The key to achieving any dreams you DARE to dream is DARING to do it.

I could still remember being picked, it was a feeling of shock. Could it really be me? The whole world was watching me, I could only react.

Perhaps that’s how I will feel when I walk into the stadium and speak to thousands and millions of people. I’ll talk about how I wipe my @$$ with cotton balls because I was at my worst, broke enough to find creative ways to save.

1 Year in review, letting go of the security, of health care, of stability…and the things I did:

1. Got on a game show, was face to face with a famous host

2. Backpacked to Australia and South America

3. First time improving on a TV show, tried out the whole acting scene

4. Spoke at FIDM

5. Started full on teaching mandarin, music, and sewing

6. Moved….again. Now live on my own! HURRAY!

7. Worked on many projects, worked 4 months at a vintage clothing store, assisted a business owner at gift shows, started writing my ebook, started selling my paintings, placed garments at a gallery, and continued to build my online stores.

I suppose those are all great things, but my whole year was built on relationships, lots of building tight knit friendships and feeling the support of close friends.

We hear this “ONE DAY” a lot. “One day I will….”, “One day….”. One day, guess what folks. The day is today. Daily, I force myself to do things that require REJECTION. I get on an airplane and talk to strangers. I started acting because I thought I could be a better speaker, I travel so I can ask strangers any questions I want. I backpacked alone into the jungles of Tena, Ecuador. YES, AS A WOMAN. I refuse to let minority standards bring me down. I believe as a woman, we have even more opportunities to SHOW the world we are just that amazing.

I believe in being FEARLESS. I believe in going into ANYTHING with 110% fierceness, 110% fearless of death, fearless of rejection. 

I believe that the key to achieving any dreams you DARE to dream is DARING to do it. So, what is it that you want to do in your life, who is it that you want to be? Do it today. 

The rainbow symbolizes hope, hope in a better future, hope that after a storm is a renewed and refreshed life.


2 thoughts on “The key to achieving any dreams you DARE to dream is DARING to do it.

  1. I love the picture of the rainbow. Today I want to write from my heart, I want to submit queries to various publications without letting the fear of rejection get in my way. I want to think of things worth sharing with the world and find appropriate mediums in which to share them. Thanks for sharing this! Very inspiring 🙂

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