Sell Your Shit and Live Your Dreams

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Above-I taught music to these kiddos in rural Hunan 2010. Some pictures above of the untouched nature.

When I graduated from college, i wanted to move to Asia to work. However after my volunteer trip in Hunan, China I realized I didn’t really like the thought of living in China. Then I went back to Taiwan and I was reminded that the only reason I wanted to leave Los Angeles was because I was trying to escape my family. Growing up in a single mom home I often felt like a father. I know it sounds crazy, but as the more assertive and aggressive, driven personality, I felt the burden to provide or to be the good daughter.

That was 5 years ago. I’ve traveled all over the world since, 2 weeks, sometimes 3-4 months. I’ve also freed myself from that horrible perspective I’ve had that is so rampant in Asian culture. I believe that we are all worthy and loved. We must pursue our own destiny to be happy. It’s not our job to please our parents. If they loved you unconditionally, truly, they would want us to be happy.

Everyone has a different opinion about what it means to be happy and to live a life that will bring happiness.

Some think that money and stability will bring happiness. Some think a loving relationship with someone hot will bring happiness. I quit my full time job in 2011 because I knew my life was greater than sitting at a desk job. I pursued my artistic endeavors and eventually even got my real estate license. I thought that gosh if I could just sell a big house, I’d be able to travel more. I’m glad I never succeeded in the way I thought I would. I thrived in leasing but the one thing that I loved was connecting to and helping people.

I noticed that I was giving advice to my clients about their love lives or encouraging them when they had financial issues. I’d often tell them “you’ll get through this, there is a purpose for everything”.

When I was backpacking through Europe last year, I realized that I was happiest when I only had a bag but was connecting with people on a deep level. I realized that my travel stories are the richest things I’ve acquired in my lifetime.

We meet people so we can heal and be healed. Something someone says can change your life forever or bring revelation to heal the places of hurt or the stories of abandonment or rejection from your childhood.

Heres an important point, you think you’ll follow your dreams when you have enough financial security to do so? That will never happen. You’ll be too comfortable or tired by then. You must be so passionate about your dreams that you would risk everything for it. You must start now, whatever it takes.

For me I moved out of my apartment, sold every piece of furniture, minimized my wardrobe and became a minimalists. I realize that I only wear the same few shirts anyways. And when I get tired of them I trade them out.

I only live in furnished places, I’m a free spirit, I even find my car to be a bit of a hassle.

I am speaking at several womens conferences and would like to meet some strangers while I’m there. I’m thinking of going to Thailand to  help orphan or teach survivors of human trafficking. I’m still doing the coaching and acting, but recently I’ve also started singing/playing piano and drawing again!

Is it scary? Yes sometimes. Not knowing is one of our biggest fears, but I am being led by spirit and I know God takes care of me as a loving father would. My destiny is bigger than I can imagine and so is yours.


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