Awaken Your Heart

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Prophetic Word- October 20, 2018

Awaken your heart.
It’s time to follow your heart and not hesitate. No more guilt or shame for these are not from God.
No one can tell you what is right or wrong for God put desires and dreams in your heart for a reason. It may look irresponsible and nonsense to others but to God it is God’s dreams, so don’t let others’ judgement cause you to back down.
It is my DREAM- says the Lord.
Not other peoples’ dreams, it’s mine and I planted it in your heart for a reason. Follow and be irresponsible in other peoples’ eyes, let them snare and spit.
It’s not your job to convince others that it is right in your eyes.

Most people have neglected their dreams, pushed down their desires, they think that is obedience to God but God is a dreamer, He plants dreams in our hearts since before birth. He is a visionary God.

Like the pharisees, many neglect their dreams and live under the law, they live for obligations, deadlines, the first of the month, for paying rent, for making others happy, for a bill paid, for a “job well done”, for rules and regulations, structure and schedules….but it is the few that will break out of the box and say “it doesn’t make sense, but I choose to be a dreamer who lives their dreams”.

The truth is you can only be one or the other.

You can only be a settler or a dreamer.
A settler settles for the status quo, for the model citizen, for other peoples’ expectations of who they should be.
A dreamer says I know you don’t agree with me, but I will go ahead anyways because I am worth it. I will break all boxes and all judgement because I am approved of and loved by God. I don’t need your approval, I know you will disapprove of me but even Jesus had enemies and haters.

You can’t be both.

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As hard as I tried to run away or to hide who I really am, I realize I am a full time minister.
My name is Rebekka Lien. I am a prophet, pastor and evangelist. I pray for people everyday, waiters, manicurists, homeless people, strangers, I prophesy over strangers and people I know. I am a full time minister. I do this all day everyday. I never made it official because I was scared of judgement or I felt unworthy. But I felt like it was time for me to come out completely. I am worthy. 

“the laborer is worthy of his wages” (Lk 10:7; 1 Tim 5:18)

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An Unshakeable Identity


Most of us only feel secure or happy when life is going right, when our bills are paid, our kids are happy, our friends are supportive, our parents are saying “I’m proud of you”, when we are healthy, when we have ample income.

But this is what the Lord said to me “most Christians don’t know their identity, they don’t know who they are and are easily shaken by circumstances”.

He said this to me when I asked Him why it had to be so hard and why I had to go through these trials of trusting Him in the areas of finance while I am doing His work of delivering people out of bondage.

“I want you to be unshakeable”.

I want you to know who you are in the worst of circumstances, to know that you are a daughter of God, not an orphan, that with God all things are possible and that you are not DEFINED by what is going on around you.

I was asking God about well, black and white Africans. There are many affluent white Africans, they are primarily the ones that sit at nice restaurants in South Africa. I also met black Africans that have complained to me about snobby white Africans.

But you know what the Lord told me? When anyone defines their WORTH by how much money they have, they are already under the spirit of lack. 

Yesterday I got to pray for a woman in the bathroom. I was just asking the Lord to provide for me and there I was giving her most of what I had left. But when I prayed over her, I actually felt the spirit of fear leave me, I suddenly did not fear lack anymore because in giving, I was saying to God “you are more than enough”. 

But as I prayed and prophesied over her, I suddenly spoke identity into her and myself included.

Stand up, rise, you are not defined by anything going on around you, you are defined by the blood of Jesus, paid for by God. You are a son and daughter of God no matter what is happening in your life. 

That is your true and unshakeable identity.

So God is NOT more with you when He gives you a mercedez or a big house. He is not LESS with you when you live on the streets and have no money. 

He is with you wherever you are and He wants us to be unshaken by the circumstances in our lives.

You might think “well, that’s not fair, I’m living for the Lord and I’m advancing His kingdom, but those who have settled and denied you are living the life with their big mansions and big new cars, how is that fair?”

I hear the Lord say “because I am the life, the truth, I am everything you need, you can only find true satisfaction in me….they might have everything in the world, but without me, their hearts are empty and still searching”.

My food is to do the Father’s will.

That is what feeds me, I feed on the spirit of the Lord and I’m satisfied. 

That is spiritual maturity friends. 

You are enough.

You are whole and not lacking, the Lord is your shepherd and you lack nothing. You are righteous through the blood of Jesus and it is paid for by His blood, not your works.

Most of the people I pray for to break off the spirit of lack have stable jobs with weekly income, they have a home, they are supposedly secure but there is a spirit of fear on them…the fear is that they are not enough and that they don’t have enough. They are afraid to move forward, to break out of their rut, to venture forward into the unknown. They are not sure that God will catch them, that they are enough.

So why did He send someone who doesn’t have a “job” but a calling, someone who doesn’t know where the money will come from, who doesn’t know where God will be calling her next, who doesn’t know the specifics of the future but the ONE who holds the future?

Because in all these trials, God has given me authority and stability in My identity in Christ Jesus. My worth isn’t in whether I know what tomorrow holds, where the money will come from, whether my bills are paid, whether I have a phone (because my phone broke a week ago and yet God led me to where I needed to be).

In these trials, I’ve learned this “I am enough in Christ Jesus”. 

So I keep going forward because somehow God has cast out all fears and put a fiery fearlessness in my heart. Because with God all things are possible and I am a daughter of Christ Jesus, beloved, unmovable, gaining all authority with all things under my feet.

I’ve left everything I’ve known to follow a God I know.




When You Struggle To Believe

How is it possible to be praying and prophesying over someone and then moments later, you’re on your bed sobbing to God.

Well that was me a minute ago.

I went from telling someone “it’s not on you to make it happen, God hasn’t forgotten you” to asking God “I feel like you’ve abandoned me” in my journal.

This journey looks like brokenness and tears.

This is my journey. I don’t know what yours look like but as a pastor/prophet some of the hardest moments are in your bedroom.

I’m feeling sick, want to go home but I don’t know where home is, I’m fighting emotions and lies, I’m wondering where the finances will come from, I’m tired, on a never ending jet lag schedule, but yet God still tells me to pray for people.

He says “not by your strength, but by my spirit”.

I want to give up.

I really do, but something in me says “don’t”.

And so I cry and weep, and sob.

I let it all out until I’ve got nothing left.

“That’s exactly where I want you- at the end of yourself”.

It might seem cruel of God, but it’s the beginning of miracles.

But that’s me, real, raw, vulnerable. 

I’ve got nothing left. It’s just you and me Jesus.


When You Follow Jesus


When you follow Jesus, He will order your steps.

Before I went on the airplane to head to Taiwan, I started having dreams about getting married. In this one dream, I dreamed that I was wearing a wedding dress on the airplane.

On another day, I dreamed that I was getting married and that my mom had already ordered flowers.

SO let me just tell you, I had one dream where God said “get ready, and there were pictures of different guys and I was swiping”….and it has come true, God has led me to meet so many great men of God…I’m actually in total awe because I had a misconception that there were “no more good men around”.

But the truth is there is tons, but you will only meet them when you are following Jesus.


Which leads me to many testimonies of this trip.

I posted this on my facebook wall:

TESTIMONY and Prophetic Word for New Life City Church Cape Town 
This morning I felt led to go to church and before I even looked up a church I noticed a sign “New Life City Church” across the street. I said GOD you are making this easy for you. Praise God.

The message was about allowing holy spirit to move in the church and not being hindered by positional hierarchy (allowing church to minister to church), I start laughing.

When the message ended, God started telling me who to pray for so I went over and prayed for them. One girl in particular, I felt like I was giving birth with her, like Elizabeth and Sarah, where our wombs were leaping and I started weeping uncontrollably as I prayed over her- I kept hearing BIRTHING, you are birthing, you are birthing.

Pastor Demitri introduced himself to me, I asked to pray for him and I saw rain, heavy outpouring of rain and birthing, birthing. When I finished he said when I walked in he heard the word “angel”. He knew God had sent me to speak.

There were many testimonies, but that afternoon as I took a nap, I saw Pastor Matt playing piano and singing in anticipation, not knowing what his wife (Caroline) was going to sing next, but singing in anticipation. I saw that I was singing and some others in the church singing. It’s like you are finding power in the spirit now and making space of the spirit to move.

I woke up feeling like WOW. Revival. I’m still getting chills.


How good is our God.


Yesterday morning I met a guy named David, as we talked and prayed, I saw that he was a revivalist…then he told me a story of how he had no money as the officials took everything away from him, he had a fever for two months, and the LORD kept him alive. A good samaritan paid for him to go to Kenya and get treatment. THE LORD IS REAL.

Today I offered guavas to two men in the kitchen and I said “God bless you”, and of course they turned out to be Christians. We started sharing testimonies.

This is holy spirit moving.

I have many more stories but that is all for today.




Brave Heart


I have many feels.

I am a woman of tears.

This season I find myself consecrated to God in pools and floods of tears.

He calls me to walk on water and at times I stare at the water, how deep is it? What would it feel like to fall? What would it feel like to drown?

I have these questions and doubts and my heart can’t comprehend the extent of His love…

I often say yes but there are times when He tells me to pray for someone and I say “God not this time, I can’t”.

And He says “my grace is sufficient for you”.

I know that someone’s miracle may be in my words and prayer. But the fears creep in. It’s a total stranger, it’s a group of people. They can reject me, they have a right to.

That fear sometimes grips my heart and I’m unable to say yes.

Because it’s too quick God! I just prayed for someone in front of Starbucks, you want me to walk up to someone who doesn’t speak any English and try to explain that I want to pray for him?

Yes. Because I love this man.

So I am sending you.

Reckless love, a love that knows no fear. This is what I am discovering about God. He wants His children to have no fear.

I thought I knew anything about love but when I’m confronted with my own fears I realize God is breaking off any measure of fear.

His love is so big He desires for me to love in a big way, without fear.

I am completely wrecked.

What kind of crazy love is this? This love that has no fear of rejection, a love that Is perfect.

A love that says I’ll put my heart out there regardless of how you will respond. God is not afraid of rejection, He will keep knocking until you open the door.

God will love in face of persecution and hate.

I will love even if I face rejection and persecution because this is my purpose. Love.

Come to me says the Lord, I will make your heart brave.

– I am holding a stranger’s baby. You see how open people are to love?

Heart- Come Out Of Hiding.


Comfort is actually saying you have no more capacity to love or be loved.

This trip has been more about me opening my heart than anything else. Though I am called to meet people and prophesy over them, if has challenged my heart more than anything.

After each encounter I find my heart tense, and I cry to Jesus. In those moments my heart is expanded. God how you love, and how my heart is being stretched to love.
In the wilderness, I was comfortable, safe, wrapped up by God’s wings. He kept me there so I could rest from the abuse, the accusations, the torment of wounds. Though I was still accused by people around me, I didn’t have to face the normal amount of human interaction.

Before I left to go to Taiwan in July, I started having dreams about weddings. I dreamed that I was getting ready for my wedding on the airplane.

God called me at each city and place to go out of my comfort zone, sometimes He told me to pray for people at 5am, sometimes He asked me to tell my testimony to strangers, sometimes He told me to move beds so I could be closer to someone that needed a word…each time I thought, I can’t do this anymore, it’s too hard.

Perfect love casts out fear. He was showing me what it looks like to have the essence of Jesus- His love knows no bounds and is not afraid to show His heart at the risk of being wounded. Real love requires a risk of being hurt and wounded.

I realize it’s a picture of marriage.

Marriage in general but also the laying down of one’s life for another, the stretching of your heart, the capacity to give and receive love.

This is a prophetic word- some of you are still in hiding. You are hiding because of old emotional wounds and hurts. You don’t want to come out and be seen. When you are seen, you lay down your heart and say look at me, I’m vulnerable, I need love and I want to love.

We often don’t take time to process things with God because we are afraid of what our hearts show us.

God has stretched me so much, I had to continually examine my heart and allow His love to pour into my heart.

Where there was fear, love.
Where there was tension, ease.
Where there was bitterness, forgiveness.
Where there was hate, love.

How willing are you to be stretched by God so that you understand what love really is?

Will you come out of hiding now?
It’s a big love this love.

Your Love is Louder Than The Lies


Osaka, Japan

Papa your love is louder than the noise of fear!

God we decree that you are protecting your children! We are not orphans that have to fend for ourselves! We do not live in fear of the future or famine! God we are protected by your mighty hand. God we cry out when the storm rages! You are our strong defender and if you have to use my Voice to speak up for the oppressed, I will speak in the face of demons.

Tonight, the night before I move onto another city to seek God’s lost sheep- I have yet another moment of fear.

The lady 8 doors down my room start blasting music or the tv. Of course no one will complain. Most people are too passive, but I go downstairs immediately and tell the manager. I encountered this 2 times already, each time I had to just confront the person. Of course I got mad stares. But my peace and my rest or live in fear?

Two managers had to knock on her door.

Sometimes when instances like this happens I feel helpless- because the first time this happened in Korea I had to confront her twice, the three times – that’s when she started screaming at me in Korean. I knew one word- crazy. I watch enough Korean dramas to know.

But in the spiritual warfare, the distractions and noise of the enemy I’ve learned to fight in prayer and worship.

I feel the fear creeping in but I say God I’m not an orphan! I’m a child of God and you are defending me.

Papa I will not fear. I will face the fears!

We are expanding God’s kingdom. Everywhere I go I meet His beloveds, I relay God’s message to them.

Spiritual warfare comes with expansion, yes sometimes its difficult and many times I weep and cry as I release fear or anxiety- but in those moments I get closer to God.

The enemy meant you harm but it only drove you closer to God.