Embracing the Mundane As A Creative Entrepreneur


In Rio – Brazil 2012

Inspiration and creativity comes from a being that is rested.

A creative entrepreneur- a self-starter with awesome ideas, unafraid to take risks, always willing to try, not seeing life as a destination but a journey. I’m taking a 30 day challenge to walk everywhere and take public transportation. This is not always easy in Los Angeles, but I started on May 1. I’ve survived so far. As I was walking back home today, I thought about how far I’ve come in my entrepreneuerial journey. Being an entrepreneur is about embracing every area of life, the shitty and the mundane and the awesome. I’ve struggled to embrace the mundane. I’ve backpacked in the jungles of Ecuador and roamed Australia for a month, I’ve climbed unknown mountains and conquered hardships, sometimes having no clients, no income, no direction… But I realized that faith is all about embracing the vision and the promise even when life seems a stand still. Maybe all of your friends have moved on with their life, they’re successful, they have retirement, they just got engaged, maybe they’re popping out kids….and you…well, maybe you haven’t even had your FIRST job and you’re 25, or 30, or you just got out of school, or you’ve been working part time while trying to start up your non-existent project. Being an entrepreneur is all about embracing the grace-filled moments when you feel like you should be A LOT more advanced by now….considering your age, your family, your… 311308_10150855748785603_1529629795_n When I first quit my job in 2011 and backpacked in Australia well, considering people around you. And guess what, sometimes it just takes 6 months, a year, 2 years, 3 years to build the inner stamina for the life ahead of you. People judge you because nothing seems to be happening outwardly, but in your heart, god, you are growing into a superhero, spiderman, superman, superwoman, cat woman, or whatever alter ego you have within you. I think I’m actually a kick ass ninja with a sword and latex black cat outfit. I chop enemies to pieces and meditate in a lake side resort…well, maybe not in a latex outfit but in a bikini. Life has been pretty deep, pretty amazing. Not in the outward sense of things, but in my heart. And I think I’m finally starting to embrace the hippie lifestyle of not having a stable lifestyle, it’s been 4 years, I should be used to it by now…I live out of a duffle bag and travel where the spirit leads. Pretty insane for an Asian right? 313457_10150818413005603_1424196997_n Cairns, Australia So what do you do when nothing seems to be happening? 1. Ask yourself “what is it that I need to learn now?” 2. How can I rest well now in essential preparation for the next season of my life? 3. How can I love myself and others well now? 4. Give yourself space to literally do nothing and be okay with resting in it. 5. Look back on your life and remember how exciting how life has always been.


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