BREAKTHROUGH TESTIMONY- Holy Spirit Cannot Be Quarantined

Oh how the Lord broke through my heart today. The wonderful ways He breaks through my heart. I’ve been frustrated with people lately because I think people are going overboard with the virus issue, but DO YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT MY DAY?

I had a dream that a man was telling me to go to far away places. He drew out a map and I saw a motorcycle in the dream. Acceleration. I was sitting in a jacuzzi and I was in Hawaii. I realize I did want to go to far away places. I saw a blue door.


When I woke up around 8:30 am I heard “go now”. I was doubting His voice, but I started getting ready. There was a game show interview but I heard “change it to tomorrow”.

“GO NOW”, again I heard. I started to get dressed and heard “wear pants, you’re going to run”. 

I started running after the bus. Immediately “talk to the driver”. He turned out to be Catholic and never grew up with his dad. He didn’t even know if he was alive. I shared my story with him, I could feel something in my heart. He offered me pork rinds.


I get off. Walk around, get on the next bus, more men. This time a deaf guy asks for my number.


I go to El Pollo Loco and I’m eating at the counter and am told not to, so then I hear them saying “china”. I’m hurt because I feel like they are making fun of me regarding the virus.

I call my friend. But I hear “ask for help”. I do, I try to call everyone I know. One replies. A guy I met at the Abbey. I tell him what happened and start crying. 

I go back to El Pollo and confront them. She said they weren’t making fun of me, they were just talking about my backpack. She apologizes, I feel better. I remember how this Mexican guy yelled at me during the Sars epidemic and told me to put on a mask.

I walk to the bus stop and meet a guy. He is muslim, I tell him about Jesus. We talk throughout the whole bus ride. He wants to be my boyfriend but I tell him my husband needs to be Christian. I tell him he needs to go see his parents and he said his parents have already offered him a plane ride but if he believes in Jesus, his parents may kill him.


I feel weird, I feel something in my heart. I feel heat rise up to my face.

I take another bus back to Pasadena. I’m talking to another bus driver, a male again. I go to Target as God has been putting on my heart to get a bike. A guy helps me, and then another guy comes. Immediately I am drawn to him. He says he grew up Catholic and I share my faith with him.

I remember my first boyfriend was white and Mexican too.

I buy popcorn chicken. The lady tells me she remembers me….I was talking to the Christian lady that worked there last time.

I get on another bus and immediately see a guy with a thug life hat. He’s a lost sheep I know this. He is hard of hearing.  We talk and I offer him chicken. He says he is really hungry and going to work so I give him food, a lot of food. He tells me he has never had a girlfriend (or in a long time) and we are sitting together, I tell him I do ministry. We are trying our best to communicate. He says he is Catholic too, Mexican as well. Basically everyone I met today was Mexican.


I lay hands on his ears, I’m not afraid of the virus. I’m more concerned about healing him. That’s what I do. Jesus is not afraid of people. He heals the sick.

I get off and hear “downey”, I was hearing it all day. Well, it’s late. I intend to go home because it is safe, but I walk past the local laundry mat and see a girl. I tell her I’m a Christian and she says me too! I ask for her info but she declines. She tells me she forgot her laundry yesterday and came back to get it.

God tells me to walk her home but she declines. She says “I don’t make friends, I keep things professional”. I ask “are you scared of people?” She says “yes”. 

I walk home but feel no peace. God am I hearing right? Am I doing too much? I mean I’ve talked to a lot of people today.

But yes, I follow the prompting (leave my house) and I go to the bus stop. It will take 3 buses to get there but I hear “ask for help” after I get off 260 S. Previously the Lord told me to call a guy friend and he says “you won’t believe what just happened, a girl just asked me for a ride and to buy her food”.

I get off the bus…I’m scared, sure. I spot a white truck and a man eating alone.

“Hi, I’m Christian and God told me to ask for help, can I have a ride to Downey? I am a prophet and I hear God’s voice”.

Conversation ensues and he buys me food. We start going towards home but I hear Downey again so I tell him to turn around. He tells me his daughter and him have cancer. He tells me he went through a similar issue as my dad. I start crying, big big tears. He tells me his dad left them too, 8 kids.

I’m crying and I can’t stop. This is what God wanted, a breakthrough in my heart. Because I was praying for people to be delivered of the deaf and mute spirit. I felt muted, emotionally. I felt an emotional breakthrough.

But now, heat was rising up my throat and to my face, circulation was happening. Something spiritual. I felt loved. My face felt hot.

I prayed over him and told him HE WAS NOT A SINNER because JESUS MADE HIM WHOLE. I TOLD HIM TO RECITE “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus”. He had done enough for his daughter, he was enough.

It reminded me that I needed to see my dad that way even if he didn’t raise me. That I needed to release him from hatred.

The man called an uber for me. I hugged him. He was healed too. He said he isn’t as close to his daughter anymore but he wanted to be closer to her.

A Vietnamese man picks me up. He is married. God tells me to tell him “I love you”. I say “Jesus tells you He loves you”. God tells me to give him $1. He is Buddhist. He says in America people love Jesus more. He is elated with $1. But there is significance. Whatever you give to, you will reap.

You will get married, God says. Whatever or whoever you give to, you will reap. If you are giving to someone who has breakthroughs and freedom in their life, you will reap it. If you give to someone who has a big calling and purpose on their life, you have the same. If a musician gives to you, you’re a musician. So forth, I’ve found God does this prophetically. He will often ask me to give or ask for donations depending on the situation of what needs to happen in peoples’ hearts.

My life is crazy on so many levels but I see the fruit before the seed even hits the ground.

GOD SHAKES ME on so many levels. He heals me on SO MANY LEVELS.


GOD IS GOOD! When I get home, my musician guy friend has given a donation. I see the double portion of fruit bearing. If you open your heart, you will receive in love and provision. If you ask, you will receive.

Sow a seed to this ministry. You will surely be rewarded! God bless you!

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Guilt Binds, Love Sets Free

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes do this thing where I guilt-trip people in such a subtle way that I don’t even realize it myself. And vice versa, and don’t we just hate it!

“Oh well fine, go hang out with her instead of me”- person says.

“you treat me like the devil, you run away from me whenever you can”- says parent.

And so on. But yesterday, as I was sleeping, I had another dream…this dream showed me how GUILT BINDS, BUT LOVE SETS FREE.

As imperfect human beings, WE ALL HAVE certain EXPECTATIONS of what certain people should do for us, or be to us. Well, our parents should do this and that, they didn’t love us this or that way…our friends should ALWAYS be there for us, our boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t DO this or that…the complaints continue and as we complain, our view of that person continues to dilapidate into shreds.

Meanwhile, we become negative, we carry negative energy, we complain all the time and only see the negative aspects in our lives.

GUILT derives from a deep-gutted feeling that “wow I didn’t do what was expected of me”.  I hear this a lot “I felt bad, so I…”. Then later, we complain because we didn’t want to do something in the first place, we put the blame on the other person.

But when we live in guilt, we live in bitterness, not an unconditional, freeing love. We live in a way where we are attempting to PLEASE people, not LOVE them. If we really love someone, we would be TRUTHFUL to ourselves and to them. The truth really does set us free (said right, not in a critical demeaning way).

A SIMPLE SOLUTION, too easy to say, yet so hard to do: LET GO

Sweet surrender they call it. It means letting go of HOW, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE even WHO. It means letting go of logic and trusting God to guide you to your destiny. It means saying “I’m a daughter/son of the universe and a higher being will take care of me”.

Letting go means relaxing, enjoying life and letting go of things you couldn’t control in the first place. Though the modern world likes to shove the idea that everything attained is strived for, I like to prove otherwise.

YOU cannot force someone to do things for you, to love you, to romance or even care for you. NO ONE is responsible for taking care of you. What does that mean? Parents take care of us because they love us, not because they have to. No one is responsible for your well being except God.

Lastly, accept all things as GIFTS, not expected actions of love. 

Love, my friend, is a gift. If you let go of expectations, YOU will become more grateful, more thankful, more loving, more alive. You will complain less and count your blessings more.

When we allow people to be themselves, we allow them to give to society the gift that they are. Maybe you do see flaws in someone and want to change them for the better- trust me,  something WILL happen when the time is right, that something will wake them up to make the appropriate changes (you are not god, YOU only need to be the unconditionally loving YOU that you are). How people are should not affect your own happiness; for happiness comes from within.

Please comment! I super appreciate it! Tell me how love has set you free in your life?? 

Reclaiming Our Feminine Energy, The Forgotten Beauty


In honor of International Women’s Day on Thursday!! Feminine Energy- The Forgotten Beauty.

After almost half a year of turmoil, success, defeat, disappointment and essentially paving a NEW PATH, I have come to a few IMPORTANT life lessons. I quit my full time job to pursue my dreams. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Quitting was easy, but the journey of starting a new path was difficult. I lost all sense of being, but reclaimed it with even more meaning, identity and beauty! 

  • What is Feminine Energy?

In my definition, Feminine Energy is everything that is compassionate, loving and nurturing. Feminine energy exudes grace and mercy. I think of Mother Teresa and her undying faithfulness to care for the poor. Her feet were mangled because she gave the best shoes to other people.

In the 50s, women started working and had to put on this “masculine energy” to fight for equality. They had to be the productive, rational, goal-oriented, American go getters. I believe that all of us need a balance of the two. I believe as human beings, we must be in touch with our emotions because our emotions are the KEY to directing our paths in life. 

What does that mean? Why do we do things we hate? Our inner being tells us to “I’m NOT NURTURED by this work”, we get stressed out and pop pills in order to “get through things” or “get over things”. What happened to listening to how we feel? I know that our rational mind (thanks to the Puritans) help us get things done, accomplish goals, but we have gone too far.

It’s time to nurture our inner child. 

  • Nature Reflects Feminine Energy
Have you heard of mother nature/earth? Well, lately after moments of just being, waiting and relaxing…(after much discipline, because our practical minds tell us to keep doing), I realize that WE ARE just like nature.
We need time and space to grow. Our inner being is like a beautiful rose that needs the nurture and care to be healthy and fruitful. Everything we DO comes out of WHO WE ARE.
If we keep pushing ourselves to be productive, we will reach the ends of ourselves. We will not even understand WHY we are doing what we do.
  • Exercises FOR YOU To Nourish Your Being!
+ Sit in a park or in nature- close your eyes and breathe. Silence all voices in your head and let the smell, the senses, the sounds wash over you.
+ Ask yourself questions- “Why am I stressed?” Don’t stop there. Keep asking until you hear the very truth. You will most likely ALWAYS answer honestly to yourself. “What’s tensing up my muscles?”, “Why am I angry?”…etc.
+ REPLACE LIES with TRUTH– When negative voices tell you “you’re not worthy, you’re nothing, etc”-SAY OUT LOUD to yourself “I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am lovable, I am someone important”. Write a list of positive truths that you can read each day. What you say into the atmosphere will become real.
Our minds create our reality. If you feed your soul with toxic lies, you will live those lies out. However, if you feed your soul with nurture and care, you will become a beautiful person.
Germany. Follow what’s beautiful and your wings will be shaped in hearts. 🙂
On a more personal note: 
I have been receiving the message that I am CALLED to greatness. I know I will be someday internationally known, because I am paving a new path. As a Taiwanese woman, I have decided to move out (without being married), quit my secure job, and become a Renaissance woman. In the arts/fashion/entertainment industry, there are A LOT of games to be played. There are people that will screw you over, take advantage of you, not pay you for your work, etc – but take heart (I’ve gone before you).
I have talked to a lot of young people, collegiates, high schoolers recently.
The common themes I see? Fear of the unknown.
Don’t worry, Rebekka has gone before you! I am here to support you, whether you are going against your parents wishes and want to become a struggling artist or whether you are wanting to do something NEW, something different, SOMETHING RARE. I’ve already gone. I’ve already experienced ramen noodles, finding coins on the street, not having toilet paper, I’ve gone to the extreme to go before you and pave the way. And f*** I’m ASIAN! FOR GODSAKE!
So take heart. Because this movement is NOT about accomplishing big things, it’s about BECOMING GREAT people who do big things.

Your Pioneer,

Rebekka Lien



Check out my latest article as seen in VISION MAGAZINE (MARCH 2012) – Change Is Our Only Consistency 

License of a Higher Order of Beings

The winds are particularly strong today.

Loneliness can be such an unsettling disease. At first you are okay with the things that complicate your life, the art that stimulates your eye, the décor and the clothes. Those exterior fancies seem to come and go, the hand, the human interactions are what resonate in our mind. Someone breathing, smiling, eyes alive compared to a room full of things. It is also unsettling how little I can get rid of.

I keep selling my things off and for some reason, it looks like I have more. The things keep haunting me. For most of us, our lives become more and more complicated, intricate, interwoven, spun faster when we get older. Responsibilities pile, social media boggles our mind day and night, technology tends to complicate rather than simplify.

The rat race is tiring.

Sometimes my brain would stop thinking, but when I’m alone the question of life forces their way into my head like h20 seeping through cracks in wooden doors. Now I realize, work isn’t everything. Without love we are prone to become robots and machines, without affection, we are but heartless creatures. What does silence have to say about us human beings?

A hunger for the good life lies deep within us all. But it requires an honest evaluation of who we are and how we are living. Some manage to avoid these hard questions for years, or even for a whole lifetime- diligently going with each year’s flow without pausing to imagine other possible destinations. With the passing of years, our childhood dreams are pierced by reality. Our daily lives are filled with obligations and pressures. As we grow older, we drift away from “what could be” towrad a life shaped not by personal vision or calling but by circumstance and compromise”- Life Entrepreneur

“You need to understand that the world you see outside of you is a reflection of what you see inside of you. If you see only problems and darkness and despair, that’s all it’s ever going to be. If you are a person who sees hope and opportunity and the face of God, then you can be one with the people who make real change”.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexppected in common hours. He will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him; and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings”. 

Pictures taken in Australia

+ Take Time to Grow– Herbs and nature take time to grow, so do we! We need time and space to be nurtured into beautiful beings.

+ Live life in truth– without truth we live a lie, we must love truthfully, speak truth in love, and let love guide us.

+ Lean into your pain– do not run away, escape or deny your pain. Those times of hurt, lean into it. Lean all your might, your being into the pain because in pain, you will encounter truth. In pain, you will find again who you were before the lies robbed you of your rights, your inheritance.

Events coming up– Me playing on cello and selling my jewelry ( March 17th (Honey Badger Cafe in Alhambra). This will be an innovative, totally random, fun even consisting of music, fun and art with Justine Tsayfan. More info coming up soon!! Hope to see you there!

Insane Woman, Turned History Maker

I like to state my womanhood. I am a woman. I like to state it often because I embrace my womanhood.

They were, perfectly trimmed nails, manicured, perfectly waxed eyebrows, pssssttttt, seniorita, fake tanned, up-tities, gleaming lips with smack of lipgloss and perfect teeth with extra help. Fur lining their coat, fox, animal. Money blinging up and down from their toes, to their shoes, to their dresses, gleaming on their ears. Flash, choke, drown.

Drowning in luxury.

I was this ordinary woman sitting behind the booth watching as flocks and flocks of beautiful aged women walked in with their diamond rings and bags, swaying in their heels. Diamonds could not hide the wrinkles lining their eyes, their fingers, crispy and dried. I tried not to think about it, but suddenly my face froze and I zoned out.

“I can’t imagine being that woman when I’m 80 and I don’t want to be. If all our lives were…were about our outward appearance, and when I’m 70 I have perfect manicures, tattooed eyebrows, money to flood a nation….yet, no purpose, no meaning, no goals and passion…and all I did was get pedicures and have little lunch parties? and attend fundraisers (oh God bless fundraisers, without money we wouldn’t be able to fund many non-profits), but just in that moment, I zoned out and thought this…

I don’t want to be that, whatever that is.”

When I’m 70, I don’t want to spend money on all that. I want to have built orphanages with the money that could have gone to fox animal furs, diamonds, houses, rings…I want to have rescued kids from brothels, women from abuse, men from abuse…I want to have done something greater than just prove that ‘I made a lot of money in this lifetime’.

Later today, I bumped into several Hyatt hotel housekeepers. “I gotta go home now, and tomorrow I come again”- said this one cleaning person. I thought to myself, “to have the discipline and faithfulness to keep going even though you are doing mindless work…that is perseverance”. He helped me get my load off the elevator.

Suddenly, I was struck with a paradox. These well manicured, perfectly curled haired of a women would probably not raise a hand to help an ordinary woman unloading stuff off an elevator….but an ordinary, probably struggling housekeeper would find it easy to serve another human being. I was so struck with an epiphany, I almost zoned out again.

Having struggled for the past month, getting criticism about my choice of becoming a self-starter, shit from people I thought I trusted, eating ramen some days, denying my boba cravings, getting criticism from my buyers, etc….and just getting inundated with shit. I saw many things clearly.

It’s funny how we need to be drowned in dung, criticisms, hardships – to see life ever SO FREAKEN CLEARLY. 

I am so grateful for the hardships and tears I went through in the past month. So grateful. There were times I found myself doubting the inkling of my identity, times I cried while walking in downtown LA, calling a friend quick- “I’m in shit, can we talk?”.

Times I thought to myself, “what is the very purpose for which I’m created”.

Things have started to turn around, my 12 readers that do read my blog posts. Perseverance and prayers have paid off. Fate has claimed its way in my destiny. I’m victorious in my little, finding hope in the essence of love. I met people who reminded me of who I am…people who grabbed a hold of my vulnerable heart and whispered encouragement, spoke into it my deepest desires, and pushed me to get up even when blood was dripping out of my nose, my knees were wounded by rocks, back with layers of scabs, head almost insane from hunger and insanity, confusion at times. Some were close friends, some were new friends, but all were in tune with the desires of my soul. Rather than mock me for my insanity, which I am insane 99.9% of the time (1% of the time I’m sane when I listen to naysayers), they joined my insanity and became my risk-taking comrades.

We will destroy the system of conformity and complacency. We will form new beauty and create a society based on love, not profit. We will allow uniqueness to flourish and romance in the specialty of being an individual, yet conspire in being always together in our insanity. We will let the moment take us by the hand, feet with music, not by logic.

Because who said life was logical? In fact, some of the greatest history makers were insane in their own time.

Yes, if you didn’t know – you are reading a history makers’ blog.

It’s a big, huge, claim to make- maybe even a little narcissistic, but I’ve been through too much crap to give up making sense of this beautiful life. I claim what I claim because I know this is true.

What about you?

From the top of a hotel I stayed in Taiwan last year for a night. It was the best solid alone time I ever got.

Intuition told me this photo represents what I’m talking about- you can do the analyzing.