How To Manage Your Time As An Entrepreneur

The internet is pretty distracting, especially if you have 10 tabs up with facebook, gmail, calendar, ebay, pandora…AHHHHH!!!

So here’s my list of how to get organized tips:

1. Eat– When you schedule your own time, you dive into work without eating…and then you will get super brain dead. SO EAT.

2. Write down a schedule, time specific– right now is 10:43 am, I’m going to finish this blog post by 11am. At 11am, I’m going to start taking photos for my products, then list the items until noon. So on and so forth. Don’t let time be irrelevant, let it be very relevant. Put this schedule in FRONT of you, not next to you. IN FRONT, so when your mind suddenly goes “OMG, I have to wash dishes”, you can look at the schedule and remind yourself…not now.

3. Clear off your desk- Just as the computer needs to clear off the memory and desktop at times, clearing off my table helps me to focus on the screen, not the junk on my table.

4. Let yourself get distracted– guess what, we’re not meant to sit all day. Do something that inspires you, if you have been a hermit working on your own all day- go to a cafe and work there. I have met plenty of strangers this way. I love strangers, lol.

5. Play some samba music– I like to play music that helps me imagine I’m at the Ipanema beach or something. Play music that helps you create and work without pressure.

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