Why You Should Date For Destiny


In a world of tinder and okcupid, how does a young person date these days and for what purpose?

If you’re simply dating for pleasure and to live a life happy to your own little unit, may I suggest something more significant?

Date for destiny. I have been happily single for over a year and during that time I’ve solidified my destiny. My destiny in this world is to grow in love and share the love in my heart, my destiny is to awaken people’s hearts to their true self. My heart desires to share my stories of overcoming fatherlessness, healing, taking bold risks, forgiveness, reconciliation and to heal people. My life work manifests through my life story, my books, my speeches, projects and a life 100% committed to the expression and manifestation of love.

Here are questions I ask people:

1. What makes you come alive? What makes you smile and brings joy to your heart?

2. What are your biggest dream?

3. What is your purpose in life?

4. Who are you?

If you don’t know the answer to those questions, solidify what they are before you even consider involving yourself in a relationship. When I was younger, I didn’t know much about the purpose of a relationship. I knew that it was best that a child have two parents that were still together. As a child of divorce, I have seen the damages of having an absent father. Having children is a really serious ordeal, I don’t take it lightly.

Now that you have identified those 4 life questions, you can date and eliminate candidates based on the criterions.

1. Besides personality and chemistry, do they have the same dreams and purpose?

2. Do they know who they are as a wholistic being? Not just “career title”.

I see so many superficial relationships including my past relationships that it saddens me to see marriages and relationships rip apart based on differences in life goals.

Success is easy, just follow systematic steps to accrue wealth. That means little to me. I live by destiny. Ever since I was young, I knew there was something great within me. I was destined to overcome and to be an inspiration to others. I’m an agent of change and healing as I have graciously been shown agape love. I live by grace.

My dream isn’t to become rich, though that will come as I contribute my greatness into this world….my dream is to be the most loving self I can be and to partner with a co-agent of change. After I speak at international conferences, I’d like to have my other half tell me I did a good job, pray for me before major speaking engagements and create life changing music, films, companies together.

I’ve been destined for something way bigger than just living a normal picket fence American life.

I’ve given everything up for one great love, I know Ill succeed, I know I’ve already changed and inspired hundreds through my speeches, Ebook, travels, volunteer work, this blog….if god took me now, I would be proud to say I’ve done it all. But now I’d like to partner with someone so we can continue the work in a grander way, not to live a normal life in a big house, but to go where spirit leads. There’s few that would sacrifice everything for a greater dream.

Are you dating for fun? That’s fine, but don’t waste your life not knowing who you are and what your destiny is. Life is too short. When you become whole in healing, knowing the core of your purpose in this life, you’ll start to date for destiny….not for temporary pleasures but for a partner who will walk into destiny with you.

watch my YouTube video here- http://youtu.be/MtW7yDZFEp0


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