30 Things I Have Been Able To Do As An Entrepreneur

Risk .jpg

1. Wear PJs to work

2. Walk into my living room or patio to work without brushing my hair or teeth

3. Enjoy the LA sunshine anytime of the day

4. Book a ticket to Australia with one month to plan

5. Volunteer in rural China

6. Work for a Premium jean company at Magic Tradeshow and experience cat fights

7. Be an extra in a weight loss infomercial

8. Be a Contestant on Let’s Make A Deal and touch Wayne Brady on the shoulders! WOOHOO!

9. Drive to Santa Monica beach on a weekday non-traffic hours, yay.

10. Take 2 weeks off to fly to Taiwan

11. Manage properties and meet sweet cleaning ladies and handyman

12. Sell stuff on Ebay

13. Take German class at local community college

14. Take Comedy Improv class on a monday night

15. Teach yoga and meditation on thursdays 

16. Take naps when I am tired

17. Learn to get rid of junk and live simply

18. Teach sewing and fashion design to adorable children on your schedule

19. Design unconventional fashion designs and show them at charity fashion shows

20. Teach mandarin to 72 year old man

21. Teach cello and piano

22. Tutor hyperactive boy that needs to be disciplined

23. Have lawn parties and pop up shops

24. Meet celebrities and entrepreneurs like me

25. Eat chips and yogurt for lunch, or a bomb rice, chicken and veggie plate because I can cook it at home

26. Take 10 minute lunch breaks or 5 hour lunch breaks

27. Be whoever, do whatever….whenever you like.

28. Wake up naturally at 7am or stay up until 3am and sleep until 11am.

29. Do lunges to the trashcan because no one is watching or drop in the office for 10 minutes because you want to save ink.

30. Have 3 business cards, one for your artistic side, one for real estate, and one for yoga and meditation.


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