Focus On What You Do Want Instead of What You Don’t Want

Don’t pray for what you don’t want, or for something to go away, pray for what you do want.

Don’t worry about what you don’t want, dream about what you do want. 

Don’t think about the betrayals of the past, but work towards relationships that are healthy.

Don’t think about friends who don’t deserve your love, but make new friends who appreciate your love.

Don’t focus on the 20% of work that is not going right, focus on the 80% of work and life that is fabulous!

This is a SEASON of opportunity and change. Transition comes from the word, up-rooted. You will be uprooted from one place to another. You will be emptied in one place so your root can be planted in another good place. If you start to sense commotion or shaking, hold on! Help is coming!

The only way we can move forward in this season of change is to LET GO of what was not working and move forward into a brand new territory. This may be difficult at first and people around you may not like it, but as I heard in yoga- “Nurturing yourself is a way to love others around you”. We can whine and complain, or we can dream forward with action and fervor.


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