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God said “it’s time to relaunch your coaching business”.

Are you in need of inner healing? Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like there is cloud over your head. 
Get set free. 

I will help you maneuver through the confusions of life and give you spiritual and emotional insight into what is actually happening.

+overcome fear
+move through debilitating transitions 
+make changes in your life 
+overcome romantic traumas and move forward into healthy relationships 
+get freed from living for others’ approval

+ have feelings of shame? Insecurities that prevent you from going for what you want?

God wants you to live in freedom!!! The good news is I have been through all kinds of oppression and have overcome what I’ve talked about. Regret, fear, shame, guilt? Been there. Failed relationships and friendships? Been there. Divorced parents? Been there.

Never ending feeling of I’m not enough? Been there?

God has stabilized my identity in Him so much that I’ve gotten to the point in life that I know I am enough no matter the circumstances.

I’ve arrived. Not in my circumstances, but in my identity.

I want you to have the same confidence. I want you to live without fear.

I am a Los Angeles based coach who is currently in New Zealand (or some other country). Coaching sessions are conducted via video calls.

All sessions are completed via Skype, FaceTime or fb messenger video! $89 usd for an hour intro coaching session. Get unstuck!

Submit your payment to and send me an email at rebekkalien@gmail.com with the answer to “why you would like to get coaching”.





Happy 5 Year Anniversary To Me!

154552_10151770610530603_623059792_nPet Monkey of the sponsored boy I visited in Ecuador534227_10151749695000603_742620799_n576865_10151770580835603_363296242_n

5 years since I left that moldy office.

As a celebration, the super self published ebook is $9.99 for today only. https://payhip.com/b/6zoT

Here’s an excerpt of a 100 page book I have not touched for a year, that still needs some writing..

May 15, 2012- On my adventures in Ecuador. 

Hi Friend!

I ́ve finally got the time to blog about my first 2 days

in Ecuador. The manager of the internet place just

asked me if I ́m married, it ́s not likely that random

strangers will make conversation with you by asking

about your boyfriend or spouse. He said, “your

boyfriend is in Ecuador?”. To which I said “America”.

I ́m in a random hole in the wall internet cafe, except

there is no coffee. It ́s called a “cabina”. I rode in a 5

hour bus to Tena from Quito today.

What I ́ve fortunately realized is that Ecuador is

probably the most beautiful place on earth, and

also the people are one of the kindest people on

earth as well. Unlike the pre- warnings that “omg”,

you are going to get robbed and beware of men

there, men in fact, especially the older ones have

been like papas to me. Today on the bus, I met a bus

driver who helped me find a hostel and find my way

around Tena. Then previously, a medicine salesman

helped me get to the terminal and take the right bus

to Tena.

He was very kind, though I don ́t understand why he

said he wanted to see a movie with me when I

already told him I had a boyfriend.

I paid 10 bucks to stay at a hostel. The hostel has a

little gap above the door so you can hear what drama

the owners are watching. The amazonias get really

cold at night, though during the day, it ́s like living

24-7 in a hot steam bath. I feel yucky. It feels like

living in Taiwan. The night, the markets do resemble

Taiwan markets from 15 years ago. Though Taiwan is

now much cleaner and more modernized.

I was thinking about how I ́m the only asian woman

walking on the street.

Sometimes you start to feel like an exotic animal

that everyone stares at. Now I know how white

people feel in Asia, except in this case, it ́s an Asian

in Ecuador. Staring is very normal, it seems.

The concept of private space does not exist here.

Personal space? What? When people point to tell you

something, they definitely cross your American

space, bypassing the normal boundaries of your

boobs. Of course, I ́m crossed and pissed. Though I

have realized, hey, they are not the only ones.

Sometimes they don ́t stop talking until you tell

them, ”I ́m going to take a nap”.

This morning, I was freaking out about how I would

get to Tena, I prayed. Then, when I was buying a 30

cent comb the medicine salesman happened to be

going there. Thank god! I would say, Ecuadorians are

WAY more hospitable than people in LA. I mean no

one in LA would take the time to help you.

Plus, if you think about it, no one goes walking in

Skidrow at night anyways. All the things you do at

home, is what you would do in a foreign country.

Speaking of foreign, I hope that I never act foreign,

besides the language barrier. I hope I ́m never

someone that treats locals with disrespect. I was

analyzing and observing today, and thinking about

what it means to be foreign.

And of course, how everything my American friends

warned me of, happens to be 99 percent not true. Of

course, we have to be careful wherever we go, but my

time in Ecuador, for the two days, have proven to be

positive…besides feeling like an exotic animal and

the sometimes ̈freaking annoying remarks

“cheennnnaaa” as in Chinese. Because the very idea

that a Chinese would come from Los Angeles seems

so foreign, I have to try really hard to be patient.

539984_10151770627425603_205951160_nAt a salon in Tena where Asians are rarely sighted. 578312_10151770574405603_631750852_n

The nice man who helped me find a hostel

Forgiveness As A Way Of Life


“What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” — Robert Schuller

To truly live life to the fullest, to be passionately pursuing life and your dreams, you must overlook the mistakes you will make. You must be slow to judge, slow to condemn, slow to be offended. You must manuever quickly because we are all human and we all make mistakes. To be an artist, an entrepreneur, you must make mistakes to be a great one. You must make big mistakes, I think that’s a requirement, it creates depth and depth is seen in your work. 

I love hearing the sound of rain, the sound of cars driving on a watered road. After watching Lost in Thailand on Netflix, I had this urge to write about my recent heart journey. Ever since I came back from Hawaii, I’ve been releasing even more negative vibes out of my life. Though I had already sold all of my furniture and reduced my clothes to fit into a duffle bag, I was not done with starting over.

I also needed to once and for all forgive everyone that had ever hurt me in my life. As I started writing down names of people I wanted to forgive and release from my heart, no longer requiring their validation, approval or apologies, I realized there was a theme of “lack of affection/attention” or “negative words or words of rejection”, some that consisted of people making judgements on me even though they had known me for years, yet perhaps out of a lack of love in their own hearts, chose to see me as someone i was not…out of the attempt to control someone they could not control- me. 

I also had to forgive myself for “wasted years” when the truth is….I needed to go through what I went through to see the precious worth of my time and life. I remember telling a stranger that I learned a lot from my past relationship, he replies “well you sure learn a lot after a beating” (now that’s an analogy). We don’t always need to learn from hardships or heartbreak, we can learn from wisdom, from listening to our hearts.

Well, now I can help others who struggle with self-worth and rejection.  I also needed to learn what it meant to invest time, energy and heart into my closest relationship and that it was not selfish of me to spend time alone or not want to spend time with mere strangers. I saw that as my influence inclined, many people wanted to “spend time with me” to talk about “their issues”, which I do offer in my coaching sessions. Unless you are a close friend of mine, I will not invest time and energy to get “freeloaded”. In order to be the best that I can be, I need to protect my time with myself and most of all, meditate and pray. But I also learn that it is better to have a flexible heart than inflexible ritual. That’s why I’m not big on rituals or things that take away from my heart.

I commit to things because it makes me happy, not because I feel guilt-tripped into it. Who are the people you need to forgive? What did they say or do that hurt you and how did it make you feel in terms of value, worth or significance? Because unless you continue to receive forgiveness and forgive others, the manifestation of our lives are simply an image. Heart growth, heart healing is what counts, unless this is dealt with….all the fruit of our labors will rot.

Trust me on this. Everything you’ve ever worked for will become bitter fruit, wrought out of a bitter root (your heart). Allow your heart to become healthy so that love can flow freely into every area of your life.  If you haven’t released forgiveness or people from your heart, they are taking up SPACE for the people that want to love and be loved by you. 

95915234c1709bed4127cfa9c0c207b8 My commitments in this life:

1. To know that I have already been forgiven and am free to make mistakes

2. To allow others to be themselves and to allow them to make mistakes just as I make mistakes

3. To know that there is no such thing as “mistakes” but simply detours to the right path

4. To enjoy life to the fullest And just to give you a personal update, I’ll be going up to Sacramento May 14-17 to speak at a women’s conference. From there I’ll be going to Berkeley or Palo Alto, I haven’t decided. And Thailand is on my mind, will probably go this Fall, don’t know how and what, but like any other trip, I must step forward in faith.

When you’re gracious with yourself, you’ll allow others to be themselves around you. That’s the most beautiful form of relationship!

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Come as you are.

My friend was sitting next to me at a bar and mentioned to someone that I host networking events…I was like “wait, you mean those house parties I had?” Apparently I was known to host networking events when in actuality I just wanted people to have fun. So just be yourself and have fun. You might just meet the love of your life or your future bestie.

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You’ve Been Living A Lie

photo (3)

Well, not all of you. Hopefully not the majority. But I sense that you are reading this because you want a life of authenticity. You’ve been living a lie, the lie that because you are NOT ENOUGH, you have to keep striving, to be someone, to be great, to be successful. It’s all a lie. Indeed, we are not perfect, thus we are not enough on our own. We are not enough, but we are enough in the eyes of the infinite source that sustains us and keeps the universe running, the one who keeps the stars up, the sun shinning everyday, the moon appearing at night. If us humans can build such beauties as the eiffel tower, who built the ocean, who built the mountains?

Yes, rush around, rush around. The message of the day is – you are not enough, so you must try harder, work harder, put in more hours. Isn’t it? We need to attend to this urgent matter because we will lose lots of money and after 30 years of trying harder, we fall into our death bed, or we rush around with panic attacks, soon getting into a car accident which then cost us everything we’ve worked so hard to earn.

I hope this will wake people up. It all seems very positive, “all success takes hard work”- that’s a lie. How about someone who wants to be a CEO of a company and he works very hard scrubbing toilets, yet never putting into action what he really wants to do and wasting crucial years of his life. How about “BE harder”. I know that sounds strange.

Be- stop everything and be and breathe. The birds of the air do not store up what they’ll eat next, they trust and take it one day at a time. Be, because who you are attracts everything that you are- including quality people, resources, wisdom, wealth.

Some of us have been told growing up that we are not enough. Some of us, like myself, were also told that “you should be thankful, I could have left you or given you up for adoption”. I felt like a burden. I’m sure you’ve felt that way, that you were a burden so you needed to work hard to prove you were someone of worth, or that you could be independent and not be a burden on someone. I started working when I was 14. Actually I started when I was in 3rd grade.

I’ve always been entrepreneurial, but I wonder when that entrepreneurial free spirit then became a burden when I felt that I had to use it to prove my worth. My gifting became a curse because of the fearful motivation beneath it all.

I felt that I was not enough alone, as a human being, imperfect yet brilliant, a design, a marvelous light of energy. 

I trust that this post will open the hearts of many to sit down and think.

You see, everyone identifies with something, a label. Whether it is a son, daughter, mother, father, designer, architect, writer, etc..none of that matters. We are often given a role and have expectations put on us. Some of these expectations are preconceived, from many years of society telling us what it should look like, some of these are purely manmade, reflections of what another person lacks and needs.

In the eyes of infinite source, we are magnificent, and we should create our life work, our life expression out of authenticity, out of being, out of wanting, out of desire, out of passion, not out of pressure. You see, the sun will still rise, the sun will still set everyday. What are we rushing around for? When we are rushing around, we are not living in the moment and before we know it, we’ve spent 80 years of our lives, rushing to our deaths and not remembering one minute of it. 

Get away from all the voices and be still.

What do you hear?

Feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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And to end with a song I think resonates with what I wrote:

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I left my 9 to 5 job 3 years ago without knowing what or how I would pay for rent, work, eat. I had no backup plan. In the beginning it was tough, my courage faltered many times. Now I look back, gosh, how much I have grown. How my vision has expanded, how my faith has expanded, the level and degree to which I have deepened in my identity…I have learned to take care of the little or the a lot I have been blessed with.
I have learned to turn trash into treasures, to treasure relationships, friendships, to learn what boundaries is…I have attended conferences, gone through entrepreneurial training, sold art, become a manager of my own life, and strengthened in the many talents I’ve been given. This ebook is about how I was able to monetize my ever skill from playing cello, piano, knowing mandarin, art, writing, real estate, speaking to even traveling. It has been a beautiful beautiful road.
Many people think that being self-employed is DIFFICULT. IT may be at times, but I promise you, it’s so worth it. In fact, I’m sitting in Berlin right now writing all this.
“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” – Columbus

5 Ways To Travel Cheap

Most people think they need thousands of dollars, tens of thousands to travel so they NEVER do it.

Well, it’s actually quite affordable if you’re willing to tumble a little in bunk beds, like little kids do. I don’t mind it, I can sleep anywhere, I’m the best plane sleeper. I fall asleep right when I buckle up and even before they make those important announcements about flotations or something. I can sleep for hours on buses and time usually goes by pretty fast for me since I do my reflection on there.


Amsterdam hostel, if you can sleep to clubbing music then you should go to this hostel. There’s a cute little cat I like to nap with.

#1 Way

Stay at hostels —

These are the hostels I’ve stayed at:

Hootananny hostel- about 15 pounds in the 8 bed room  (London)

Leidseplein Hostel- about 9.99 Euros in a 12 bed room (Amsterdam)

Okay, get ready for this, I just booked hostels in Prague for 2.5 euros, I know, I’m not sure if I booked the right maximum amount of nights so I hope it worked, but that is about 25 euros for 10 nights.

So basically I’m staying around 15 US dollars for each night.

#2 Way


If you’re like me, you love cooking, well I love it.

I’ve made loads of good foods, including ramen (well, that’s not THAT great, but throw in an egg or kale and you got a gourmet ramen which would probably have cost 15 euros).

#3 Way

Go to free museums and free parks

#4 Way 

Find a friend to crash with 🙂

#5 Way 

Don’t drink too much —-money goes fast if you drink too much (alcohol) obviously, save your liver and pregame, or just save your liver.

OH by the way,


Drawing and lounging


Heady Beats in London

Losing all sense of time, relevance

I’m here, somewhere else, not home, not what people would call home, conventions

stupid faith

incredible, incredulous, abnormal, alien, faith

which causes me to tread waters, wipe out tornadoes, words landing like volcano remains, falling

Like a Mario character jumping past, on and destroying creatures with wide open jagged mouths

I have dark eyeshadows and leather pants

Like a mystical force

Let no thoughts of worry or lack enter your mind, because as you dwell longer on that thought, will it slowly come to pass. Shut it down. Focus and dwell on that which is good, positive, life giving, abundant, loving. Think about these things without wavering, even with stupid faith. So stupid when it comes to pass, people will wonder why and how.


1606863_10154653542965603_3637290715476057584_n 1621847_10154651516385603_6998171202692412417_n 1970599_10154651507920603_4976714339928976711_n 10712780_10154651515310603_1264889973042085380_n10665847_10154654803980603_544146982105461950_n

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Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 12.54.23 PM

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final flier.jpg


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I backpacked in Ecuador, Brazil, Australia and Taiwan in the 3 years I have been self-employed. Previously, I visited Japan teaching English, Europe teaching art, and well, who said travel had to be expensive?
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