Every Decision You Make Creates Your Destiny



Did you know that EVERY decision you make creates your destiny?

Did you know every thought you CHOOSE to dwell on creates your destiny?

Did you know that you can live your dreams by deciding what to listen to, what to watch, who you hang out with, what you choose to do, what websites you look at, what books you read, what reaction you choose to act on. What choices you make every single day…CREATES your destiny.

I haven’t always made the best choices, but I want to say that I have consciously chosen most of my decisions in life. Some people look at others and think “they must be lucky”, they were just in the right place at the right time...well do you ever think that perhaps they SHOWED UP to that one place many times? Perhaps, that person chooses to attend networking events 2-3 times a week, do you think that when the right time is on the calendar, that person is right there? 

People ask me how I hear about cool events that I attend and how did I get to do this or that…I prioritize and make myself available for the events and people that I have wisely chosen beforehand. It’s a domino effect, I then meet more people in the right places at the right time. I also think of every encounter as a spiritual encounter, I don’t use people for what they can do for me. I believe that we are meant to meet each person to help, heal and grow each other. I can easily tell when someone is trying to use me or step on me to get “up the stairs”. No one wants to be a stepping stool. 

Here are some VERY practical steps to living your dreams instead of talking about it:

“I want to travel one day”- Book a flight, it will only take 5 minutes via internet, then start saving up for it, trade nights out for your future booked trip.

“I want to write a book”- Start writing, even if it is not sequential, write 1 page a day.

“I want to buy a house”- research and talk to lenders about what you need to buy a house, talk to a real estate professional 

“I want to find a partner”- don’t just sit on your couch night after night, go out, meet people, go online, do things you love to do and the right person will be there.

And more……..Oh yes, if you haven’t, please like my FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/houseslady

To creating your destiny,

Rebekka Lien 



30 Things I Have Been Able To Do As An Entrepreneur

Risk .jpg

1. Wear PJs to work

2. Walk into my living room or patio to work without brushing my hair or teeth

3. Enjoy the LA sunshine anytime of the day

4. Book a ticket to Australia with one month to plan

5. Volunteer in rural China

6. Work for a Premium jean company at Magic Tradeshow and experience cat fights

7. Be an extra in a weight loss infomercial

8. Be a Contestant on Let’s Make A Deal and touch Wayne Brady on the shoulders! WOOHOO!

9. Drive to Santa Monica beach on a weekday non-traffic hours, yay.

10. Take 2 weeks off to fly to Taiwan

11. Manage properties and meet sweet cleaning ladies and handyman

12. Sell stuff on Ebay

13. Take German class at local community college

14. Take Comedy Improv class on a monday night

15. Teach yoga and meditation on thursdays 

16. Take naps when I am tired

17. Learn to get rid of junk and live simply

18. Teach sewing and fashion design to adorable children on your schedule

19. Design unconventional fashion designs and show them at charity fashion shows

20. Teach mandarin to 72 year old man

21. Teach cello and piano

22. Tutor hyperactive boy that needs to be disciplined

23. Have lawn parties and pop up shops

24. Meet celebrities and entrepreneurs like me

25. Eat chips and yogurt for lunch, or a bomb rice, chicken and veggie plate because I can cook it at home

26. Take 10 minute lunch breaks or 5 hour lunch breaks

27. Be whoever, do whatever….whenever you like.

28. Wake up naturally at 7am or stay up until 3am and sleep until 11am.

29. Do lunges to the trashcan because no one is watching or drop in the office for 10 minutes because you want to save ink.

30. Have 3 business cards, one for your artistic side, one for real estate, and one for yoga and meditation.

3 Tips to Become An Effective Entrepreneur

3 Tips to Become An Effective Entrepreneur


Hello fellow Entrepreneurs and People of This Earth! 

I have 3 tips to help YOU become a more effective business owner, artist, entrepreneur or person in general!

I have been self-employed, and now as a real estate professional, artist and speaker…since November of 2011. I had about $100 or less in the bank when I started, I had just backpacked in Australia, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Cairns and Melbourne on an adventure of love and self-discovery. Think “#Eat Pray and Love”. I recommend TRAVELING and SOLO BACKPACKING to anyone who wants to live a self-discovered, passionate and purposeful life. 

I journal a lot when I travel, I observe and am open to meeting any new strangers, or angels if you call it. I live like that in Los Angeles as well, I am open to new adventures and mishaps (which could very well lead to amazing friends). For example, the above photo was taken by a photographer named Patrick Barraza who responded to one of my craigslist ad for collaboration. Is it scary to put myself out there like that? Not really, I don’t allow fear to enter my mind and I try to stay away from people who spew fear into the atmosphere. I try to change my atmosphere by disputing with their fearful thoughts. I try to encourage people to think positively. What you focus on usually comes true, does it not?

So that’s a little about my background of how I started and how I continue to live my entrepreneurial and creative life.

3 tips to help you become a more effective entrepreneur:

1. Sit down and Plan- 

On sundays, I usually sit down and schedule in appointments for the week. I leave open spaces where I can create freely without hindrances of a set schedule, but there are set appointments I have to pencil in. I also write what my goals are on the side, this will determine what opportunities and people I should really hone in on.

Your goals should not only be material, it should focus on qualities. For example, for April, I want to feel accomplished, successful and alive. Having set income or material goals is a good thing, however, if you don’t know what you truly want to feel and embody in your spirit, you can achieve all those things and still feel empty. Perhaps you want to feel and embody peace. Seek and you will find.

Here are a few examples of what you can write down:

Peace, joy, love, connectedness, community, passion, creativity, aliveness, life, rest, success, health, wealth, fullness, wholeness, beauty, wonder, adventure, freedom…etc.

2. Think before saying Yes-

I have learned the hard way that “Yes” can lead to burn out. Practice saying “Let me get back to you on that, I will think about it or check my schedule”. Instinct is good sometimes, because you want to be able to be open to spontaneous encounters, but if you have a habit of jumping in too soon because you want to please people….check yourself! No’s can be the best thing for welcoming in an open door to the right opportunity. You only have limited hours in a day, choose wisely.

3. Take vacations or take days off- 

You are your own boss when you are an entrepreneur. It is WAY too easy to work all day, all the way from your bed in the morning back to your bed at night. Successful business owners know how to set boundaries and keep “fun time” pure of “work time”. You don’t want to dilute your time too much because you’ll end up being a slave to your own business! We chose this path to be free from work, not a slave to work. My first boss once told me “find what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”, well, it is still work, but you can get to a point where you enjoy it every time you do it because you really don’t have to!

Here’s a fun video I made: Enjoy!

3 Things To Expect In 2014


(Yangmingshan, Taiwan)

1. Abundance- Some of you have been struggling and wandering in the wilderness.

You have had patience in the trials and held in there when times became tough. You feel like you are starving or thirsty in the desert land, there is no rest for you, but you persevere. You won’t give up because your vision is TOO big for you to give in.

2014 is going to be a breaking point where you start to see fruit. You see the fruit of your hard labor, your love for others, your sacrifice. You will also see a flow of abundance, no longer will you have to struggle for the fruit of your labor. You will now WORK LESS, and REAP MORE! YES, believe it or not. All you need is FAITH to believe that the universe is holding you and supporting you. There is a father holding you and providing for you, just like an earthly father would. You will be able to bless people through your own blessings.


(Danshui, Taiwan)

2. Renewal- Some of you have become jaded because of the winter woes, you have given up on your dreams and visions. Perhaps you had friends and family put you down because of your crazy and out there dreams. 2014 is going to be a year of renewal where you will start to meet people, gain resources, funding for your crazy AND OUT THERE DREAMS! IT’s going to be a great year for those that do not GIVE UP. You are going to walk in power and authority. You are not going to give up on your dreams, keep walking brother and sister! There is going to be FRESH flow of ideas and creativity AND Better yet, an avenue to ACTUALIZE those ideas. 

You are going to be able to stand up for your vision too. Many of you have backed down because of your FEAR of what others will think. Don’t worry, others have gone before you. There is nothing to fear.


(Yangmingshan, Taiwan)

3. Restoration- 

Everything you lacked in life will be given back to you five fold or more (if you choose to: Forgive, Let go, and Move Forward). All good things come with your WILLINGNESS to let go of the bad. The relationships that need to be restored for you to feel supported will be restored. You will find a FRESH JOY in your relationships, whether with your friends or family, or partner! You will start to form new collaborations with old friends and new friends. If you choose to forgive, you will experience an incredible year being restored to your family members.

For your career, you are looking at a year of determined success. People will find you and go to you for business ventures, they will flock to you when you find your true identity and live it out in freedom.

Hope you guys and girls have a GREAT NEW YEAR! Thank you for reading my blog all these years and this year! I have met incredible friends through this blog and hope to meet more!! 

Feel free to connect!



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NOTE : Please bring your own Yoga / Workout mat. Join our #RealEstateHeaven staff, agents & brokers on our first “Health and Wellness” non-secular yoga class, where we will learn techniques on how to improve our focus, mental clarity and strength for better success. It will leave you invigorated and pleasantly relaxed with a heavenly smile on your face. Hope to see you there! Special Thanks to our Corporate Sponsor Starbucks located at 1000 Fair Oaks Ave Pasadena, CA 91030 who will be supplying herbal teas to the participants.

The event will begin at 6 PM sharp and will conclude at 7 PM on November 13th, 2013 at the Real Estate Heaven South Pasadena Office. 1517 S. Fair Oaks Ave. Suite B, South Pasadena.

RSVP- https://www.facebook.com/events/1388666831372440/

Our Special Guest Instructor will cover the following topics :

1. Meditation- learning the pose of meditating, breathing correctly to focus on the breath and the core. Deep breaths centers the focus. 1-2 minutes. Clearing the mind from worry, etc. 

2. Setting Intention- set intention for the class. What is it that you are intending for? Whether it is love, peace, hope, what do you envision for today, for tomorrow? 

3. Tree Pose/Standing poses/Warrior Pose/Downward Dog/Twists/Other various poses with breathing and the intention of focus, relaxation, and energy! 

4. Shavasana- perhaps the most important part of yoga practice. Lying on the back, the arms and legs are spread at about 45 degrees, the eyes are closed and the breath deep, using deergha (long) pranayama. The whole body is relaxed onto the floor with an awareness of the chest and abdomen rising and falling with each breath.

I am teaching this yoga class as part of Unlock Your Destiny Coaching. Get ready to have your life changed.
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For those who know me well, this also serves as a housewarming party. So please come.

Any questions? Feel free to email me at rebekkalien@gmail.com 

5 Unconventional Steps To Creating Your Business- Have A Vision


This tree represents you. The stronger the root, the better. The more you know who you are, your identity, preferences, brand, etc the better. Slowly as you develop, your ideas develop (via the branches). Your knowledge, education, wisdom, background, upbringing, experiences form your bigger branches.

The Next 5 Days I am going to share my tantalizing story of how I became a multi-entrepreneur. My GOAL is to encourage you and show you that IF YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE MISTAKES and PLAY, then you can become a business woman or man. Yes, you heard THAT right. If you know how to MESS UP, time and time again, then the entrepreneurial road is for you. If you know how to GET UP after falling hard, this is also the road for you. PS- By 5 days, I mean the next 5 blog posts, because tomorrow I’ll be attending Forge in LA. 


When I was a kid, I created manga memberships and sold toys to my 8 year old friends. I was always entrepreneurial. I grew up in the church and went to many mission trips. I had a heart for people and thought that I would become a missionary. However, I just hated the way missionaries dressed (back then). I seriously did not want to wear ugly big t-shirts that did not flatter my body. Plus, I could not imagine living in a hut, eating nuts (no offense but I like my chinese hot pot), and not showering for days. I knew deep down, that I had a heart for people….but did not like the structured starvation lifestyle.

When I learned about human trafficking, I wanted to go overseas and fight human trafficking. I wanted to rescue women out of slavery, but thought that it might be dangerous. Then I thought that I wanted to created jobs for survivors of human trafficking. I could teach them how to sew and they could work at my factory where they would create my designs. 

I gained all the skills I needed to, but it stemmed from my passion. I attended fashion school and learned fashion design and business management. I did not do it just because I could teach other people, I did it because I loved fashion and I was business minded. You get what I’m saying? I learned because I thirsted to learn how to create and manage, not because I saw the end goal just yet. 

When I finished school, I went to the far countryside of China and taught music to the young 5 year olds, living in sweat and bug bites. I wanted to collapse, I missed the luxuries of modern living. When I returned, I got a job as a trim buyer and up until 3 months in, I was about to suffocate from normal living. This IS NOT THE LIFE I want to live, in a box and a chair. 


My creative brain started churning, I bought a pair of Nike Dunks at the store across work during lunch for $20. I sold it on Ebay and made $30. I could do it again. I went back and bought 2 more to sell. I was elated, I could do this all day! I found other things to sell at home and started taking photos of all my old clothes. I started creating an additional source of income while working full time. One day, I just had enough. I quit my full time job and that was the end of my full time anything and voluntary unemployment. 

I won’t go into detail, but when I quit, I wrote a list of things I wanted to do in life. I also wrote down my vision. 

“To provide healing and work for survivors of human trafficking” which has evolved to:

“To empower others to live the life they were created to live” to

“To help people become full alive”. 

Essentially, we long to feel alive. Fully alive. 

As I focused in on my vision, I realized that I had to first become whole, to create the life I want so I could show others…hey it’s possible! If you simply commit to it. Thus, have a vision first.

Having a vision has helped me continue in those first few months when I could hardly pay rent. I’m no trustafarian, as immigrants, we did not benefit from the foreign exchange, let’s say I have sacrificed much of my youth for my vision. I could have worked full time and accrued funds to use for youthful partying and lax living, but I cut corners and found creative ways to create furniture, blinds, and even toilet paper! No matter how many businesses you have, boot strap style, if you have a vision, you can continue when the valleys get real low. 

See you next time! 

What is your vision? 

Comment below and share 🙂



13 Day of Meditation- Day 9- Spirit of Abundance Versus Spirit of Poverty

I finally got my couch! I waited one month for them to create another Spring Serenity Couch. It is deliciously comfortable. I love the natural light coming in to my living room, no electricity needed!

I recorded today’s blog post while driving yesterday- the great thing about bluetooth and technology.


Do you ever wonder why you feel like you are not good enough? However much you achieve in life, you don’t feel satisfied….in fact, you want more and you put all your identity in your achievements. It is time to realize that we are not orphans, but rightly knighted queens and kings with birth rights to happiness. Listen to this audio to learn more about how you can carry and own the spirit of abundance. Having the spirit of abundance is everything TO creating the life you want.

If you don’t feel like you deserve love, you will not find someone to love you because you will self-sabotage and believe in lies about who you are.

If you don’t feel like you deserve success, you will not succeed.

If you don’t feel like you deserve wealth, you will not become wealthy…..and so on.

Please comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on how this audio benefited you! 🙂

C: (626) 230-3238

How To Differentiate Your Business

How To Differentiate Your Business

I am really loving the Photofunia app on the Iphone, it creates pictures like these in seconds!

It has been awhile since I blogged, so I wanted to discuss DIFFERENTIATION in business. As you know, I am a Realtor that happens to have been in the Fashion Industry, Coaching Business and have done a plethora of things in my 25 short years.

How do you differentiate your BUSINESS?

1. BE authentic, BE yourself.

2. Know and Live Your Vision – This is a mission statement of what you want to be, achieve in life. What is the bigger picture, everyone has GOT to have 1!

Mine is to empower others to live the life they were created to live, so I live that throughout any careers or jobs that I ever had.

3. Get Away From Your Business to Gain Perspective– When you are stumped, sometimes you need to walk away from your problem in order to glean new perspective and solutions in a physically foreign location.

4. DON’T try to be like someone else! – Just because someone is doing something and they are succeeding DOES not mean that you are to do the exact same thing…people are different in work methods, learn to find your own pace and path.

5. Chase the PASSION, NOT the money– Chase your passion and you will grow in wealth, chase only the money, and you will fail because there is no passion to lead you.

6. Find a NICHE – If you are the GREAT niche, that is great…but REMEMBER one or two instance when you REALLY hit it off with that person. People who have similar commonalities tend to be YOUR target market. People who have personalities that meld well with yours might just be your target market. But you could totally target a market that is NOT like you, but loves to work with you because you SOLVE their problems.

In the end….simply BE authentic to your vision and humbly listen well to the needs and problems around you. Bite your tongue and tactfully tackle the problems with wisdom. That’s all for today!

My instagram: rebekkalien

How To Master Social Media

Social Media can be confusing, but after opening my Facebook account in college and conforming to THE WORLD of social media, I have learned a few things to make life more simple for you.

1. Master 1 or 2 Social Media– Just master 1 or 2 and you are fine. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of tumblrs, wordpresses, facebooks, twitters there are, simply find 1 or 2 you feel comfortable with and start with those! My top social media platforms are FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. I am not great at twitter and recently just found out you can add hashtags to build your audience. If you add hashtags to instagram pictures, you will be surprised by the amount of people who will follow you just because of a few hashtags! (Hashtags are tags referring to a certain subject such as #trends).

2. Interact and LIKE other peoples’ Social Media– My mistake in the beginning of social media was to be completely obsessed with my own page. I kept waiting for people to like my posts, but realized, I needed to like other peoples’ posts and comment first. This builds engagement and interaction, people become interested you only if you are first interested in them. This is the LAW of the GOLDEN RULE. People are innately SELFISH and will not want to give first, go and give…..the return will be golden!

3. BE CREATIVE- Post IMAGES, FLYERS, AUDIOS, Think outside the box! I started using Hootsuite.com and auto-post everything to all my social medias, this way, my twitter audiences can also receive updates even if they do not have facebook. As a Realtor, I have access to programs that allow me to create fliers in minutes (I know, seriously unbelievable). The QR codes allow tech savvy folks to access more information and images in seconds. https://www.facebook.com/events/287849711361791/

See below:



4. Be involved in EVENTS, CREATE A BUZZ – creating events on Social Media conveys to your audience that you are a MASTER of whatever industry you are in. They notice that you invited them and they also notice that you specialize in your field (for me, it is Real Estate and sometimes my other profession Fashion). After posting my event and inviting more than a thousand people, a friend messaged me and asked me about buying a house in the future. This occurred all because I was continuously posting, but also because I created a buzz through an event.

I hope to SEE YOU at my OPEN HOUSE THIS SATURDAY June 29 at 10am-4pm at the address 395 N Chester Ave Pasadena CA https://www.facebook.com/events/287849711361791/

How To Set Boundaries

Are you stressed out trying to meet other peoples’ expectations? 
There is a difference between living in excellence and meeting other peoples’ demands which are rooted in their own negative energy.

In the end, we can only control ourselves and our own emotions and feelings. 
In this audio I talk about setting boundaries in your career, relationships and life. I was lucky enough to have read the Book Boundaries by John Townsend when I was young, this helped me to take blame and guilt off of me when other people tried to blame me. I also learned to live in freedom versus expectations of how others should be.

What are some boundaries you need to set in your life? 
Career? Relationships? Yourself?

Rebekka Lien,
Realtor & Unlock Your Destiny Coach


Success flows to me.

Success finds me.

I welcome success. 
My life is full of peace, joy and love.
I am full with success.