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Often it’s not the steps that scare us, but the fears or the possibility of failure or judgment.

My job is to help you name the lies and delete the hindrances! And set you free to soar!

Fears are spiritual blockages, they are strongholds that keep us in confinement but God wants to set you free. There are limiting beliefs that say you’re not good enough but we will confront the beliefs that hinder you from moving into your promised land.

I will speak about personal experiences and impart the breakthroughs that have set me free to set you free!

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Prophetic Dream- Why Living In Desire Will Lead You To Your Husband/Wife

I had a dream where I was following a guy to go eat but he was leading me to this dark shack and I decided to turn back as I didn’t feel safe. Later on I was flushing down a water bucket that had tiny cockroaches in it.

Then I asked this guy where I should wash my clothes and he gave me a key. He said laundry was free and he gave me the keys. But someone was yelling at me, my heart was alive for some reason. I was close to the guy I liked.

When I woke up I had a sense that my heart felt so full.

Living the life you want comes from a deep rooted belief that you are worthy.

When you don’t feel worthy of love, you sabotage any chance at happiness.

For example, you want to buy something you like but you don’t because you think it’s a waste of money.

You want to go to an event but instead of going you say “it’s too far”.

I realized before if I was with my mom and I wanted to buy something she’d say “no it cost too much” and I’d explain to myself “it’s okay you don’t need it”.

It’s not that we need to get everything we want to be happy- but when we do the act of self love to say “yes” to ourselves- we are saying to ourselves “I deserve to have what I want”.

When I was overseas, I had so much hardship I could barely buy a meal at times and I’d ask God why I had to be the one to find lost sheep and minister to people I’d probably never see. I was like Elijah, God would often pin point who I had to ask for a meal and it would be someone I needed to prophesy to.

The truth is God was building strength, courage, tenacity, boldness, love, patience, anointing in me.

But it was so hard I often felt that God was trying to deprive me of what I wanted.

Yet in this season God is flushing out the old season and saying “you’ve gone through it….now you’ll be strengthened in love, in desire”.

Every time I say yes to myself- go see the movie I actually want to see, eat what I want, do what I want, I’m closer to my heart.

I’m not going to deny you of your desires, say yes to yourself this season says the Lord because saying yes will lead you to the man/woman after your heart.

You will not meet your husband/wife being miserable. It’s usually when you don’t care to even meet them that you’ll meet him/her.

Follow the desires of your heart and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t or shouldn’t.

Maybe you want to exercise- that’s leading you to your life partner. Maybe you want to go to the beach, maybe your man is at the beach.

Don’t make finding your spouse a goal- enjoy your life and he/she will meet you at the intersection of heart and desire for he/she is after your heart. And is one of your desires.

God is bringing us back to our hearts- not what is logical.

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Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is very important in life. When you don’t set boundaries you have codependent relationships. So I’m back In LA and it’s been a year and a half since I really lived with my mom.

I am so much more sensitive to control and fear than before. I used to hang out with my mom and start to feel weighed down or oppressed from her words of accusations, but now I have so much more discernment to walk away when it’s hurting my spirit.

I’m in a tight place right now where I know I’m transitioning into the next season and know God is aligning me with where I need to be.

Marriage is one thing God is preparing me for. Friendships is another He has been building in my life.

But the tight place of learning to love my mother but still protect my heart and spirit is vital.

Today we were spending time together and I started to feel weighed down. We wanted to do different things but she was accusing me a lot.

I told her to go home or do what she wanted as I wanted to be alone. I could feel the spirit of lack and control weigh down on me and started to pray in tongues. I try to tell her what God is saying but she thinks I’m crazy, she doesn’t believe it’s God speaking to me.

Sometimes in order to protect your heart you need to set boundaries with people who constantly thwart it. You need to learn to step away.

I headed back on a bus and felt lack so strongly I fell asleep and suddenly was jolted awake at my stop. Thank you Jesus for waking me up. I ran out the bus like whew!

Sometimes people try to control you out of fear. They feel like by controlling you they can control their own lives but it’s important to let them know that you cannot be controlled.

Don’t submit to other people, learn to wield your own power. Speak your mind and set boundaries.

Today I pray you will find your voice and speak up for yourself. I pray you find the power in God to set healthy boundaries.

It doesn’t mean you have to be isolated, it just means you can be in healthy relationships that don’t jeopardize your well being.

You need to learn to say “yes” to yourself. And sometimes no to others. You need to learn how to live your own happy life without needing peoples’ approval.

“I need to be alone right now”.

“I need space”.

Or “I want to spend time with you”.

Or “I don’t feel like talking right now”.

You have a right and agency to choose.

Some people are not safe to be around and it’s important to set even more boundaries with them. If it’s your own family, it’s important to voice your emotions to them and see if they’re willing to change to honor your heart.

I would have never moved back home if God didn’t ask me to.

I know I’ll be going places again. But for now I’m praying for the strength to stand firm and set boundaries when I need to.

Who do you need to set boundaries with in your life? If you’re interested in coaching, link is below. Cheers!

Jesus paid the price for our abundance, we are worthy of it.


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Prophetic Dreams- Moving Into The New Era, You Are Rich in Christ Jesus


Prophetic dream- Transition is coming to a close. I had a dream I rented a house that was in a building that was set for demolition. I was mad that the landlord didn’t tell me that the building was going to be destroyed. I said “but I already paid the rent until September 27. That means I won’t live here for that long. The landlord knew but didn’t tell me!”
I moved early in the month to another house and was trying to draw the curtains close. There were two straw curtains and I didn’t want it to be too bright. Someone kept knocking on the door and I was putting my pants on.

Let the light in. Don’t stay there. Move. Don’t dwell on the past and what you lost. Be careful who you give the keys to in this season. Don’t align with thoughts of fear or doubt. Stay in the word and about what God has said to you. Yes there may be losses and yes you may not have known, but God is moving you into a new place in your destiny and purpose.

Riches in Christ Jesus

Tell my children in the end times, “the wealth of the sinner [finds its way eventually] into the hands of the righteous, for whom it was laid up”. (The righteous are those saved by the blood of Jesus). 

Jesus paid the price for our abundance, we are worthy of it.


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God is breaking off decision paralysis today!

More Territory, More Faith

This season God is asking us to think bigger. With that you are required to break off the fear that has been hindering you.

It was easy to live small.

You see because I didn’t need as much faith to believe God to provide more. If God had called me to just a few countries and then sent me home to live a simple life, then maybe have me work a normal job again then I’d really didn’t need faith.

But then He sent me home to set someone free, to train her, to open my heart to friendship and trust….

Then He said- go again.

First He told me to book a flight to New York, then to Korea. Then yesterday He said I’ll go to Europe.

I thought “God I thought I was going to live in a small town and settle down?”

God is like “you’ve just begun”.

You’re going to take spiritual territory, set more captives free. And it scares the shit out of me, to be honest.

Because I’ve done that for the last year and a half and the things I’ve gone through makes me cry at an instant.

“God I can’t and I don’t want to”.

I’m crying as I write that. I realize this season a lot of the old supporters stopped giving.

It’s because God is saying “there’s more people to be delivered, there’s more territory to be taken. Don’t look back!”

“God but I don’t have the strength”.

In your weakness my strength is made perfect.

So I admit. I’m scared I don’t have enough energy, I feel tired. On the plane I had a dream I was living in a small town and wanted to go grocery shopping. You know the simple things.

I’m reminded of Spider Man in Europe. Remember, he just wanted to go on a vacation with his crush but then he was summoned to kill and destroy an enemy.

He was the only one who could save his friends or the city. If he didn’t step up all his friends and the city would have been killed.

That’s how I feel sometimes. Why do I got to be the one to deliver people? God I don’t want to. I want to hide sometimes.

But when you just do it and you see someone’s face change, it is so fulfilling. You see someone set free from fear, you feel that it’s worth it.

So there’s that tension. I know God wants to give every desire of my heart but I’m also called to set people free.

As I set people free I myself come against the evil spirits and bondages others are fighting.

I feel oppressed and feel like I can’t go on. I feel intimidated and feel like I can’t go on. But God fights my battles.

But God wins the day.

God I can’t but you can. You can do everything through me. I won’t allow my fears and insecurities stop me.

Jesus is like

Look at me. Look at me. Look at what I’ve accomplished on the cross. You are enough, you are not lacking. Stop looking at yourself, what you can or can’t do in your own ability. Look at me. When you have nothing I am your everything! Look what I can do! Part the oceans! When you’re at a wall I’ll knock it down for you.

Nehemiah 8:10 Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Exodus 15:2 The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.

This week God sent my new friend and I on a whirlwind. He told us to pack our bags and we didn’t know where we were staying. Oftentimes we had to move and God challenged her to drive because she had a fear of driving in cities. She always thought “I could never drive from LA to Vegas. I never thought I could go to LA just to pick someone up”. Things that seemed impossible for her became reality.

It was also a relationship boot camp where every trigger came out. Following God with someone else is definitely different. I’ve learned that we need to honor each other’s differences. Just because their desires are different doesn’t mean they are wrong.

Often we would go somewhere for the purpose of say “sleeping” or “eating” but there was another assignment and after we were done we’d move on.

I’ve never gone on spirit led trips with other people so it was new to me. When we went to Vegas God said “casino royale”. I googled it as I didn’t know it even existed. Sure enough it was a best western. When I got there I thought “I don’t like this place, I wouldn’t want to stay here”.

God said “trust me”.

We went to the reception and booked a room. I still remember it clearly said “norefundable”.

The lady at the desk seemed perturbed because I had so many questions. I asked to see all 3 of the available rooms.

I kept hearing the room in the back.

Finally I asked my friend to come with me. The Lord said to pray for the staff and she told me her friend just passed away so it’s been a hard week.

Then when I was about to decide on the room, God said “don’t stay here”.

I told the manager that Holy Spirit told me not to stay here as I’m spirit led. It turned out she was Christian and said no problem! Funds returned.

It’s been really intense and my head is still recovering with how God did everything.

When my friend came to pick me up it was actually my first time meeting her in person. God just told her to go so she did. I was unprepared as I just woke up from a nap but was able to shower, pack and clean within an hour. It was two days after I came back from Taiwan.

We often want to be prepared for what God is telling us to do.

But then we are relying on our flesh.

God wants us to rely on His strength, not ours. How did my friend drive 5-6 hours with no sleep? Or how did I manage to go on consecutive trips while still jet lagged? God told me jet lag is actually witchcraft. He said I needed to let go of control of time.

God was challenging me in a bigger way because when I’m alone, it’s easier to have more control even following Jesus but when you’re with someone else you really can’t be in control. Your heart has to be open and you can’t protect your heart.

That’s why I know God’s been preparing me for marriage. What does a partnership actually look like?

Sow big this time. The harvest of souls is at hand. Join me in rounding up the last harvest before Jesus comes. The world is not forever, our home is heaven! The people who come with me are those who are willing to leave everything behind to follow Jesus. They will walk on water and set the sick free! They will resurrect the dead!

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“Go For Broke” Because In God’s Kingdom You Are Always Rich. Use Every Hand. Go All In! You Cannot Fail With God!

Whenever I meet a baby and am able to hold them I know God is giving me that nation. God is giving me America!

Wow just had a dream – I dreamed that I was asking people for donations, they were not Christians. There was one lady and behind her was a wallet, with different bills but for some reason it was stuck behind her head. Like her mind was always on it. I was scared but I asked and a guy threw some coins and it landed in my soup. Then he tried to give me a metal toy thing and I said no.

A spirit of mammon has us when we start relying on it and not God. God is setting people free from it.

When God told me to sell everything and follow Him I went all in. I gave every dollar I had and ended up not being able to pay rent for two months. Was it hard? Yes. I returned my car. My credit score went down but He asked me whose house are you building – yours or mine?

He broke off the fear of lack in a big way and now I walk by faith and not sight.

What God was doing was breaking off the spirit of mammon that had me bound. I still struggle with it sometimes but He keeps teaching me, hey I am the provider, not the money itself.

August 27, 2019

“Go for broke – use everything I’ve given you and will you not see oceans part mightily for you”.

This month use everything God gave you. Don’t think “let me save for the future”. He is calling you to step out in faith as the biggest harvest of souls is coming and finances are needed to accomplish this, so what does it look like? Sow big. God is asking believers to think higher and bigger. He is asking us to trust Him on a level that we can’t even imagine.

A principal church never teach.

They teach tithing but tithing is a law.

We are under grace.

So people who live by grace go for broke- they don’t believe in limitation, they believe in mountain moving abundance that never ceases. So they play every card, every hand. They don’t live in fear or reserve for “rainy days”.

They use everything. And then God moves. So that there is always rain.

He has been asking me to not save up for the future or to save for upcoming trips, He is saying “use it now”.

Every time we use it in faith, we give in faith – it’s a seed of belief.

When finances come in -my fleshly tendency is try to prepare for the future and think okay this must be for New York or Korea. But then He’ll say, no use it now. So I use every inch of faith and sow, I sow, give, or book the flights He wants me to book, or I use it! So I don’t try to calculate how much I’ll need for the next, I just spend for what He has for now.

God is saying “ask them to sow big as the rewards are big this time”. We are entering into an unprecedented time where we will see the different between children of God who move by faith versus religious people who just go to church every Sunday.

Because those who live by their flesh will not see the miracles I will do.

But those who live by faith will manifest mightily by grace the life I have for them.

Sow big this time. The harvest of souls is at hand. Join me in rounding up the last harvest before Jesus comes. The world is not forever, our home is heaven! The people who come with me are those who are willing to leave everything behind to follow Jesus. They will walk on water and set the sick free! They will resurrect the dead!

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This happened a few minutes after I wrote this blog post. The Lord told me to give $20 to my friend and then a few minutes after my friend sent me a donation. God wants you to trust Him with your money. Trust God, not the money.