Should I live alone?

I finally moved out! Yes, I did find the place a day before my move, but I did it!! Now I live alone and wanted to tell people how great it is! If you are wondering if you should live alone: I say, YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD if you’re not afraid of yourself.

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Things you can do when you live alone:

1. Walk around completely naked- you start to feel a lot more free not having clothes on all the time.

2. Do whatever you want, whenever –when I go home and am tired, I don’t have to talk to anyone. I’m talking most of the day, teaching or hanging out with people, so coming home to read and organize is a great alternative to talking to another human being.

3. No more cringing when you hear your roommate do something weird.

4. Have friends over whenever you want.

5. No offense, but I no longer have to tell people where I am going. No offense, but I really hate telling people where I am going, why do you care? Seriously.

I have lived alone for 7 days and must say, there was only one day where I felt scared because I heard there was some drug raid by the swat time. The other day I heard 3 gunshots and a hellicopter. Besides that, I have a lot of peaceful times mapping out my goals and plans. Thank God for this week! So many great things happened- such as, I’m going to be on television!!! YES. ME! More to come….


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