Bangkok – Black Haired Singer


SO I had many divine appointments but none like this one.

After a lot of distractions and battling lies (see previous post), I had some major breakthroughs spiritually and just when I needed it, donations came in to keep me doing God’s work.

After I praised God, met a Chinese Christian in my room, prayed with her on the floor, I felt a sudden urgency to go eat.

It was around 7pm. The Lord said “Go to Khaosan Rd”. So I went, I walked past this restaurant I walked past before (which was playing christian music), but tonight there was someone playing guitar and singing.

God had given me a vision of a black haired person. I looked at the menu and was like, “it’s a bit overpriced” but the Lord was like “that’s why donations came in and also there is someone you need to pray for”, so I went.

I sat down and the Lord was like it’s him.

I suddenly had a vision of the singer praising Jesus and there were thousands of Thai people praising Jesus in song. It was so beautiful.

I started clapping for him and he would look back at me.

Later the Lord said he was going to go on break and to catch him when he does go on break. Right when I finished eating, he stopped and started packing up.

I yelled “ARE YOU FINISHED? Come sit”. And he said he would after he packed.

Well, he went the restroom and when he came out I stopped him. I said, you have amazing talent. I just wanted to tell you that I could see you praising Jesus and singing. He said “well I’m Buddhist, though I do believe in Jesus too”.

After talking a bit he laughed “actually I have a cross tattoo, my ex was a Christian”. He said ever since they broke up, he feels so free and he could give love to people.

I prayed over him and told him that God sent me to him.

He told me that his ex band member stopped singing to open a bar because he could not become successful or famous from it and I said “when you follow Jesus, when you sing for God- God will provide everything you need”. But when you sing to make yourself famous, you will fail or not be happy. 

Praise God for this divine encounter. Please pray for him 🙂

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Stop Pimping Yourself Out


(that’s a really ripe banana)

Wisdom always comes descending into my mind in the most inconvenient times like at 2am, 4 am. But then I am an alien so I have to be mindful of these downloads and know that this is why I’m on earth, to spread the wisdom of light.

This time I am confronted with the fact that I have let things distract me.

Which makes sense because God even spoke to me through a tattoo a few months ago. The tattoo said “focus”. 

Which brings me back to the fact that yes, I can blame people or specifically for my mom for being a distraction, always asking me to go out, go eat, go shopping, go somewhere with her…or I can simple learn to say no….that for once, in this time of INSPIRATION, this season where I don’t need to MIND anything but CREATION, CREATING, WRITING, DRAWING, CREATING as I have set my mind to do for the last year.

Originally my dream was basically to have non-distracted time to focus on my dream, which is the dream to create and do what I was born to do. 

So my logic started to beat myself up “dude, remember you wasted so much time putting others first?” I’m like SHUT UP.

Anyways, grace.

Then it dawned on me, I must VALUE myself and my time first before anyone else can VALUE ME. I must MASSIVELY value my talent and skills so I can massively impact the world for change. Don’t mind the money, don’t mind what’s going on in the world.

OUR JOB as artists, writers, musicians, creators is to create out of that secret place only we can….to bring fresh perspective, to be a vessel for which God creates through and with us. 

We must be creators….not constantly consuming the random streams of entertainment on facebook or social media, we must be INTENTIONAL about how we spend our time….because as creators, WE are the change. 

Living an intentional life seems to be impossible. Everyone is just responding to messages, staring at their phones, glued to present events instead of forecasting the future, dreaming, going about their dreams.

That is why I’m committing myself this day 8/18/2016 to be intentional about putting MYSELF first in this creating process so I can CREATE out of a space of health and freedom, instead of submitting to the urgency of other people around me. 

Sign- me.

Some people are so weirded out about the term “love yourself” but really it is just “valuing yourself”. Value your time, value your time.

Stop pimping yourself out. You don’t need to fix peoples’ lives, focus on creating so that you can have greater impact in this world. Sometimes codependent people are just a distraction so that you won’t write that book, create that podcast, write that article that millions and billions of people can be impact by.

I realize that by putting myself first, choosing my own well-being, health, sanity, I am loving the world at the same time. I am choosing the best for the world and I.

How about you? 

I would like to value myself more by: 

Fill in the blanks. Such as, “by not picking up my phone when I’m creating art” 

“Not taking on opportunities that don’t pay”

“Saying no and I don’t want to”

“Saying yes to my soul and what makes my spirit sing!”

PS- I’d like to add that the term starving artist has a connotation. Only when we are willing to starve as artists for the uncompromising truth of our soul will we then have massive impact. Because it is basically saying “I am SO passionate, I’d do anything for it”. When is the last time you felt that passionate about something? I believe it’s there, you have it within you.

Why Take The Difficult Path For What You Want

Now, I’m starting to see why this year had to happen. Nothing seems to phase me now. I’m surrounded by nature, hummingbirds, sun, I have my own yard, I live alone. I have personal space.

Every adversity is a stepping stone to who you want to be. And what you want.

Guess what? They are not stumbling blocks or even obstacles to your dreams. The adversities, the discouragements are only stepping stones. You step on them to get to the next stair steps. When you feel discouraged, you focus on your goal, you focus on the goodness of life.

I did not want to sit on my butt for 8 hours aday, so I had to create something mobile. I had to quit, I traveled, I saw the world, I started selling jewelry and clothes. After going to South America, I was stumped again. I was broke again, I had to reinvent the wheel. I started posting my private lessons on Craigslist, I started building my clientale. I started to hone my skills, now I teach sewing, mandarin, piano…

The great thing about being a creative entrepreneur, 2 days I can be on the road teaching. Today, I get to wake up and sit in nature, work on my online business, and write. Tonight, my friend and I are hosting our first meeting of Fashion Shares, a community of women for the purpose of empowering each other!

Question of the Day: How do you find out what you want to do in life?

Answer: You don’t, you live and learn. You try and learn from mistakes, but you can always have a big vision. For me, I always wanted to empower people, so I delved into things that allowed me to be with people. I also love managing my own time, and I didn’t know this until someone else started managing my time. That’s when I knew I couldn’t continue being controlled. There are very strategic ways to weed out options- if you have questions comment below! 🙂

Remember: The difficult path IS messy, you will cry many times, you will be frustrated even more, but the pay off is….after the messiness of trying things out, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, you’ll come out of it wiser and you’ll know MORE of what you’re good at and want to do.

No Bullshit- Letters To the Sane

The need to be normal is the predominant anxiety disorder in modern life. —Thomas Moore, Original Self 

I can feel the wind howling at me, it was all good. If the weather agreed with my inner ranting, then I could say that I was virtually sane.

“I’m saying this because a lot of people are thinking this. Why should I give to her when I have to work 9 to 5 and she gets to travel?”- a family said.

“I’m working too you know. I’m working everyday”- I said.

Does my pieces of art that took me a month to complete mean nothing to the world? Does my writing, my ranting, my art mean nothing compared to staring at a screen in an office all day? Does my longing for beauty mean that I’m lazy, irresponsible, and a complete idiot? 

I sat staring at my coffee, trying to hold back my tears but only hearing the song “maybe you were born with it”. I can’t help that I was born with a vagina or that I have always had this crazy obsession with the outcasted, lonely, weird people. I can’t help that at the age of 14 I wanted to travel the world and obliterate human trafficking; I wanted to run into homes where women were being beaten senseless and bring justice and healing to them. 

After the car started, I wanted to weep. I wanted to yell and so I did. I yelled “MOTHERFUCKER!!!” and then I thought “do you know how many times I prayed that God would take me, or how many times I prayed that I would be normal, have normal desires for a normal life. Do you know how many times I wished upon a star that I wasn’t chosen, that I was just a normal person that could marry young and have kids and age and die? Do you know how many times I wish I didn’t have these abnormal desires to save little children, change the world and be someone really famous and incredible?”

I can’t help that I’m abnormal you know?

And it’s not like I like not having discretionary income. I mean no one enjoys not being able to buy things. So I guess you can only ask yourself, well then why the hell are these crazy people living the way they are- because we really can’t be anyone else dude.

I was encouraged when I saw these cacti today. They were so beautiful, yet they hardly need any water. They can survive the toughest drought and so can artists who see beauty where there is none.

Debut Art Show @ Taxi CDC – TODAY!

“The ‘Reckoning”

Debut Art Show – April 14, 2012 Opening @ Taxi CDC (2148 Sunset Blvd LA) @ 7-9pm

Art and Jewelry sales goes to Marco and my trip to see him in Ecuador- donate here! Art Prints are only $20 each!

“The ‘Reckoning” refers to the combination of the words: Wrecking and Recognizing. In order to recognize a new revelation, epiphany or change, things must be “wrecked” in our life. Something drastic happens that causes us to rethink, re-imagine what life could be like in our next season. Sometimes the “wrecking” is tragic and maddening while other times, it is happy and joyful. However, in my life, most of the “wrecking” first appeared to be disappointing, confusing, and awful. Nothing happened the way I planned; but those disappointments led me to greater truths, wisdom, and awareness of who I am, what I wanted from my life, and the issues around me. I learned to be thankful in all circumstances and to cherish the things that really matter in life: people and love.

Sometimes we need to be wrecked in order to recognize beauty. 

What causes you to recognize something important in your life?

1. Passion– “Dreaming of when the morning comes, lost within an eclipse, falling, tangle of dance and playing”. Medium: Gouache, water color, color pencil, pen, markers. $250 framed.

2. Love At First Growth – This painting defines the beauty and ugliness of growth. Heard of growth spurts? Medium: Acrylic on canvas. $220.

3. Hunting For Freedom – Light, renewal, being. On my search for freedom, I realized that freedom exists within us. Settling and going was all the same if I didn’t have freedom in my heart. Medium: Acrylic on Canvas. $350.

4. Leap Year- The bunny is transformed as it takes a step of faith, a leap into the unknown. Her landing is transitional, becoming. In another space and time, she is simply sitting, being herself. She is contemplative, peaceful. The tree next to her represents the complexities of life, growth, thought and relationships. Yet, amidst it all, she is still. $250 framed.

5. Frozen Magnetism– A chord, a string. It represents continuity, sometimes death, tying knots. It is the tension of not knowing and going forward. It is the tension of pulling and pushing in a relationship, the tension of love, the risk of loving someone and giving them freedom to be. It is the tension of realizing you are not in control. Medium: Acrylic and Rope on Canvas. $220.

6. Forgiving The Silence – This painting comes from a personal journey of not seeing my father for 10 years. The colors, strokes, lines seek to express emotions an artist can’t put into words. Forgiving the silence is about the wrecking, the recognizing, the letting go and foremost, the forgiving. $280 framed.

7. Cups of Wrath– Beep, Redial, cups of wrath, greed, starvation, human desires becoming a prison of entanglement. This drawing seeks to understand what imprisons us and keeps us from living our dreams. Many of us long to live the life we were created for, but we always feel dissatisfied, incomplete. Medium: Water color, acrylic, color pencil, pen. $250 framed.

8. Beauty in Chaos – I shall be telling this with a sigh. Somewhere ages and ages hence: two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”- Robert Frost. Love, paint, pain. The different shapes are Germany, Japan, Taiwan and California. The colors are like the world, this represents my journey in moving and traveling to different countries. $280 framed.

9. Hot Commodity- The essence of truth and commodity. Medium: cardboard & acrylic.

Please note: All artwork is copyrighted. To purchase prints please email me:

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Having a Satisfied Soul & Returning To My First Love

How could I have given into the lie?
How could I have stopped playing and enjoying life?
I let go of my vision of enjoying life, and became a slave to profit and money, that which society calls security.
When I found myself in front of the keyboard, creating rhythm, singing…I knew that for more than a year, I had lost my vision for playing.
I could not have discovered my loss if I continued to work, to survive, to “thrive” in those peoples’ eyes.
I could not have discovered my first love, my first language again if I pushed myself to “achieve” and to be like everyone else.

It is ironic how we need to be completely stripped of all that society gave us to believe, is security, to find what really matters.
We need to be completely broke, unable to sum up rent. We need to sell our cars, eat ramen noodles, suffer the humiliation of being unable to pay for a drink.

All that society tells us, through commercials, through people- need to be dumped into the garbage.

I feel so free, so relaxed, so myself. I cry and laugh when I want to. I’m in tune with my soul, with my emotions, with my goals. I’m in tune when I’m with people, I don’t think about what I’m doing next, what my schedule is.

I feel completely comfortable in my own skin. I feel no remorse, no anxiety, my muscles are laid back and in place. Tension was my yester-year.

It was the end of July that I left my full time job. I rested for a month and bought a plane ticket to Australia. There, I experienced life to the overfull. I experienced joy, deep suffering, lost, laughter, reflection, peace, and lastly “being”. I experienced what it meant to be. To be aware of all that my life was, to care deeply for strangers I just met. I experienced something that I wish everyone could sense, gain with their souls.

I experienced the deep connection of sorrow, joy, lost, apprehension, goals- the likes of which connects us human beings. Though we came from different nations, our humanity linked us, bonded us.

It’s October 27, 2011. Halloween is coming. Thank you God for giving me freedom to be me, to pursue my dreams, to live a life of love that embraces pain and has no regrets. I feel a twinge of thankfulness, that I am overfilled, overflowing, that it took me one year to truly regain what I had lost, the disappointment that caused me to give up singing and being free.

Today, though I am unable to spend money freely, I feel more joy than I have ever felt. I don’t need many external luxuries to satisfy my soul, I already have a satisfied soul. I pray that I may never go back to where I came from, that I would live out of simply being.