I Want To Dance With A Kangaroo

I am flying again!!

In 3 weeks or so, I’ll be jetting to Australia! I know! My life is so exciting!!

I’ll be there from 9/11- 10/11 and I’ll be going to several cities- for sure Sydney and Melbourne.

Some things of TO DO’s ON MY LIST:

1. Connect with like minded people, artists, musicians, dancers, creative minds, cool people like you.

2. Dance with a kangaroo

3. Shuffle at a rave (I know I’m lame, apparently people who shuffle in Australia are 15-17 year old boys and girls….and I’m 23)

4. Meet some life long friends- yes, like the type that you talk to more than once a month, or once in two months, friends that I can definitely call – SOUL MATES as they would call it.

5. Buy some really cool and unique swag not found in the US.

6. Meet and contact some folks through twitter/tumblr. This is my most exciting project!!! I think this will trip everyone out.

2 thoughts on “I Want To Dance With A Kangaroo

  1. rebekkalien

    I know!!! I saw that and was sad about that! Do you have any suggestions for someone like me? I need a Aussie fashion pocahontas to introduce me to what’s happenin’ in Australia!

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