TV Children

1992- drew this when I was 4

They call us, tv children.

Changelings, sitting in front of TV’s, alone, doing homework, but not.

Changelings are little creatures, they hide under tables and play with barbies until they hear footsteps coming home.

We hear screaming and shouting, throwing of things, we learn to adapt like aliens.

We, like wallpapers, we like transformers. We learn to sing when there is only silence.

We recognize each other because we have no home, not an earthly one. We learned to make do, learned to see flowers when there was only blood and chaos.

Unicorns, monsters, purple and pink rabbits. We have seen it all. We have seen angry people, monstrously sad ones, scars on wrists and crushed plush toys.

TV children have learned to overcome, they are stronger than most and live in your neighborhood. They appear normal, but they are really part of my clan. Reclaiming the little girl and boy inside each of us.



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