Balance Is BS.


















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Balance is BS.

Some people ask me how I do everything, from the real estate to writing to attending events to teaching yoga to running multiple businesses…

Number 1 question I get from people- “how do you balance everything?” 

You don’t.

You do one thing at a time. I am not sitting here on the phone, writing and watching TV at the same time. In fact, I don’t OWN a TV and neither do I own a NETFLIX account (anymore). Is it stressful not being able to de-stress by sitting on my ARSE and watch TV? No, I read and I de-stress by jacuzz-ing or running/doing yoga. I love movies and tv shows, don’t get me wrong…but when an obsession hits me, I’m working…

And most of the time, it does not feel like work. No one is telling me to rebrand my business, no one is telling me to go network or meet new people, it’s an inner drive.

Is there balance in the entrepreneurial life? 

No, you either work hard & MOST IMPORTANTLY, SMART, or you REST HARD and SMART! 

This leads me to the fact that most of what I do IS NOT WORK, it is an OBSESSION. The best blog posts or marketing materials I have ever created were from PURE HEAVENLY explosion of INSPIRATION. My mind is not going “OMG how can I get more clients…” – yes sometimes it works like that, but when OBSESSION hits, my thoughts are going a million miles…

My mind is more like “OMG I can do this, OMG I can do that, wow I never thought of that, that would be a really great business idea…woo I can learn from that business….wooo”

Is it logical? Not always, obsession is not always logical, it’s a bit of insanity in my brain sometimes.

That’s why I have learned to WORK SMART, instead of HARD.

Working smart means WORKING IN SPURTS…and then RESTING in SPURTS. 

We need to stop pretending that we are working hard, that stuff kills your energy. Can you imagine sitting there pretending to work while being distracted by a million social media posts? It drains you fast!

What if we all learned to GET STUFF done, inspired FAST, EXCELLENTLY, PRECISE, and then we can go to that happy hour you have been talking about for 10 years (and it’s just across the street but you always miss it because you were pretending to work hard). Perhaps then you can go on that vacation to Hawaii that you have been saving up vacation days for the last 20 years. JEEZ LOUIZ!

Pure Genius is learning to work less and get more stuff done.

Pure Genius is outsourcing work that would take you forever and make you less productive, efficient and money producing.

Pure Genius is learning to let go of work that drains you and focusing on work that INSPIRES and ENERGIZES YOU. 

Pure Genius is learning to shy away and say no to coworkers that keep distracting you from getting work done so that you can actually have “fully present” moments of talking with your coworkers or friends during your “breaks”.

Am I focused? Oh yes, I am SO FOCUSED my eyes are popping out. Will people continue to question me? Yes, they probably will. The deal is that people who don’t think as brilliantly and as fast as I do will NEVER understand me. Why should they?

Let me be a mystery, let it be.

People don’t understand you? It doesn’t really matter.

Focus with your eyes wide open on you, because you gotta do you, and they gotta do they.

At the end of the day, you are the one who has got to live with yourself.

So question answered, how do I balance everything? I don’t, I strategize my time so precisely that I am sharp, productive, and I get sh*t done. When I play, I play SMART, when I work, I work SMART. In fact, work becomes play sometimes and play becomes work….I network when I play, I come into brilliant discussions of possible collaborations when I am playing.

It can be exhausting at times, but then I learn to REST SMART. Korean spa anyone?

How do you strategize your time? Do you believe in balance?


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