My Unconventional Life Led Me Around the World


When I was 14, I looked around me and didn’t really see anyone living an extraodinary life. I needed examples of heroes. But then I felt like most people lived in fear.

If I told my 14 year self that I would end up acting, writing a book, backpacking through the world, going to a black church, becoming a star, well, I think I would have believed it. It’s just I got caught up in a lie for awhile, and thought I wasn’t successful enough. I felt like I had to get my shit together ASAP or else I would die an unhappy woman. 

I went to ten thousand weddings growing up and I would snore through most of them.

I would wake up for the food and get really excited about dancing.

I’ve come full circle to the beginning of what I’ve always wanted. For a few years I accumulated a lot of stuff, clothes, I was selling stuff on ebay, but then everything became a product I could sell. I was super savvy, I shopped at thrift stores and found great deals….but I also kept a lot of things I didn’t need to keep.

The point is, I hustled in my entrepreneurial years, but I didn’t live in grace. I thought I was living in grace, but I wasn’t. I was still living under the world’s system of worshipping “money” and “stability”.

I’ve realized that life is FAR VASTER than pieces of cardboard and paper. If you didn’t know already, America has worshipped money for a long time. In fact, someone invented “credit scores” as a way to lock people into fear. The way of divine love has UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES.

The last few months, I saw that ANYTHING can manifest and a lot of times without you receiving the “paper” to do it. A lot of people end up working jobs they hate or choosing a career path because they think they need a certain amount of money to give them happiness. My question is, what do you want to do with that money?

You have to know how you want to live your life first, what are you passionate about???

Don’t even think or worry about pieces of cardboard.

My everyday choice to follow my heart has led me around the world.

Who knew I’d end up in Australia for a month in 2011, Ecuador and Brazil in 2012, Taiwan in 2013, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Naples, Rome, Florence in 2014, and this year Hawaii…..before I was in Japan, China…etc. I’ve met incredible friends, life-long friends. I’m doing what I love now. 

I don’t think about whether something I do will reap the “papers”, I am freed from the monetary system of fear.

The way of divine love has UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES. 


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