friend told me that Germans like to stick together even if they travel together. This god damn cough will not leave me, GOD HELP ME!!

Australians are quite polite, as blunt as they are. They are kind of aloof, shy? They are definitely a lot more polite than people from Los Angeles. Anyways, haven’t really met someone I completely clicked with besides that university mate. 

Today’s entry-

Craziest day of my life. Yesterday I started the night by writing and reading. I was drinking a beer and just having a grand time on my own. Then Joe and Matt comes in and we start talking about my pending book to come and how it’s about my life, etc. We start having these crazy conversations about life, love, and random cultural differences such as English slang and LA slang. We decide to hit a pub and I swear, I totally put my cup down onto nothing, yes….YES nothing! I wasn’t looking!! So my beer was totally wasted. It was such a sad sight!

So the pub had a 3rd floor dance floor. They were literally playing the radio but somehow the radio had good music on. There were folks in suits, some young people, but more so the older crowd. The were very innocent in the ways that they danced, compared to Los Angeles. They were kind of cutesy if you know what I mean.

We then go to another bar and this one had a live band singing songs from Lady Gaga and even David Guetta. They had long blonde hair that they threw their sweat at people with. Good thing I wasn’t in the front. Yes this all happened in one day, the day I landed… 

September 15, 2011- Sydney 

Australia is definitely more laid back than America. People are less on edge, compared to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles I feel like people are high on something, always nervous…or maybe that’s just how I was. Especially when I was working. My back doesn’t even hurt anymore!

September 18, 2011- Cairns 

I’m currently in Cairns, Australia. Arrived by flight yesterday from Sydney. Of course the first night in every city, I end up meeting new friends and going out with them. I ended up on stage again dancing some shuffles and stuff. My English friend said, “you said you love to dance, but you didn’t tell me you’re awesome!!” Well, I’m not going to brag right?

I’ve only been in Australia for 6 days, and I love it more than I’ve ever imagined. I love it so much I can actually see myself doing the work holiday deal here. Everyone is so laid back here, I don’t feel as anxious being here. Back in LA, I felt like paranoid about not working or feeling busy.

However, I think if I lived here, I’d also be prone to become alcoholic. People seriously drink everyday. Perhaps only in Cairns, people start drinking at 10am. I’m glad I have high tolerance and high energy. I don’t really need alchy to sustain dancing for hours on end.

A few people had to stop my friends and ask if I was okay “because well, I look like I’m on drugs”. Of course I don’t do drugs eh?

I’m going to seriously look into working in Australia…

September 23, 2011  – Cairns 

Hi Folks,

I’m in Cairns now. So much has happened I can’t believe it.

Yesterday I ended my night by talking to 3 aboriginal 15 year old girls in the center of Cairns. It was very sad to see that they were drunk, partly because before the english came into Australia, the aboriginals had no alcohol. They were happy, but when the english came, they indulged and couldn’t handle alchy. A lot of them then became alcoholics. It was really upsetting and heart wrenching to see the racism in the country.

I was hanging out with a south african friend that I met at the hostel, we were talking about money and issues of the world. He then left and I decided to go dance at a gay club. The club had no one dancing, so I talked to these aboriginal girls, you can see this sadness in their eyes. you know that look you see in someones’ eyes, when they won’t look you in the eye? That was the look. I asked them where there were good dance clubs, they suggested another one.

When I went there, I was more upset because I saw there was actually another line of just aboriginals. There was a separate line. YAH, can you believe it? This is modern day Australia!!

My heart churned and I was so angry, I wanted to kick a wall or punch something out.

I decided instead to hang out with the girls sitting on the side of the street. I couldn’t hold myself back from crying, my heart grieved. Suddenly I was able to see the looks that “white people” gave them, they were totally looked down upon. It grieved my heart and I just kept talking to them about their lives. I was very concerned for their safety.

Moreover, I learned from the tour guide before that aboriginal mixed kids were sent to “missionary schools” where they were taught to be WESTERN. I can see why Australia is so secular, because the “religious people” schooled and dominated the country, “trying to change the aboriginal ways”.

I was even more grieved.

But I got to know these girls and decided to go back today. As I sat there at midnight with them, I saw around me lots of drunk girls and boys, waiting to get laid. I saw the disparity not only within the aboriginals but within mankind. That in a way it all seems so hopeless. This endless seeking for love, for young people- I’ve met SO MANY young people around the world, from Africa, Europe, England, etc- the same search for love.

We are not hopeless though.

Leaving Cairns

September 26, 2011 

I’ve stayed at Cairns for almost 10 days.

It’s been fully packed with nature, friendship, as well as life drama.

Yesterday I went on a boat, expecting to have a smooth sail- but ended up, falling asleep after my breakfast and feeling super ill.

I tried to tell myself, “no no no I’m not sick, I’m not”.

Then suddenly I felt something well up in my throat, I ran to the toilet and THREW UP ALL MY ORANGE!

It was beyond gross. I thought it would stop there, but it didn’t, I ended up throwing up 3 more times, including my lunch.

What a waste of money, haha.

The first time I snorkeled, I scraped my leg on the reefs, and in an attempt to get all the sights in, I swam too fast and swallowed lots of salt water.

Of course, I threw up again. The second time, I decided to take my time and really take the ocean in by myself. This time, I saw purple fishes with scribbly lines, almost like graphic designs you have people design at work.

The way back was smooth sailing. I was sitting on the deck, being grateful that I was no longer sick, when a boat worker who was 18 kept trying to hit on me. He started quoting romantic phrases from romantic books he often reads. He had these braces that made him look like a tween. I tried to be nice, but when he tried to grab chips from a chip bag, which was lying on my crotch…my inner bitch started coming out. But I was still nice 🙂 Hopefully.

I met a really cool friend, we’ve been talking a lot about our learnings and about the implication of leaving home means for each one of us. We ended up at the Attic dancing to Dubstep, it was so bomb. I danced for 3 hours straight. The only thing that really annoys me is sketchy guys who don’t really appreciate music for what it is, and is only there to pick up girls. Anyways, I’m really glad I met a friend who understands life in a deeper way than just getting drunk and getting laid.

More stories to come! By the way, I look like a Filipino, I’m so tan!

Melbourne I’ve Arrived!

September 27, 2011 

So I’ve been in Australia for 2 weeks.

This morning I had to wake up at 3:15am to catch the shuttle. It was pretty tiring, considering that I had some alcohol the night before. I felt lightheaded. I said goodbye to my English friend and my musician friends. It was bittersweet. As always, when it comes to traveling, you’ll always meet soul friends that you’ll perhaps never see again, or if the friendship was real- once again when I visit them.

Went to waterfalls in Cairns.

So I’m finally in Melbourne and I feel super lucky that my friend has a chill and quiet house in the suburbs. I kind of needed this, so I’m really enjoying this…a lot. I needed to get away from 10 bed dorms…Gilligans hostel didn’t help. There was music every night. I don’t want to leave Australia!!! 😦 I don’t even know what I’m doing when I get back, I have to work to pay rent, so ridiculous.

September 28, 2011 

Living With Boys

All my life, I have been used to living with women. Well, that would be my mom and I. Plus one brother. The last few years, I lived with a housemate and back at home, I live with a woman roommate.

Here in Melbourne, for the last two days, I’ve been in a house full of men. It’s quite simple. Men are quite simple I meant. I like how it’s quiet and also there’s not much television watching so I like that. I hate the noise of the TV because I grew up with it. Basically, I’m staying with my friend, who has 2 brothers and a dad. Mom is working somewhere. Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep because the wind kept banging on the door and I kept thinking there was someone knocking on the door.

While walking on Brunswick Street, Melbourne, Australia, I spotted a Kewpie from the outside. I barged in and started snapping photos. This is a BLUE KEWPIE!!!

Bomb Art in the alleyways of Melbourne

I’m planning my next few days (oh GOD I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK TO LA!!!) and thought of going to Tasmania. According to my friend, it’s one of the most “unmolested” places in Australia. But I looked up the flights and it cost 400 bucks. Screw that!! I’m coming back to Australia and working!!! I tried to book a ticket to see this Chinese theatre show called Rhinoceros Love, supposedly a hit in Beijing. But the lady wouldn’t take my expired Student ID. It’s raining cats and dogs outside, boogers.



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