How To Sew A Bag

Who said I can’t be skilled in every way?

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How To Sew A Simple Tote Bag

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Making Life Happen

I wish I can tell you that life is easy, life is simple.
It really isn’t.
Today I feel stuffy, almost sick but not.
I’m drinking tea and I took an allergy pill which made me completely zoned out for 2 hours.

Today something really significant happened.

I decide to make life happen instead of wait.
I was sitting there waiting for my free haircut at a women’s conference.
Lord knows how long I waited, then something in me clicked.

Despite being zoned out, completely out of it, I felt my body jerk up and my feet started walking. I walked up to the director and told him that I knew someone and worked with some people he knew. Immediately, I was VIP and so was my friend.

The moral of the story, sometimes we wait for things to be given to us, actually all we need to do is think creatively and act upon it.

Being in your mid – twenties, it is pretty interesting. You see life ahead and you see what you passed. Relationships and friendships are interesting. Everything is like a highlighted note in your memo. Relationships can be difficult, not flowery like the disney movies. Friendships can be conditional, based on what you can give, sometimes not what you can take at all. You realize, as you grow up, that kids are a lot funner to hang out with.

Kids tend to laugh and smile to anything they want. They say what’s on their mind without thinking. They are the sole expression of themselves. For us, adults, it gets a bit complicated doesn’t it?

There tends to be some kind of agenda. So my word for today, be a kid. Be genuine and be blunt even when it’s socially awkward. Of course, think creatively and ACT.

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How To Manage Your Time As An Entrepreneur

The internet is pretty distracting, especially if you have 10 tabs up with facebook, gmail, calendar, ebay, pandora…AHHHHH!!!

So here’s my list of how to get organized tips:

1. Eat– When you schedule your own time, you dive into work without eating…and then you will get super brain dead. SO EAT.

2. Write down a schedule, time specific– right now is 10:43 am, I’m going to finish this blog post by 11am. At 11am, I’m going to start taking photos for my products, then list the items until noon. So on and so forth. Don’t let time be irrelevant, let it be very relevant. Put this schedule in FRONT of you, not next to you. IN FRONT, so when your mind suddenly goes “OMG, I have to wash dishes”, you can look at the schedule and remind yourself…not now.

3. Clear off your desk- Just as the computer needs to clear off the memory and desktop at times, clearing off my table helps me to focus on the screen, not the junk on my table.

4. Let yourself get distracted– guess what, we’re not meant to sit all day. Do something that inspires you, if you have been a hermit working on your own all day- go to a cafe and work there. I have met plenty of strangers this way. I love strangers, lol.

5. Play some samba music– I like to play music that helps me imagine I’m at the Ipanema beach or something. Play music that helps you create and work without pressure.

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Life The Romance

I’m pretty upset because I spent a whole 30 minutes or more typing up a blog post and of course, I was impatient and kept clicking publish, but the internet slowed and somehow I closed it without saving it. This is a writer’s worse nightmare.

I had such good words to share, but now I’m not in the mood for it.

I’ll be straight up then- I met a friend in Melbourne who inspired beauty in my heart. His smile and carefree laughs, jumping on the street for no reason made me realize that “Man! I’m not alone!”. Our mutual love for music, dance, street art, and nice areas to lounge sparked a friendship that would potentially last for life. He stirred up beauty in my heart and I will always remember him for it. He also taught me to grasp each moment and cherish the now. This is so contrary to American culture, and I could only have learned that from a French person- to live life with passion and zest.

In America, I feel, sometimes it’s so easy to be talking to another person, and checking your phone at the same time. It’s so easy to bypass another person without a second thought. It’s easy to go from one appointment to another without actually “THINKING”. OMG BIG SURPRISE. It’s so true because I was once like that. I hate that. I really do. How can you live life without being aware of self, others, and your atmosphere? How can you live life without being “here” and in the “now”? How can you constantly worry about the future when “now” is all you have?

I’ve learned that on my trip, I’ve experienced it. You can only experience “just being” by being in the moment, by experiencing being, being aware of the sounds, the smells, the persons, the environment, by being where you are in the now.

Mon Melbourne Cherie

Found in a bathroom in Melbourne toilet. 🙂


I’m Not American, but I’m Los Angelesian

Traveling a lot makes you see how much people hate Americans or have seriously demented ideas of Los Angeles.

I get several responses when I say I’m from Los Angeles.

1. OHHHHHhhhHHH, do you see celebrities??

2. Oh, Los Angeles. People talk like this “ommmmggggg!! ?? Like seriously???” right?

3. Are you Republican, and crazy American patriot, do you hate gays?

All of which are…beyond far from the truth. I did get one Aussie who said, “yah don’t girls dance like this?” and he had his ass up in the air, shaking it like it’s hot. No, no, no.

No, none of us, none of us sane people actually watch The Hills. No, we don’t really like Orange County, or whatever that show is. No, I don’t even own a freaking TV.

Then I, of course, had this drunken fight at a Travel Store in Sydney. There were no fists or blood involved. However, there was this European dude who insisted how much he hated Los Angeles and how he had a private tour guide to show him the INSIDER’S VIEW OF LOS ANGELES. Give me a freaking break. I said, “no offense, but you really need a local to show you the ropes”.

He wouldn’t take that answer. He said, “Los Angeles just sucks”.

Because he was so drunk, I couldn’t eloquently give my Los Angeles speech. So here goes, these are the questions I would ask him.

1. Did you get a local to show you around Santee Alley, take you around the freaking amazing hotdog and taco stands made by legit Mexicans?

2. Did you get an Asian to show you Alhambra and San Gabriel, Asian central, full of freaking amazing BOBA milk teas, phos, chinese food, dim sums, shaved ice, the list goes on.

3. Let me guess, you walked on Hollywood Blvd and did all the touristy things?

4. Did you know a hip avant garde lady like me who would have known all the best clubs to go dance in?

5. Did you go to the little areas of Los Angeles such as Ktown, China Town, Thai Town, etc, etc?

Did you eat good food? – then probably no, you did not really see Los Angeles.


Melbourne I’ve Arrived!

So I’ve been in Australia for 2 weeks.

This morning I had to wake up at 3:15am to catch the shuttle. It was pretty tiring, considering that I had some alcohol the night before. I felt lightheaded. I said goodbye to my English friend and my musician friends. It was bittersweet. As always, when it comes to traveling, you’ll always meet soul friends that you’ll perhaps never see again, or if the friendship was real- once again when I visit them.

Went to waterfalls in Cairns.

So I’m finally in Melbourne and I feel super lucky that my friend has a chill and quiet house in the suburbs. I kind of needed this, so I’m really enjoying this…a lot. I needed to get away from 10 bed dorms…Gilligans hostel didn’t help. There was music every night. I don’t want to leave Australia!!! 😦 I don’t even know what I’m doing when I get back, I have to work to pay rent, so ridiculous.

Preparing For My Trip

The past month has been weeks of walking in faith. As an voluntarily unemployed woman, I plunged and bought a ticket to Australia. The past month I’ve been meeting up with lots of people, old and new friends, reconnecting and being inspired by their lives and their livelihood. I am proud to say that I’ll never go back to my old life, that I’ll never settle for the status quo. I’ll not be socialized by a society that likes to do what people tell them to. Today I went to my friends’ friend’s house and we did prophetic art, listening to God and drawing what we see in our mind’s eye. It was really encouraging because this guy drew me as the sun and these plants growing because of me. I was radiating music notes and the plants were dancing and growing. I was really encouraged by the image and thought that my path of music and dance will heal people!

I’m still deciding whether to travel without plans or to at least book some hostels and flights. Traveling is the best because you’re letting go of extraneous goods and meeting the essentials in life – eating, meeting friends, and simply loving each moment, whatever surprises come your way. I can’t wait to get on an airplane. The very thought excites me!

CD Release Party- I’m Playing Cello!

CD RELEASE PARTY AT Villains Tavern 
8/30/11Show starts at 9 p.m., 1356 Palmetto Street Los Angeles, CA 21+ FREE

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I’m playing cello for the band- please come out! It’s free! NOT GOING TO LIE, it sounds amazing! 

Fundraising For My Love Journey

Hello Folks!

If you have wandered upon my page, you will know, I am different, unique….interesting maybe? Different.

In less than 3 weeks I will be backpacking in Australia. My goal is to love each person that I am “divinely” appointed to meet. This could be a sales rep, a waitress, a business man, the flight host, a DJ, an artist, an accountant, dancer, volunteer, homeless folk, anyone really. How will I do that? I will be their friend. If this world is lacking something, it’s definitely lacking friends, or people who are willing to STOP their agendas, their work, their goal of making lots of money, to listen to someone that needs to be heard. 

To donate:

How Will I Love People- I will first and foremost listen.

I will also be be-friended and inspired by those that I meet. As you know, I am currently writing a memoir that will transform communities. It is a unique story about my life, but also a live journal that I am currently writing – based on the present future. It seeks to touch hearts, change hearts, and bring more beauty and healing into the world.

Here’s where I need your help and your investment. As a hippie who has quit her normal 8 to 5 job, I’ve been living off noodles, 99 cents store cabbages, selling vintage clothes on ebay, and well, the mere necessities. I’m not really living the glamorous life, but I’m so grateful because I have all the LOVE that I need in my friends and family.

That’s all I really need. 

$10 – can feed me for a day (minimally if I ate bagels and water)- Note US exchange rate sucks. It’s 1.10 US to 1 AUD. $15 is preferred if you would like me to be healthy. 
$21 – can house me for a night @ a hostel- where I usually make friends with
$200- pays for buses/transportations for a whole month (I think….)
$70- pays for a one way flight ticket to Melbourne from Sydney
$100- pays for a one way to West Australia
$560 – houses me in hostels for the whole month
$1258 – pays for my roundtrip flight ticket
I swear if ONE person donates, I will seriously cry because I know that I am NOT a nutcase and really have people behind me!
Click DONATE to contribute to My Journey of Love! Whatever you SOW, you will surely REAP. I know this because I’ve seen it in my own life! Going on this trip was a risky decision, but I dare not stop supporting my ecuadorean boy and the orphans in Moldova. I will keep supporting those that need it and have faith that God will provide all that I need! 🙂 

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