How To Set Boundaries

Are you stressed out trying to meet other peoples’ expectations? 
There is a difference between living in excellence and meeting other peoples’ demands which are rooted in their own negative energy.

In the end, we can only control ourselves and our own emotions and feelings. 
In this audio I talk about setting boundaries in your career, relationships and life. I was lucky enough to have read the Book Boundaries by John Townsend when I was young, this helped me to take blame and guilt off of me when other people tried to blame me. I also learned to live in freedom versus expectations of how others should be.

What are some boundaries you need to set in your life? 
Career? Relationships? Yourself?

Rebekka Lien,
Realtor & Unlock Your Destiny Coach

Success flows to me.

Success finds me.

I welcome success. 
My life is full of peace, joy and love.
I am full with success. 

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