Dream Bigger…Your Dreams Are Too Itty Bitty Tiny.


This is my friend Cicily, I googled “manbattical”, found her blog and ended up becoming friends with her through skype. This led to me staying at her house in Hawaii. My idea for my new book was birthed at her place and we are going to be international authors and speakers! Her passion is to help others be authentic, and to help divorced moms heal.

Most of us have dreams like owning a home, having a secure little family and maybe going to Bali for vacation.

What if you are dreaming too small? Most of us have small dreams because we’re only thinking about ourselves and our immediate circle of friends and family. When I was a kid, I wanted to buy my mom a house. That’s thinking too small.

When I started dreaming bigger, it was because I was thinking of OTHER PEOPLE. I was thinking about the world. I was thinking about the dying, the homeless, the hungry, the orphans, the fatherless, the divorced parents, I was thinking about the brokenhearted, the sick. 

That is when my dreams expanded to infinite possibilities.

Okay, you’re asking me “how?”

Don’t question the “how”, the “how” will be revealed when you need it. 

In fact I am in the season of life where I only select and choose opportunities based on the UMPH that I feel in my stomach and heart. I got to feel it. Why? It’s DESIRE, it’s PASSION. If you’re doing anything “bored”, you might as well not do it. What’s the point of living a boring life? Get it?

For example, I’m going to a conference in a few months and speaking in front of a large amount of people.

They want me to stay and sit for 8 hours listening to everyone…I’m sorry, I will leave if I get bored.

My time is not worth being bored. I did that in school, most of the time I was daydreaming…that’s why I’m living an awesome life now because I didn’t let my mind glaze over.


No one is putting a gun over your head and telling you “YOU BETTER LIVE A BORING LIFE OR ELSE DIE!” or “YOU BETTER do this so you can have retirement so you can go to Hawaii in a wheelchair”. 

The point is, think beyond yourself.

What moves you? What makes you cry? What do you have a passion for?

I’m moved by community, I’m moved by people helping each other. I cry when I see children with dreams but no financial means to access their dreams, I have a passion for empowering women…to know their worth and to live OUT LOUD. I love healing peoples’ hearts and seeing them activate their own desires, to pursue their dreams without hesitancies of “how”. How will come to you…don’t doubt it. Trust. 

Now, after thinking about what moves you, what gifts and talents do you have?

For me, I realize I love touching lives by telling stories of how I overcame challenges and deep wounds. I call it restoration. Now, since I’ve been given talents of writing, speaking, singing, dancing, etc…I can tell stories through my talents. I also want to direct films that moves people to action. This is better than a job title, this is a life calling. 

Now you have all that down? Imagine speaking in front of thousands, touching lives through your book, maybe creating a website so others can contribute, imagine the types of people you’ll start to meet. Incredible. Imagine the access, but not just for yourself, but for the world to be touched and changed for good. Dream on.


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