Loving Someone Who Won’t Commit To Me

I felt your absence, I felt the silence, I felt numbness in my heart. I could not feel but only the simple gratification of someone else showing up for me when in my heart I just wanted you to show up.

Someone else came to fill the void.

I pretended it didn’t matter but I felt a sword stabbing me deep in my heart…if I just numb my pain I won’t feel hurt but I felt hurt, I felt pain.

My body and heart was yours but I wonder if your heart is mine. Or if it’s wandering away in search of protection. I can only cry my eyes out searching for your heart.

The heart that is guarded and walled off.

You tell me to leave but my heart still wants to stay. I feel desperate, I feel pathetic. Yet my heart keeps loving the one that doesn’t seem to want me. I tell myself, he will come around, he will love me, he does love me.

I want to be chosen, not the second priority, not an afterthought.

I want to feel special, like nothing else matters to you.

I want the final rose.

And yet, I still believe, even if you are not the one, there is another one. Because I keep staring at myself in the mirror, a voice tells me “you’re worth it”.

You’re worth a million roses, you’re worth the world, you’re worth a man dying for you, you’re worth the sacrifice. If Jesus died for you, then look at your worth. You’re worth it.

I’m worth the commitment.

I’m worth someone committing to me.

I’m worth it.

My relationships did not work out in the past and I honestly don’t know how to make them work. I blame myself for them not working, but I know it’s not my fault. God is doing a work in you and I, it’s a process, don’t blame yourself. Love is hard at times, but it’s worth it. Keep going-you’re worth it.

“Rebekka Lien is a multi-talented individual who was born in Hamburg, Germany and has lived in Taiwan and now America. She is an actress, writer, comedian, musician, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. Growing up with a single mother, she learned the value of hard work and determination from a young age. Rebekka is a true creative force to be reckoned with.”

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God Wants To Break Down Your Walls

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Dating Tips-BE HONEST!

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Dating Will Trigger You, Let It!

I felt abandoned, unworthy, unwanted, there was no opportunity to converse about it. This is how I felt when someone left without telling me after a “date”. We were supposed to leave together and he had picked me up. He left without telling me.

I called him “disgraceful to all of men”.

I was traumatized. I felt rejected.

I felt angry.

It’s never happened to me. I’ve experienced a lot but this was a trigger point.

But God always has a way to redeem my experiences and show me not all men are trash. I kept meeting divine appointments that told me I should be aware of marriage, one lady said marriage is more about crying than laughing. I disagreed with her.


PEOPLE don’t date enough, they don’t put themselves out there enough. They expect the first guy or girl they go on a date with to be the one.

Most people don’t even know what they want and they settle for the first person they are attracted to or the first person they have trauma bonds with.

For example thinking that just because that person also feels unworthy, that they have commonalities, just because they feel unwanted, that they find worth in each other.

I believe in being vulnerable and sharing your deepest wounds with each other. Dating is not about putting on a front, but laying all your cards on the table and showing who you really are. Here’s me, take it or leave it.

And guess what, some will leave. And be Okay with that. Thank Jesus for making it a bit easier for you.

I am worthy, I am valuable, I am a gift.

Dating will trigger you, but let it trigger you, let it reveal to you how you actually feel about yourself. What needs to be healed?

God bless you-

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God bless you!

The Secret To A Good Relationship

I wish someone told me this but I had to learn how to communicate with all types of people. I highly recommend people to go on dates to learn more about themselves, how to speak up for themselves and thrive in a relationship.

Most people don’t even know how to be themselves with others so dating really helps you discover how to be yourself at all times!

It’s not about putting up a front or acting but being 100% truthful about who you are and communicating that.

Here’s the secret to a good relationship-

The more you learn to speak up and communicate your truth from your heart, the closer you actually get to meeting your husband/wife.

People want to rush into a relationship without understanding who they are but dating helps you do that.

What I had to learn to communicate –

  1. My feelings
  2. My boundaries- what I am okay with and not okay with
  3. My standards- what I find uncomfortable with, with what that person does

I hope you enjoy the video….meeting your life partner is about becoming 100% yourself in every aspect of your life, it’s not about changing yourself to be accepted by a spouse.

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You Deserve The Best

I had a dream I wa in a room and I wanted to go out but someone was grabbing someone’s shoulder and I tried to close the door.

The strange thing is that it kind of happened. I was hanging out with someone and he told me he was in a season of his life where he wanted to “have fun” and I told him that I was waiting until marriage to have sex. He said he waited 30 years for God to bring him someone but God didn’t, so he went his own path. God never judges but do you trust God for the right person.

I closed the door, because strangely he tried to massage my shoulder and suddenly I heard “unclean spirit” so I prayed to cast it out. I essentially closed the door because I could sense something unclean.

The truth is many Christians stop believing God because God takes a long time….or it seems.

But it occurred to me….maybe God is waiting for you to make up your mind.

Do you believe that you ARE worthy to have what you want?

IF you truly believe, you’ll start to stand up in your spirit and say “NO MORE”.

“NO MORE” false attention. I talked to my friend and he said he often went to being promiscuous as a sense of false self worth.

I realized that when you give into your flesh, you’re also craving that sense of “acceptance and love” that you think that moment gives you, but the truth is “LOVE” does not abandon. Love perseveres.

When we keep saying yes to the wrong thing, there is no room for the right thing.

Am I REALLY ready for the right one?

Are you ready?

That you are willing to stop receiving attention from the wrong man, so the right one can come?

Dating can be confusing but one thing it’s taught me is –


And when you tell the truth and no longer allow “false responsibility” to reign over your life, you’ll do things out of desire, not obligation.

What is your HEART’S DESIRE?

Follow that. If you want to get married, start dating. Invest time into communicating to men. Be open.

He/She is coming. God told me to tell you.

Say this out loud –

“I BELIEVE THAT GOD HAS THE ONE FOR ME. He/SHE is out there. I believe that I deserve to be loved. I don’t need to settle because my husband/wife is out there in Jesus name!”

Don’t give up.

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