Your Heart Desires To Be Set Free


You heart desires to be set free

To have space, to have freedom to be, to be still and to know all is completed.

All is won and done.

Your heart seeks peace, seeks rest.

Our outward actions are manifestations of where our hearts are at. 

Some hearts need more time and space, some hearts need less, but we all need to nurture the child within, for without it, we’d be simply flesh and bones.

Intimacy scares me, though I thought I gave my heart to a higher cause, there is still self-protection, and self-protection is fear that God will not protect my heart. We live in fear because we think it is safe, but we are compromising our dreams to live in lack. We choose to live in a veil of stability which only becomes a prison. 

In a prison, we are unable to break free by our own will. By divine grace, we are set free.

The only reason I’ve become so mature, wise and deep from self-reflection is because I’ve created boundaries to give my heart time to be, not do. Are you giving yourself a garden to cultivate your deepest thoughts, desires and wisdom? 

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