Why We Should Throw Our Dreams Out The Window


The new American dream is to live a lifestyle of passive income, travel, wealth, material goods….great gatsby?

But in the modern sense, how about 4 hour work week?

Don’t we all want that? Even if you work 9 to 5. This dream, this airy word (dream) has pressured people to feel like they are not enough. 

“Well what’s your dream? What you don’t have one? You don’t want to be famous or to own 10 porsches and 3 houses right by the beach?” – you must be lazy, people think.

I am so happy because I realized this just yesterday, I have been trying to live my dreams, but slowly, unawares, slipping into small cracks of peoples’ expectations. What does it mean to be successful? We need to center ourselves daily.

It was in that moment of epiphany that I released and let go of all ties with goals, plans, time, dates……The whole be this or that by 30, 35…own a house, marry, have kids, so and so, it suffocates people to live for their own and other peoples’ expectations of what is socially accepted. Even if you have learned about the new “Self-employed”, “own a business”, “do what you love” concept, you are still under the impression that you have to thrive in your business within a few years, be able to travel, live a really extraordinary life and be happy all the time. Again, it’s all BS.

The key is to be content and accepting of who you are at all times of your life.  

The key is to have fun and enjoy life wherever you are and whenever. 

The key is not to wait to be happy, but decide to have fun wherever you go. 

Don’t wait to find the right person to be happy. Don’t wait to find the right job or the right clients to be happy. Don’t wait for the paycheck or the deal to go through to be happy. Don’t wait another second beating yourself up and living in misery. Don’t wait to be a millionaire or have kids to be happy. Don’t wait to get out of a relationship to be happy. Don’t wait until your dishes are washed to be happy. Don’t wait another second being a miserable (excuse my language) ASS.

I created a new term- it is called “I don’t give a flying fuck”.

Most people live with a stick up their you know what because they are not living up to their own standards or expectations. 

Creativity, ideas and productivity are ABUNDANT and ORGANICALLY flows out of our happiness, our joy for life. All this does not come when we are squishing the life out of ourselves because we are SO focused on WHAT WE DON’T HAVE and WHO WE’RE NOT WITH.

So please, do me a favor, please have fun wherever you are in life, LAUGH. People will love you, people will be excited to work with you.

And when you feel the expectation monster creeping in= just slap it in the face and say “I don’t give a flying fuck”.

And so it is 🙂

Rebekka Lien

Here’s me having fun at the Beverly Hills Young Professionals mixer, and oh yes, did I have fun!




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