The Year of Manbattical & Cutting The Umbilical Cord


Dear Readers,

Recently I have decided to be authentic. Totally authentic to myself and to my readers.

How have I been? Amazing.

My life is simple now. I attended boxing class today. A few days ago I complained to the manager that there was a lack of sanitary disposal boxes in the ladies’ room. I then went to the handsome trainer and noted the same. He said “wow, I never thought about it”. I asked him, “do you have sisters?”, he said “no”. I asked “you have a mom”. “Yah, but she’s never talked about it”. I said “do you have a girlfriend?” He said “a fiancee”, I said, “and you’ve never seen sanitary items in the trash…”

These are HONEST conversations I have with people to get them thinking about….well what women struggle with. Our menstrual cycles are not something to be ashamed of. In fact, without it, males wouldn’t exist…babies wouldn’t exist. Women struggle with leakages and monthly cramps to make human kind possible.

Besides having conversations about womens’ lives…here are some progressions in my life:

1. I’ve finally decided to focus on 5 important things in my life: love God, love myself, love others, enjoy the moment, and have fun/be creative.

2. I am no longer hung up on dating, it is my manbattical year and I’d like to EMPOWER myself. When my trainer asked me if I had a boyfriend, I said “I’m dating myself right now. That is why I’m taking boxing classes so that I can empower myself”.

3. I started taking boxing classes and have been GROWING MAD BICEPS. MAD I MEAN REALLY MAD.

4. I’m happily living my life now, apart from blood family. You know, when you’re 27, it’s important to cut the emotional umbilical cord so that you can build your own identity.

5. I’ve been writing a LOT more if you noticed. My friend Sher has graciously allowed me to use her laptop since mine has been broken for 4 months…I’d like to wait for the BEST laptop.

6. I’m eating healthier, getting my proteins and veggies on.

7. I stopped worshipping money and started worshipping the only kind God who gives me joy and allows me to live A BIGGER life. I realized I was chasing after worldly success, and my inner life was cringing, cussing me out for depending on fame, reputation and status.

8. I’m writing a book about love and healing the father wound….for all those that think they’re without issues…think again.

9. Had a realization that I’d like to start a comedy show. Feel totally alive when I’m in the comedy world.

Well, that’s it for now. Thank you for reading.

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