5 Keys To Reaching Your Goals




My  work position is lying on my couch with my legs over the arm of the couch.

1. Work backwards- 

Always work backwards. When I have an idea, I usually won’t follow through unless I give myself a set deadline, buy the flight ticket, set my intention into motion. I see the end result in my minds’ eye, I see myself in it…I guess it helps that I am an artist so imagining something is not difficult for me. I have always had a vivid imagination. When I was young, I often imagined myself jumping on things like a little mario character, I imagined I could fly. Well, due to gravity, that hasn’t happened yet, but I do often fly on planes and I love it!

It’s funny because after 3 years of trial and error, lots of shed tears, anxiety, stress at times and ups and downs, I’ve finally mastered the art of BYOB (being my own boss). There is definitely a personal formula….number 1 is to work backwards. 

For my last workshop, I designed the flier and set the date before I even found a venue. I put my dreams into motion by emailing sponsors to donate gift bag items, I had a number in mind and well, there weren’t as many people as I would have hoped, but I know they were the ones that were supposed to be there.

KEY: Don’t wait until you have perfected it, just do it and you’ll do it better next time.

2. Talk About It- 

Talk about it constantly, talk about it as if you ARE doing it. When people get excited for you, you will feel encouraged and start embodying your dreams and goals. Of course, don’t feed your dreams to pigs, some people just don’t appreciate a weird dreamer.

3. Fill In The Details-

Once you have the date, fill in the details….what do you need to do to get there? What needs to happen step by step? Write a list and start tackling them.

4. Research How Others Have Done It-

Anything you’ve ever wanted to do, someone else has already gone before you. Why try to brainstorm a million things when you can simply google and find #hacks which is super popular these days…from #lifehack to #workhack to #travelhack.

5. Treat Yourself Like You’ve Already Accomplished It – You really have to be a little psychotic to achieve your goals. For example a few months ago, well, actually ever since I had this wall decal of Paris on my wall, I’ve been antsy to travel again. I exit the United States once a year just to breathe a little and to expand my personal well-being.

I met this amazing author, writer of Remember The Future: How Steve Jobs Used Time Travel To Think Different. Under his inspiration of wanting to go to Italy to create a film in 2 months, I then was like WHAT THE FUCK am I doing in LA? I need to travel again!

I must have talked about the trip at least 3 times a day. My obsession became so ridiculous that I prayed “I want to go travel so bad that I know it will happen”. I’m scary when I’m obsessed. I’m really really scary. I go into google mode and pound that keyboard with tenacity. I can be on this thing for hours just googling my eyes away….well research and enough asking, I found a cheap one way.

So now that I’m at step 200, the pieces are slowly falling into place. In fact, because I was like- I’m going and I don’t care if I go with however much money, I will go and I will go. I will DO whatever it takes….and that my friends, that’s obsession. Alas, because of my obsession, soon after I made that statement, more income started coming my way in ways that I had not expected. I know that the universe is watching how I take care of myself, am I hard on myself or do I give myself a pat on the back? You see, you need to celebrate and treat yourself like you’ve already accomplished it….this allows a flow of positive and easy energy versus the energy of anxiety and striving. With ease, your goals can be reached. In fact, all things will rush to you to supply your every need.

That is why I want to start logging my hours for work….starting tomorrow. I want to show you how you can work A LOT less and maximize your time for HIGHER income. 

Oh and did I mention, I’m giving away a total of 10 FREE coaching sessions for anyone that LIKES my page and SHARES the free coaching flier with your facebook friends? 


4 thoughts on “5 Keys To Reaching Your Goals

  1. Hey Rebekka! Nice post. I really wish you all the best. I enjoy your work and would love to learn more about being my own boss while travelling. I think I’ve set a good foot hold with my blog and I’m starting to write a few E-Books, now I just need to figure out where to go from here. I agree with your statement about not waiting for perfection and just giving it a shot. That’s really the way I construct my whole life. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement! I’m going to cyber stalk your blog as well. I will be writing about the process of going and also the ebook I’m writing is meant to produce income as I’m traveling. There are all these little hindrances that stop people from going because they get overwhelmed by the details…but sometimes you just need to take a big leap! I’ve traveled to many countries before and it was always one of those “JUMP” situations. Cheers!

    2. Hey! I believe you commented somewhere about a free coaching session, I’d love to speak with you via skype. I am giving away 10 – 30 minute sessions as part of my ebook launch. I am more of an expert on being self-employed, since I have been fully self supported for 3 years without a full time job. Though since I have quit my job, I have been able to backpack to 4 different countries, and this year, probably a lot more. My goal is to becoming completely virtual and to speak internationally.

      Please shoot me an email so we can schedule a skype call!! I enjoy your blog very much! I’d love to be featured on your blog 🙂

      Rebekka Lien

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