Preparing For My Trip

The past month has been weeks of walking in faith. As an voluntarily unemployed woman, I plunged and bought a ticket to Australia. The past month I’ve been meeting up with lots of people, old and new friends, reconnecting and being inspired by their lives and their livelihood. I am proud to say that I’ll never go back to my old life, that I’ll never settle for the status quo. I’ll not be socialized by a society that likes to do what people tell them to. Today I went to my friends’ friend’s house and we did prophetic art, listening to God and drawing what we see in our mind’s eye. It was really encouraging because this guy drew me as the sun and these plants growing because of me. I was radiating music notes and the plants were dancing and growing. I was really encouraged by the image and thought that my path of music and dance will heal people!

I’m still deciding whether to travel without plans or to at least book some hostels and flights. Traveling is the best because you’re letting go of extraneous goods and meeting the essentials in life – eating, meeting friends, and simply loving each moment, whatever surprises come your way. I can’t wait to get on an airplane. The very thought excites me!

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