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I’m an actress, comedian and just someone who loves making fun videos. I talk about healing from childhood trauma, relationship issues and honestly love making dance videos and funny food/travel videos.


I’m a girl with big dreams and I hope you will support me through this journey. Help!!! And any advice you have is much appreciated. 🙂 Thank you!

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“Rebekka Lien is a multi-talented individual who was born in Hamburg, Germany and has lived in Taiwan and now America. She is an actress, writer, comedian, musician, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. Growing up with a single mother, she learned the value of hard work and determination from a young age. Rebekka is a true creative force to be reckoned with.”

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How To Grieve The Death of Loved Ones

Hi everyone, check out the interview I did for a podcast and also a FB video about how to grieve the loss of loved ones. It’s been a really tough year for me. Love you all!

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Answering The Question- Do You Need A Talent Agent?


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Christmas Is Almost Here!

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Acting Coaching


I’ve had a lot of people ask me how they can start acting or being in the entertainment industry. I’ve invested a lot of time into acting and booking jobs. This year I booked a commercial with He Gets Us, all by myself with no agent or manager. I did at one point have a manager but I decided to let them go, I felt like I was finding more jobs by myself. I booked a game show by myself and was able to get a good winning. I was in many viral videos, booked 2 television shows again by myself.

So if you’re looking to book actual jobs that pays, not necessarily just “acting” gigs but other things too, such as YouTube shows, I’d love to help someone.

This industry can be really difficult.

Find me on IG – rebekkalien and DM me. There will be a cost. Please DM me for info! God Bless!

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It’s easy to get jaded and to do things that after awhile you wonder who you are. The truth is my relationship has been on and off but I’ve learned to not be afraid of love.

Recently I was working on projects and I started to feel fake. The Tik Tok stuff, the social media stuff that brands wanted just felt fake. And I had to start asking myself, is this what I really want to do?

I want to tell my story and sure I’m very good at UGC videos and everything but what story am I telling.

Am I telling my own story or am I tell the narrative of another company.

So back to square 1, who am I?

What do I represent. I am a Christian and I love God. I like to play and I like being childlike.

Being a child of God means that I get to play in life, I get to be a child and not take care of everyone. I get to enjoy my life.

Today I went to the beach and I just played. I saw a gopher and it was so fun. I also went to the movies and I cried. I ate ice cream and had Guilin noodles.

I felt full and I enjoyed my life.

When is the last time you enjoyed your life?

Rebekka Lien Appears on Karamo Show

Hi everyone, I wanted to share this video which was released today on KTLA 5. As you know my journey with healing from issues with my dad and men have been a long long journey. My heart was really closed off to men for a long time. I hated men to be honest. I would feel wounded about one thing that a guy did and hold onto hate.

God had to heal me and it’s been a LONG LONG journey for those who have been following my blog FOR A LONG TIME.

I always wanted to get married and I am still waiting until marriage, I VOW to GOD and JESUS and I believe God is doing the healing even now.

If you are going through what I’m going through, you are NOT ALONE. My dad was not there for me, he was an absent and avoidant father who constantly disappointed me. He is an alcoholic and has an addiction.

I wanted to also share THIS video from years ago where I talked about receiving love and being afraid to reject or disappoint people.

For a lot of my life, I lived to please others and had a hard time speaking my mind. I wanted people to like me and had a hard time standing up for myself.

I’m so blessed to have the opportunities I’ve had to heal and be on tv shows in the last year. God used every opportunity to heal my heart from an absence of love in my life. Even though I went through a lot with my boyfriend, he has also healed from his issues.

I hope these videos heal your heart.

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