The perfect time will not come. It never does. Paths are made by walking.

I googled “creative entrepreneurship” and found Jonathan Mead, Illuminated Mind. I am seriously blown away by his thoughts and thinking. I now realize that I’m not the only one who is “discontent” with “how things are”. The creative entrepreneur seeks to break traditions and form unique identities within society- new ways that challenge social norms such as the 9 to 5 or work should suck, or we live to work.  Shouldn’t life just be LIVING OUT WHO YOU ARE TO THE FULLEST? Not just pretending you are some domesticated mute slavishly obeying rules?

Jonathan Mead- The problem arises when you realize that

everyone else has an idea of what you should be doing

with your time. In other words: if you don’t choose a 

purpose, someone else probably has one for you.

I realized that it’s not that hard to pay yourself to be

who you are. As soon as I chose a purpose for myself, it

became easy for me to see all the ways I could provide

value to others while following it.

You have to choose your purpose. You have to choose

the way you contribute value that is meaningful to

others. You have to find a way to pay yourself for the

value you share.

I want to help you make the change you want in

your life. Please don’t read this as entertainment. Do

something with it.

Because if you don’t implement, nothing will change.

No action, no results.

The perfect time will not come. It never does.

Paths are made by walking.

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