30 Things I Have Been Able To Do As An Entrepreneur

Risk .jpg

1. Wear PJs to work

2. Walk into my living room or patio to work without brushing my hair or teeth

3. Enjoy the LA sunshine anytime of the day

4. Book a ticket to Australia with one month to plan

5. Volunteer in rural China

6. Work for a Premium jean company at Magic Tradeshow and experience cat fights

7. Be an extra in a weight loss infomercial

8. Be a Contestant on Let’s Make A Deal and touch Wayne Brady on the shoulders! WOOHOO!

9. Drive to Santa Monica beach on a weekday non-traffic hours, yay.

10. Take 2 weeks off to fly to Taiwan

11. Manage properties and meet sweet cleaning ladies and handyman

12. Sell stuff on Ebay

13. Take German class at local community college

14. Take Comedy Improv class on a monday night

15. Teach yoga and meditation on thursdays 

16. Take naps when I am tired

17. Learn to get rid of junk and live simply

18. Teach sewing and fashion design to adorable children on your schedule

19. Design unconventional fashion designs and show them at charity fashion shows

20. Teach mandarin to 72 year old man

21. Teach cello and piano

22. Tutor hyperactive boy that needs to be disciplined

23. Have lawn parties and pop up shops

24. Meet celebrities and entrepreneurs like me

25. Eat chips and yogurt for lunch, or a bomb rice, chicken and veggie plate because I can cook it at home

26. Take 10 minute lunch breaks or 5 hour lunch breaks

27. Be whoever, do whatever….whenever you like.

28. Wake up naturally at 7am or stay up until 3am and sleep until 11am.

29. Do lunges to the trashcan because no one is watching or drop in the office for 10 minutes because you want to save ink.

30. Have 3 business cards, one for your artistic side, one for real estate, and one for yoga and meditation.


Finding Home In LA- What Family Looks Like To Me

“For 20 years, she worked at her job, bored”- she said. “But for some people stability is what they want”. She, is Maiko, a stranger I met at Starbucks. She had these harem pants that I loved and commented on back in January. The strangers I meet all over the world, never cease to amaze me. Perhaps these strangers become strangely acquainted, then they become friends, with the same vision to pursue a life worth living. The universe never fails to bump people together.

In a few days, my friend will be flying to Hawaii by herself, in July she’ll be going to London to pursue her dreams of perhaps becoming a designer, a hair stylist…the journey can lead her anywhere. We sat, sipping our green tea.

I said “don’t ever give up, don’t ever settle. Also remember I’m here if you go through hard times and need a friend, call me.” Those who choose their own path- need people like them to keep them going. I know how easy it is to give up. I could have already given up and chose to work at a corporate office and live off my biweekly paycheck instead of recycling bottles and eating tofu for dinner. 

But I ain’t giving up now, knowing that there are others going before me. This weekend a shift will happen in our house. For once, I am the one staying. Friends will be stopping by from Oregon, some will go to San Francisco and Hawaii, others will come to LA. For once, I’m finally growing up and willing to settle, to find community and to be taken care of.

What does settling look like for me? Being okay with having a home. In LA. I’ll always travel, but LA will always be home for me. I’m okay with staying and having long term relationships here, to be part of a family. For once, I get what family is. They’re there for you even when you can only offer ramen noodles. 

Thanks to Clare, Shaina, Jane, Jessica in Boston, Alex who is about to go to SF, Andrew my love,  Kuku, Lauren, Heather, Maiko who is leaving, Sarah/Ben, Janna, Lois/Kurt, Jaymie, Jeanne…for showing me what family looks like. Of course, MANY MANY more friends that have shown me you’ll ALWAYS be there.

We may be worlds apart, but we’ll always be family. Join me as I go to Ecuador to see my sponsored kid! 

During my BDAY!

This is probably most reflective of my friends and I- we are nuts, we are insanely passionate peope.

Why You Should Become Friends With Strangers

Yes, the saying goes “don’t talk to strangers”, but you’ll probably never make friends in LA.

Lately I’ve been thinking, wow, I’m kind of bored. I mean I have great friends, but many of them have moved, and well, I don’t feel intellectually stimulated. Life is getting too mundane or something. I’m working on my business, freelancing, but there’s nothing too out of the norm (in my opinion of course, because most people would say my life is not mundane, it’s too eccentric). Because I’m literally broke due to investing in my business, and can’t really go out all that much…I’ve been inspired to “think outside the box”.

Ways in Which I have made friends:

1. Tumblr.com– yes, I have met someone in Australia and became friends with through tumblr.

2. Yelp.com– I’ve shout out for clubs in Boston and made a friend who was a promoter, and got to get VIP status when I got there. Had the most fun at a gay club.

3. Modelmayhem– collaborating on shoots, became friends.

4. On the street– yes, I talk to strangers on the street

5. Clubs– I like to dance with strangers as well, especially if they’re good dancers. I have met really cool and interesting people at clubs (not creepers).

6. On airplanes, buses, public transportation– when I sit next to anyone, they become my friend

7. Cafes and Starbucks– wear something interesting and people will compliment on it- or vice versa, compliment other people and you might just become friends. However, I find that some people are so antisocial, they’ll say “thanks” and end the convo by walking away.

 “You totally just missed your chance to be friends with someone SO unique and SO cool, too bad for you”- I think.

8. Hostels– great place to meet travelers, however, since I live in LA, no more of that 😦 BUT not to worry, me be planning another trip very soon!

9. Parties– this I find tricky because at parties, I feel like I can never sit down to talk in depth- and in LA for some reason, people never follow up.

10. COPY shops- yes, copy shop not coffee shop. Best ever.

11. At the bank- yes became friends with the banker 🙂

12. Email- find someones’ blog appealing? Email them and say “I want to be friends cuz you’re so awesome”.

The key is – the other person has to have the desire to be your friend.

Friendship is a two way street. You can never force friendship. This leads to my inspired 2012 MEETING WEIRD AND AWESOME PEOPLE year. I need to meet more interesting, weird, nonconventional people. So the answer to “why you should become friends with strangers”- what is life about? That’s the answer.

Feel free to email me and connect- rebekkalien@gmail.com I’m always up to meet people.