3 Things To Expect In 2014


(Yangmingshan, Taiwan)

1. Abundance- Some of you have been struggling and wandering in the wilderness.

You have had patience in the trials and held in there when times became tough. You feel like you are starving or thirsty in the desert land, there is no rest for you, but you persevere. You won’t give up because your vision is TOO big for you to give in.

2014 is going to be a breaking point where you start to see fruit. You see the fruit of your hard labor, your love for others, your sacrifice. You will also see a flow of abundance, no longer will you have to struggle for the fruit of your labor. You will now WORK LESS, and REAP MORE! YES, believe it or not. All you need is FAITH to believe that the universe is holding you and supporting you. There is a father holding you and providing for you, just like an earthly father would. You will be able to bless people through your own blessings.


(Danshui, Taiwan)

2. Renewal- Some of you have become jaded because of the winter woes, you have given up on your dreams and visions. Perhaps you had friends and family put you down because of your crazy and out there dreams. 2014 is going to be a year of renewal where you will start to meet people, gain resources, funding for your crazy AND OUT THERE DREAMS! IT’s going to be a great year for those that do not GIVE UP. You are going to walk in power and authority. You are not going to give up on your dreams, keep walking brother and sister! There is going to be FRESH flow of ideas and creativity AND Better yet, an avenue to ACTUALIZE those ideas. 

You are going to be able to stand up for your vision too. Many of you have backed down because of your FEAR of what others will think. Don’t worry, others have gone before you. There is nothing to fear.


(Yangmingshan, Taiwan)

3. Restoration- 

Everything you lacked in life will be given back to you five fold or more (if you choose to: Forgive, Let go, and Move Forward). All good things come with your WILLINGNESS to let go of the bad. The relationships that need to be restored for you to feel supported will be restored. You will find a FRESH JOY in your relationships, whether with your friends or family, or partner! You will start to form new collaborations with old friends and new friends. If you choose to forgive, you will experience an incredible year being restored to your family members.

For your career, you are looking at a year of determined success. People will find you and go to you for business ventures, they will flock to you when you find your true identity and live it out in freedom.

Hope you guys and girls have a GREAT NEW YEAR! Thank you for reading my blog all these years and this year! I have met incredible friends through this blog and hope to meet more!! 

Feel free to connect!



Email: rebekkalien@gmail.com


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