Stopping To Breathe

Stopping to breathe, perhaps it is the most important thing we can do during our day.

When we lose track, when we lose hope, when we feel exhausted with our own thoughts. When we need a break from the voices that seek to tear our relationships apart.

Breathe. And feel yourself be present. May I feel peace, now. My I feel peace because I live in the now, not in the future where I’m anxious, not in the past, where I am depressed. I only know that I am present, when I feel myself inhale and exhale.

When I can watch the tide come in and let myself be washed, clean and feel the purity of the wind.

I love this video, reminds us that the most important thing in our lives is “time and relationships”.

As I’m heading to Norcal tomorrow- I’ve written a list, may you find your own list as you breathe.

Things to Be and Do In Norcal-
1. Relaxe, like crazy. Relaxe like I have never relaxed in my life.
2. Unplug. Do this in a crazy way too. Only bring notebook, ipod, phone and pen.
3. Read. Read and study, study everything I’m teaching (Mandarin, sewing, art, music even, read books about how to teach these subjects).
4. Sell art, jewelry, accessories from my portable store.
5. Relaxe, again….
6. Write, a lot. Write in my journal, write like facebook never existed. Finish my book, if it is possible….that would be freaken amazing!!!
7. Celebrate my year of self-employment. Reward myself, say and write to myself everything I could have imagined a boss saying to me. “OMG, Rebekka you are so amazing, these are the things you accomplished even though you were broke! Now, you’ve really found yourself eh?”
8. Take control of my finances. Like for real. Stop buying coffee…make my own delicious and cheaply!
9. Be adventurous and have fun, like a young 24 year old should. Pretend I’m 21 and I never had to go through the stress of being an entrepreneur.
10. Breathe like never before.


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