There Is Nothing To Do, Nowhere To Be


The last week I have been wrestling with a feeling of restlessness. You know when you plan charts and goals in your mind but instead God says “rest”. Most people think resting is easy, but actually it’s really difficult. Sometimes you compare yourself, you see celebrities and insta-famous people “progressing” and you think to yourself “what am I doing?” as if your life is measured by fame and money.

Resting is difficult because society drills “you’re not there yet, you’re not enough” into your mind. It’s everywhere, this message.

This message is the voice of the slave master, the devil himself.

But God says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 

The slave master has entered the minds of spiritual people too by telling them to go to yoga everyday, and if not, they can’t enter rest. The slave master has told people of faith to serve like slaves at churches or temples, to the point of exhaustion….I was there once, when I was a teenager. I would go to church at 7am, “do worship practice”, teach sunday school at 9am, lead worship at 11am, then I had youth group leader leadership meeting sometimes until 5pm.

This slave mentality took me through my time in the fashion industry, into entrepreneurship, but finally, God set me free.

He taught me how to be a child again.

Up until then, I defined my worth by how much I could accomplish. Growing up in a single parent home made me want to achieve more, somehow I needed to prove myself and help my family. If I could become someone or something, then I would be worth loving. 

This slave mentally has the whole world bound.

Most Christians don’t even understand the Gospel because it is attached with “and make sure you serve at church”. 

Not everyone is called to serve at church. Not everyone is called to serve yogurt at snack time.

If the Gospel means Jesus has freed you 100% and totally, you are a free person. You don’t need to do anything out of obligation, if it’s not desired in your heart, it’s not from God because God wouldn’t force you to do anything.

“Well, I should want to feed the homeless right?”

No, because God does not give the same desires to everyone. Maybe you are called to write music because it will heal souls. There is no better way or prescribed path for everyone.

I personally love traveling but I realize that traveling is often a way for me to feel like a free person, that anything is possible….that I am not bound by time, money, or location.

But I can feel free now by realizing that “there is nothing to do, nowhere to be”- why?

Because Jesus paid it all.

It is finished.

There is nothing to do because it is finished. I am complete. I am not lacking, I am whole in Christ Jesus. When God sees me, I’m not a work in progress, I’m righteous and whole.

There is nowhere to be because going there wouldn’t make me more whole or complete, I am complete now. 

It has taken me 30 years of my life to truly grasp this.

I received Jesus into my heart when I was 12, but I grew up going to church. Now, I realize most of what I saw was just a bunch of people trying to please God not knowing that God already accepted them via Jesus’ finished work on the cross. 

This slave mentality exists inside and outside the church. It is a prominent culture in America.

This message of “you’re not enough” will lead to death.

The message of “you are enough because Jesus redeemed you” will lead to life. This message of grace will liberate you and break the chains of slavery that torments your mind.

If you don’t live by grace, you will work and create out of lack and lack is just exhausting. Living out of “you’re not enough” will suck you dry.

When you rest in God, you are drawing out of eternal abundance. There is never a lack of supply.

I pray that these words will set your soul free.


The Language of No


I had a dream where I was going to Japan and then I couldn’t find my passport or was paranoid that I didn’t bring it because I had to leave my house really quickly. The trip was a planned tour so we were rushed and didn’t even have time for the bathroom. I started yelling, I need to use the bathroom! Cut scene. Next scene, there is a creepy man who is hitting on me and I’m very uncomfortable.

The language of no. Why does that relate to anything. Well, I realize whenever I dream of Japan, it usually relates to “politeness” or the culture of politeness. Japan is probably the most polite culture on earth, I remember feeling a bit suffocated. I loved the people, I love the cute things, but I was NOT big on “don’t talk on the subway”. NOT big on polite culture. I’m not big on it because I used to live “polite culture”.

I lived “fake smile” culture…again especially at church. For some reason, no one seemed to notice that I was actually very depressed. No one knew the turmoil I was actually facing at home.

And then when I actually decided to say no to the elders of the church I was excommunicated with “you should be a better leader”. 

Sometimes we need drastic overstepping of boundaries to learn that we need to set boundaries.

Sometimes that means a really creepy guy breathing in your face and saying your pretty and you slapping the shit out of him, sometimes it’s your mother guilt tripping you to the point you explode, sometimes it’s your boss abusing his power so that you lose it and quit your job. 

Here’s a real story:

I was on an airplane flying home from Europe or Asia, there was a man on my left and within the first hour I knew there was a problem. ARM REST PROBLEM. 

He kept shifting his arm and ebbing mine out. So I had to push his. This probably went on for….well 11 hours. I’m not kidding. Okay yah I slept and all but this went on for a long time. During the 11 hours, he (and I) were so PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE that he decided to drink his way home. He probably ordered over a hundred dollar or more of alcoholic drinks and shots.

He got sloppy drunk, it was gross. His face was red and as he was talking to his friend on his left, he started spitting everywhere, just saliva all over the seat, in the air, in my face, everywhere. 

In my NOT knowing how to just ask for what I needed, I withstood this. I thought “okay I am learning perseverance, I am learning longsuffering”. 

It finally got SO explosively bad that he yelled “WHICH SIDE OF THE ARM REST DO YOU WANT?” and I started saying shit I don’t even remember.

The flight attendant came quickly and asked what was going on. I explained and she said “do you want to move?” YES I EXCLAIMED. The guy was still asking “just tell me which side you want and we can work this out”. No.


No. No. No. No. I was like a dynamite ready to explode. I finally moved.

And guess what? I had an empty seat next to me and a like-minded friend who I talked to for the rest of the 2 hours. I COULD HAVE HAD THAT COMFORT AND FRIENDSHIP FOR THE LAST 11 HOURS IF I HAD SPOKEN UP instead of thinking “I’m learning patience”. 

Maybe God isn’t teaching you patience, but The LANGUAGE OF NO. 

Because if we learn to confront what we don’t want, we can actually get to the other side of yes…of what we do want. Why do we negotiate with the things we don’t want in our lives? Why do we partner with it, why do we accommodate them?

If your boyfriend is really so bad, why don’t you break up with him? If you job sucks that much, why don’t you quit? If your mother keeps stepping over your boundaries, why don’t you say something?

Don’t get me wrong. You might not have a lot of friends for awhile, you might need to break up with a few associates, you might be lonely for awhile, you may have moments where you doubt why you said no to that opportunity and why everyone seems to be thriving and you are still waiting for the right type of opportunity.

This is just part of knowing and growing in your worth. Same goes with dating. You don’t just date anyone you see on the street right? Why go to bed with every opportunity that has a $ sign on it? Know your worth and you will attract the right level of genius, love, hope, people peace and opportunity into your life. 

But first, you must learn to say NO to the wrong things that does not resonate with you.

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To Ignore Your Dreams Is to Ignore the God In You


To ignore you dreams is to ignore the very divine being that you are.

Lately I have been thinking about why it bothers me so much that my very own family members are “worried” about me when I’m pursuing my dreams and living a life of freedom. I realized that many have been disappointed in life, perhaps they have unfulfilled dreams themselves. At first I tried to ignore it, but now I see that you simply have to move forward, move on without peoples’ approvals. You see, some people will never understand you completely and that’s okay.

The first rule of life is to be authentic. You must be authentic at your core, to lie to yourself, well that’s the easiest thing isn’t it? We often lie to ourselves and that’s called “self-deception”. We deceive ourselves to believe that what others want for us is actually what we REALLY want. Getting down to our core desire is something sacred, it’s a divine gift. Many avoid asking themselves this question “what do I really want?”


They believe that they don’t really know what’s best for themselves.

They believe that others know better.

They don’t want to confront what the have to DO to get to where they want to be. 

Life is already comfortable, why change course?

I said I wanted to be RAW and REAL with my readers. I’ve sold 1 copy of my ebook so far, to my friend who I texted the link to. I can very well be discouraged, or continue to be, or I can say “wow, I sold 1, I’m so proud of myself. This is the first thing ever that I’ve AUTOMATED in my business! BRAVO!”. I mean who can say that they have ever made $25 without having to fulfill the order manually?” Well, yes, I have had to promote it, but my message is my life. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 12.38.16 PM

Your best life is to live your highest expression of your very being. 

It’s 6:00am and I’m sitting on my bed, I couldn’t sleep because these words kept popping up in my head. This is a compulsion, an addiction, getting these words out to you. 

In less than a month, I’ll be on a plane to England. I challenged myself to live what I teach. Make money doing what I love, that is…at this point in my life “TRAVEL”. I thought that I had to achieve a certain number of sales in my real estate career so that I could really travel, but now I see that I was using that as an excuse not to go ahead and live my dreams. You see, that’s the same thing as saying “I have to work a 9 to 5” to travel. I believe that you can travel and work at the same time. 

I‘ve taken the necessary steps to set myself in motion for TRAVEL/WORK:

1. Started teaching LIVE workshops: How To Make Money Doing What You Love and Change Your Mind, Change Your Life (September 6, please register, this is going to be a life changing workshop). I plan to teach these workshops in Europe while I am traveling. This will position myself as an international speaker and also spread the word about my brand and ebook.


2. Hired a virtual assistant and a personal assistant (for when I’m still in Los Angeles) – My personal assistant helps me take photos of items I upload onto Ebay and is going to upload all of my business cards so I can declutter and become completely digital. Virtual assistant will help me ship US e-commerce sales. I am planning on drop-shipping with a few companies in LA and also bringing merchandise to Europe to list and sell to the Europe market. In case you are wondering what I sell, I sell jewelry and clothes online through various outlets such as Ebay. 

3. Paperless settings on all my bills – so that I don’t have to be present to open my mail. 

4. Stop car insurance for when I’m gone- you actually save a lot of money when you travel. Believe me. Just to let you know, I’ll be saving about $280 just on insurance. I could use that $280 to eat and sleep! Simple google DMV and make sure your car is in the right status. 

5. Got rid of junk- decluttered, donated, gave away, sold whatever I could.

It feels pretty amazing to fly and to take the weight (physical and material weight) off my shoulders. BRAVO. 

Rebekka Lien 

PS- if you’re not intrigued yet, I’d really be surprised. By now, you have seen that making money living your dreams is possible. Hop onto this link and purchase your own guide to MONETIZING your hobbies like I have. Oh in case you are wondering what I do?

I make a living:

1. Writing for a newspaper- oh yes, and I write about what I’m interested in, such as interracial relationships, travel, and while I’m on this trip, I’ll be submitting articles for my monthly column…oh yes I do get paid for it.

2. Giving workshops

3. Teaching yoga and meditation- my workshops include breathing techniques, becoming aware of your desires and being aware of your emotions so that you can move forward and release negativity! 

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5 Keys To Reaching Your Goals




My  work position is lying on my couch with my legs over the arm of the couch.

1. Work backwards- 

Always work backwards. When I have an idea, I usually won’t follow through unless I give myself a set deadline, buy the flight ticket, set my intention into motion. I see the end result in my minds’ eye, I see myself in it…I guess it helps that I am an artist so imagining something is not difficult for me. I have always had a vivid imagination. When I was young, I often imagined myself jumping on things like a little mario character, I imagined I could fly. Well, due to gravity, that hasn’t happened yet, but I do often fly on planes and I love it!

It’s funny because after 3 years of trial and error, lots of shed tears, anxiety, stress at times and ups and downs, I’ve finally mastered the art of BYOB (being my own boss). There is definitely a personal formula….number 1 is to work backwards. 

For my last workshop, I designed the flier and set the date before I even found a venue. I put my dreams into motion by emailing sponsors to donate gift bag items, I had a number in mind and well, there weren’t as many people as I would have hoped, but I know they were the ones that were supposed to be there.

KEY: Don’t wait until you have perfected it, just do it and you’ll do it better next time.

2. Talk About It- 

Talk about it constantly, talk about it as if you ARE doing it. When people get excited for you, you will feel encouraged and start embodying your dreams and goals. Of course, don’t feed your dreams to pigs, some people just don’t appreciate a weird dreamer.

3. Fill In The Details-

Once you have the date, fill in the details….what do you need to do to get there? What needs to happen step by step? Write a list and start tackling them.

4. Research How Others Have Done It-

Anything you’ve ever wanted to do, someone else has already gone before you. Why try to brainstorm a million things when you can simply google and find #hacks which is super popular these days…from #lifehack to #workhack to #travelhack.

5. Treat Yourself Like You’ve Already Accomplished It – You really have to be a little psychotic to achieve your goals. For example a few months ago, well, actually ever since I had this wall decal of Paris on my wall, I’ve been antsy to travel again. I exit the United States once a year just to breathe a little and to expand my personal well-being.

I met this amazing author, writer of Remember The Future: How Steve Jobs Used Time Travel To Think Different. Under his inspiration of wanting to go to Italy to create a film in 2 months, I then was like WHAT THE FUCK am I doing in LA? I need to travel again!

I must have talked about the trip at least 3 times a day. My obsession became so ridiculous that I prayed “I want to go travel so bad that I know it will happen”. I’m scary when I’m obsessed. I’m really really scary. I go into google mode and pound that keyboard with tenacity. I can be on this thing for hours just googling my eyes away….well research and enough asking, I found a cheap one way.

So now that I’m at step 200, the pieces are slowly falling into place. In fact, because I was like- I’m going and I don’t care if I go with however much money, I will go and I will go. I will DO whatever it takes….and that my friends, that’s obsession. Alas, because of my obsession, soon after I made that statement, more income started coming my way in ways that I had not expected. I know that the universe is watching how I take care of myself, am I hard on myself or do I give myself a pat on the back? You see, you need to celebrate and treat yourself like you’ve already accomplished it….this allows a flow of positive and easy energy versus the energy of anxiety and striving. With ease, your goals can be reached. In fact, all things will rush to you to supply your every need.

That is why I want to start logging my hours for work….starting tomorrow. I want to show you how you can work A LOT less and maximize your time for HIGHER income. 

Oh and did I mention, I’m giving away a total of 10 FREE coaching sessions for anyone that LIKES my page and SHARES the free coaching flier with your facebook friends? 

Balance Is BS.


















Yoga & Meditation Class Thursdays!

Balance is BS.

Some people ask me how I do everything, from the real estate to writing to attending events to teaching yoga to running multiple businesses…

Number 1 question I get from people- “how do you balance everything?” 

You don’t.

You do one thing at a time. I am not sitting here on the phone, writing and watching TV at the same time. In fact, I don’t OWN a TV and neither do I own a NETFLIX account (anymore). Is it stressful not being able to de-stress by sitting on my ARSE and watch TV? No, I read and I de-stress by jacuzz-ing or running/doing yoga. I love movies and tv shows, don’t get me wrong…but when an obsession hits me, I’m working…

And most of the time, it does not feel like work. No one is telling me to rebrand my business, no one is telling me to go network or meet new people, it’s an inner drive.

Is there balance in the entrepreneurial life? 

No, you either work hard & MOST IMPORTANTLY, SMART, or you REST HARD and SMART! 

This leads me to the fact that most of what I do IS NOT WORK, it is an OBSESSION. The best blog posts or marketing materials I have ever created were from PURE HEAVENLY explosion of INSPIRATION. My mind is not going “OMG how can I get more clients…” – yes sometimes it works like that, but when OBSESSION hits, my thoughts are going a million miles…

My mind is more like “OMG I can do this, OMG I can do that, wow I never thought of that, that would be a really great business idea…woo I can learn from that business….wooo”

Is it logical? Not always, obsession is not always logical, it’s a bit of insanity in my brain sometimes.

That’s why I have learned to WORK SMART, instead of HARD.

Working smart means WORKING IN SPURTS…and then RESTING in SPURTS. 

We need to stop pretending that we are working hard, that stuff kills your energy. Can you imagine sitting there pretending to work while being distracted by a million social media posts? It drains you fast!

What if we all learned to GET STUFF done, inspired FAST, EXCELLENTLY, PRECISE, and then we can go to that happy hour you have been talking about for 10 years (and it’s just across the street but you always miss it because you were pretending to work hard). Perhaps then you can go on that vacation to Hawaii that you have been saving up vacation days for the last 20 years. JEEZ LOUIZ!

Pure Genius is learning to work less and get more stuff done.

Pure Genius is outsourcing work that would take you forever and make you less productive, efficient and money producing.

Pure Genius is learning to let go of work that drains you and focusing on work that INSPIRES and ENERGIZES YOU. 

Pure Genius is learning to shy away and say no to coworkers that keep distracting you from getting work done so that you can actually have “fully present” moments of talking with your coworkers or friends during your “breaks”.

Am I focused? Oh yes, I am SO FOCUSED my eyes are popping out. Will people continue to question me? Yes, they probably will. The deal is that people who don’t think as brilliantly and as fast as I do will NEVER understand me. Why should they?

Let me be a mystery, let it be.

People don’t understand you? It doesn’t really matter.

Focus with your eyes wide open on you, because you gotta do you, and they gotta do they.

At the end of the day, you are the one who has got to live with yourself.

So question answered, how do I balance everything? I don’t, I strategize my time so precisely that I am sharp, productive, and I get sh*t done. When I play, I play SMART, when I work, I work SMART. In fact, work becomes play sometimes and play becomes work….I network when I play, I come into brilliant discussions of possible collaborations when I am playing.

It can be exhausting at times, but then I learn to REST SMART. Korean spa anyone?

How do you strategize your time? Do you believe in balance?

Seeing Work As A Conduit of Love




My funny picture and I teaching at Pasadena City College

As I drove past traffic on the LA highways, I thought about what the communal energy was. The energy was probably that of stress- “I have to get to work on time, I am stuck in traffic, I have to pay my bills, work sucks, etc”. What if we thought about our work as a conduit of love? What if we actually did what we love out of a pure energy of love…and we refused to compromise our values for money?

Recently, I started teaching yoga and meditation and spoke at 3 different events this month. I taught young teens how to start their own business and I was genuinely shocked by how easy teaching a big group of people was for me. I felt pure love and expansion in my heart for these mere strangers. I thought about how strange it was that even though I was not getting paid for it, my heart felt strong and powerful. I also noticed that as I teach out of pure love of wanting to help others, I have been receiving more monetarily and even getting more opportunities and promotions in life. As you give (through your work), you will receive tenfold! How much you earn is directly proportional to the value you provide to others.

That’s when I realized that pure love makes money flow with ease and grace. Money is not apart from love, actually money is one way in which we can love others and show them that they are worthy of their talents and skills. When our greed and selfishness for gain gets in the way, our relationships are also distorted. Business is crooked because we start to focus more on the money than on the people that we are doing business with. That is why you see very successful people with horrible relationships, but also people who are poor also have jaded values of what money means. Some people think that money is evil. No, it is the greed that is evil. When we place money above people, that is evil.

In my life, I have studied people, finance, spirituality, growth and everything I have ever been interested in. I sold jewelry, taught lessons, did real estate, wrote for newspapers and magazines, improv-ed, appeared on television, was a marketing manager, instructor, musician, artist, business woman..I danced a lot and took all kinds of classes (flamenco, acting, creative writing, german…to name a few).

My goal was to become successful, and I also wanted to help people. At one point, I found myself wanting money more than helping people. My greed got in the way of my heart. I became constricted and fearful that people were going to rip me off. As a previous freelancer I have had many people rip me off. I have designed and created fashion pieces only to have the woman never pay me. I have learned from my mistakes in my lifetime of playing music for weddings and people not pay me a cent (because well, aren’t we friends?). I have experienced injustice towards the young, people taking advantage of interns because they are supposedly inexperienced and are not worth the money.

However, when I lived in fear, I also noticed that business started to dwindle. Whatever energy you feed into, that will expand. What if we lived with an open heart to love and to serve, business will come easily and gracefully. And if it doesn’t? Many times you are being stripped away of all that is distorted and crooked in your heart. Or perhaps you are being the lesson of being, loving yourself first so you can love others.

In having experienced many things in my lifetime, I can say I am more in tune with how it feels to live in fear or love. When you live in fear of “people are going to jip me”, “I won’t have enough for bills this month”, “business stinks”, you will often feel physically constricted. Your neck will hurt, you will become sick, you will experience stomachaches, you will grow angry at the world and some people start to blame everyone around them instead of taking responsibility.

The fact is, you need to know whatever you want needs to be cultivated in your soul first. You must know that you are worthy. You must know that you deserve a certain amount, you must know that everything that needs and wants to be expressed in the external world first begins internally. You must have faith as well. You must keep trusting and believing when times gets tough and your dreams have not come into fruition. You must keep envisioning and believing when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

You must also know that the dream is not the end goal, but the journey is… The journey is, the people you walk near and past, the people you love on in that season of life. You experience an abundance of love when you see life as a spiritual path versus an end goal. Yesterday I experienced a flow of genuine love between a friend I have known for 10 years. I felt that our friendship had endured the test of time due to the fact that our friendship has been pure, without manipulation or this guilt tripping of “I give to you so you must give to me”. In giving out of unconditional love (with boundaries of course), we were able to walk through thick and thin.

Over the years, I have learned to forgive easily and to let go gracefully. There are friends you keep and there are friends you must let go of so you can walk towards greater heights.

Work is a conduit of our love. The world is interconnected in all regards. One person’s thoughts create the energy around them. Do you ever wonder why you walk into a room and feel sick to your stomach? Someone has tainted the room with their negativity. You can become an agent of change by remembering to live in love. What does that look like? Search and you will find, continue to read my blog of course 😉 and continue to read, learn, experience what love looks like. I’m here with you in this journey 🙂

Want peace and learn what I have been writing about?

Join us!



Focus On What You Do Want Instead of What You Don’t Want

Don’t pray for what you don’t want, or for something to go away, pray for what you do want.

Don’t worry about what you don’t want, dream about what you do want. 

Don’t think about the betrayals of the past, but work towards relationships that are healthy.

Don’t think about friends who don’t deserve your love, but make new friends who appreciate your love.

Don’t focus on the 20% of work that is not going right, focus on the 80% of work and life that is fabulous!

This is a SEASON of opportunity and change. Transition comes from the word, up-rooted. You will be uprooted from one place to another. You will be emptied in one place so your root can be planted in another good place. If you start to sense commotion or shaking, hold on! Help is coming!

The only way we can move forward in this season of change is to LET GO of what was not working and move forward into a brand new territory. This may be difficult at first and people around you may not like it, but as I heard in yoga- “Nurturing yourself is a way to love others around you”. We can whine and complain, or we can dream forward with action and fervor.

Should I live alone?

I finally moved out! Yes, I did find the place a day before my move, but I did it!! Now I live alone and wanted to tell people how great it is! If you are wondering if you should live alone: I say, YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD if you’re not afraid of yourself.

Check out my flier to speak at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising- FIDM!

Things you can do when you live alone:

1. Walk around completely naked- you start to feel a lot more free not having clothes on all the time.

2. Do whatever you want, whenever –when I go home and am tired, I don’t have to talk to anyone. I’m talking most of the day, teaching or hanging out with people, so coming home to read and organize is a great alternative to talking to another human being.

3. No more cringing when you hear your roommate do something weird.

4. Have friends over whenever you want.

5. No offense, but I no longer have to tell people where I am going. No offense, but I really hate telling people where I am going, why do you care? Seriously.

I have lived alone for 7 days and must say, there was only one day where I felt scared because I heard there was some drug raid by the swat time. The other day I heard 3 gunshots and a hellicopter. Besides that, I have a lot of peaceful times mapping out my goals and plans. Thank God for this week! So many great things happened- such as, I’m going to be on television!!! YES. ME! More to come….

Great America, Excessive Wealth to Buy Excessive Stuff

Great America. The Great American Dream. Haven’t you heard of it? It’s where people create their own futures, get great jobs,  have money so they can buy a house that they will spend the next 40 years  paying off,  or buy 3 too many cars.

It’s where the culture of accumulation and materialism  and  “not having enough” even though most of us are at a the top 1% of the world’s  most well off population. Great America. That is what we have come to.

Instead of great jobs, great entrepreneurs, many have succumb to endless hours  sitting on our asses in a cubicle and office that has no windows, ventilation, or soul.

Do we really need to have “excessive wealth” as backup “just in case”? Just in case  my leg falls off while I’m sitting on my ass…just in case, my wrist breaks while I’m typing 8 hours a day. Oh just in case, while I’m driving from work to home, home to work, almost 365  days per year, I crash into a pole because I’m so damn tired of the job, my mind goes blank when I drive. Do we really need the excessive wealth to buy our 20th pair of jeans that NO ONE  WILL SEE except our bosses, as if we care that our asses looked good while we sit on it 8 hours a day.

Or our Ferrari’s and Mercedez that cost us a year to save up for, only for our  coworkers and bosses to look at. As if driving from home to work needs such an expensive car. Because we’re so depressed from being imprisoned for 40 plus hours a week,  on the weekends, we binge drink and waste the money we just earned, or we go compulsive shopping to fill up  our already spilling over wardrobe.

Having nothing much has really caused me to see that our excessive wealth  does not really lead us to happiness. So how come we still force ourselves to work at jobs we hate to  afford expensive meals, mortgage, expensive cars… when in fact, all we need is the essentials- people who love us.

I propose that NOT having enough is actually only a mentality of a mind. You can have a lot of money and still think you don’t have enough. Contentment is from within.

Pamela Slim in “Escape From Cubicle Nation” talks about Essential vs. Social Self. Essential being the natural self that you are when you’re born, social is that moment when you realize “smiling at the right time” makes your mom happy. Thus, we construct social self to basically MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. These things are the very things that cause us to stay in a situation or job we hate- because we want to please people or not have them look down on us.