Great America, Excessive Wealth to Buy Excessive Stuff

Great America. The Great American Dream. Haven’t you heard of it? It’s where people create their own futures, get great jobs,  have money so they can buy a house that they will spend the next 40 years  paying off,  or buy 3 too many cars.

It’s where the culture of accumulation and materialism  and  “not having enough” even though most of us are at a the top 1% of the world’s  most well off population. Great America. That is what we have come to.

Instead of great jobs, great entrepreneurs, many have succumb to endless hours  sitting on our asses in a cubicle and office that has no windows, ventilation, or soul.

Do we really need to have “excessive wealth” as backup “just in case”? Just in case  my leg falls off while I’m sitting on my ass…just in case, my wrist breaks while I’m typing 8 hours a day. Oh just in case, while I’m driving from work to home, home to work, almost 365  days per year, I crash into a pole because I’m so damn tired of the job, my mind goes blank when I drive. Do we really need the excessive wealth to buy our 20th pair of jeans that NO ONE  WILL SEE except our bosses, as if we care that our asses looked good while we sit on it 8 hours a day.

Or our Ferrari’s and Mercedez that cost us a year to save up for, only for our  coworkers and bosses to look at. As if driving from home to work needs such an expensive car. Because we’re so depressed from being imprisoned for 40 plus hours a week,  on the weekends, we binge drink and waste the money we just earned, or we go compulsive shopping to fill up  our already spilling over wardrobe.

Having nothing much has really caused me to see that our excessive wealth  does not really lead us to happiness. So how come we still force ourselves to work at jobs we hate to  afford expensive meals, mortgage, expensive cars… when in fact, all we need is the essentials- people who love us.

I propose that NOT having enough is actually only a mentality of a mind. You can have a lot of money and still think you don’t have enough. Contentment is from within.

Pamela Slim in “Escape From Cubicle Nation” talks about Essential vs. Social Self. Essential being the natural self that you are when you’re born, social is that moment when you realize “smiling at the right time” makes your mom happy. Thus, we construct social self to basically MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. These things are the very things that cause us to stay in a situation or job we hate- because we want to please people or not have them look down on us.

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