I’m creating an URBAN TRAVEL GUIDE. It’s FREE for now, but eventually I’ll complete a comprehensive guide for molla so I can survive.

My URBAN TRAVEL GUIDES consist of the FASHION, ARTS, MUSIC, CLUB & HAPPENING places in a country, not the touristy things people usually do.


1. Sydney– Everyone likes seeing the Opera House, zoos, etc, all that touristy stuff, but I recommend NEWTOWN, where all the LBGT, arts, hippie community is. There are super hip vintage shops such as Vinnies and punk rock clothing stores like Dangerfield.

2. Melbourne– Fitzroy and Collingwood is a MUST GO TO if you’re an artsy hippie or hipster. Smith St and Brunswick Streets are packed with alternative cafes such as THE BLACK CAT (my favorite) and vintage shops left and right.

  • Cheap Eats- If you’re staying at a hostel and have zero dollars, go to Asian markets at the beginning of Smith St. I go 2 oranges for 30 cents Australian dollars and 3 Bok Choy bundles for 60 cents.
  • Street Art – My travel itinerary? Spend a day playing hide and seek with graffiti! Walk around every street to find the best graffiti filled with jammed packed colors and style. Melbourne knows what’s up! Get inspired by snapping photos of graffiti all over Melbourne.
  • Clubs– If you’re into Dubstep, Trance, and House music Brown Alley and Eurotrash are two underground clubs in the city. I’ve been to both and must say, they know what’s up. I basically danced for 3-4 hours straight at each venue.

Australia, Sept – Oct 2011

China Summer 2010– Tsinghua Hunan- Volunteer Music Teaching

Taiwan September 2010


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