What You Will Do Anything To Achieve, You Will Achieve


4 months ago, I was sitting on the grass at a Hollywood picnic listening to an author talk about time traveling to the future. He said that all of us are time traveling, but not all of us know where we want to go. As I sat there, I envisioned Paris (I’ve been there, but for some reason I lost all my pictures). I also had stickers of the eiffel tower on my living room wall and had a journal with “Paris is always a good idea”.

I suddenly had this realization, what am I doing here?

Today I’ll have completed my travels, tomorrow I’ll be flying back to Los Angeles. Hey, I miss my LA peeps and dancing in LA.

Where have I gone?

London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Paris, Florence, Rome, Naples, and finally Barcelona. My goal was to prove that I could make money doing one thing I loved, Travel. And somehow with the grace of the universe, with the perseverance of my mind and faith, I did it. 

I still was able to make money virtually. This is everyone’s dream isn’t it?

Before I left to Europe, I forced myself to write an ebook. I felt that I was giving all these free advice, but not making a cent sharing my wealth of knowledge. The thing is I’ve SUFFERED A LOT. I’m not telling you this to make you feel bad for me….I’ve suffered, gotten real thin eating rice and kale in the beginning of my self-employment. I didn’t grow up in a rich family, I had low self worth, and ONLY by the grace of divinity, I’ve seen who I really am. 

I’m DIVINE, ROYALTY damn it! 

I really am! I’m completely whole, everything I want is manifested within first. I need to become THAT person first, the queen that wears her royal coat, her Burberry dress, Miu Miu sunglasses, or whatever you fancy.

Until you see who you really are, you are seriously that princess in rags. Think Disney.

And I’ve also learned that PEOPLE who don’t see who they really are will sometimes judge you, look down on you, think you are crazy, think you are lame, NOT SEE YOUR WORTH. But who has time for haters anyways? 

You don’t have time for that. You’ve got to time travel to where you really want to go.

And as I speak….I know that when you get this ebook, you’re signaling to the universe that you are READY to become the queen or king you really are. 

Adios and see you in LA! 

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 2.16.38 PM

Heady Beats in London

Losing all sense of time, relevance

I’m here, somewhere else, not home, not what people would call home, conventions

stupid faith

incredible, incredulous, abnormal, alien, faith

which causes me to tread waters, wipe out tornadoes, words landing like volcano remains, falling

Like a Mario character jumping past, on and destroying creatures with wide open jagged mouths

I have dark eyeshadows and leather pants

Like a mystical force

Let no thoughts of worry or lack enter your mind, because as you dwell longer on that thought, will it slowly come to pass. Shut it down. Focus and dwell on that which is good, positive, life giving, abundant, loving. Think about these things without wavering, even with stupid faith. So stupid when it comes to pass, people will wonder why and how.


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Make Money Doing What You Love Journal: 

I was a mystery shopper at duty free stores, reviewed 5 stores at the airport and made income from jewelry/clothes sale at the boutique I sell at back in LA. This is my new challenge- make money doing what I love (travel). You can purchase your complete guide to self-employment, the various ways I have made money being self-employed….from selling products, online commerce, retail, real estate, leasing, teaching fashion, writing ebooks, etc. —–>>> Get yours for only $24.99, any currencies accepted via PAYPAL for immediate download: MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE

Here’s the deal- whatever you can imagine, you can do. There are no limits to what you can do with your life.


Living Your Personal Legend


As I sat outside in the patio taking in the night, I came across Oprah and Paulo Coelho’s interview. I watched it, and was intrigued. I had always heard about The Alchemist, but had never read it. A few days later, I found myself glancing at Oprah’s face in the news stands. You see, I have about 10 magazine subscriptions and always get them for free with my mileage points, so it made no sense to buy one magazine full price. But I remembered a story from my client about how she was totally broke and something in her told her to buy a magazine, in it was a job that got her into the industry she was supposed to be in. You see, she used what little she had and paid in faith. She was rewarded well for her faith. I always remember that story.

Anyways, I bought that Oprah magazine and went to eat lunch. At lunch I noticed yet again Oprah and Paulo Coelho’s interview. I read it. A few days later, I found myself wanting to go to Vroman’s and I bought that 25th anniversary edition. You see, in 1988 Paulo published The Alchemist, this was the year I was born. You might think it is all a coincidence, but I think not. You see when I read about the omens in the book, about how God sends us messages through people and omens, I knew that my life has always been that way. Everything in my life was orchestrated for me to live my Personal Legend, as The Alchemist describes.


You see, if life was simply about attaining wealth, learning to love and be loved by people, attaining things…it would be, well, so practical. Our lives are spiritual journeys into greater destinies and I see our lives as legends. You see, the reason movies are so captivating is because people in movies actually GO AFTER WHAT THEY WANT. You see a man who loves a woman, he chases after her despite continued rejection or obstacles. You see woman living their dreams, dancing on stages around the world. The heroes overcome the obstacles which prevent them from living their highest callings.

In real life, well, we often settle. How many of us are actually living our Personal Legends? 

We overdose on alcohol, drugs, sedatives, food, media, useless articles and videos only to confuse our hearts. We refuse to face our hearts because we have disappointed ourselves for far too long. Perhaps you have decided to ignore the little voice within that tells you to make a move, to make a change…because change, can be uncomfortable.

Paulo experienced “one of the definining moments of his life: he walked the five hundred- plus mile Road of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. On this ancient highway, used for centuries by pilgrims from France to get to the cathedral said to house the remains of St. James, he achieved a self-awareness and a spiritual awakening that he later described in The Pilgrimage

I believe that when we leave everything we know or are comfortable behind, something miraculous happens; actually in that personal spiritual awakening of love do we truly walk into the authentic destiny we were meant to walk.

You see I believe that whoever I have connected with, even by reading their book, I have now agreed to carry their torch. It’s been 25 years since this book has been written. Many spiritual and political leaders are aging and tiring out. It’s time for my generation of people (20’s and 30’s) to wake up. A few days ago, I had an Art Show and Party. I gave a very relaxed presentation reading of my ebook and 2 secrets of how to live your personal destiny. Someone mentioned that it should be called Ted Talk in the Living Room. I realized that I could deliver my message in any format I wanted to, in jeans, in shorts, in a t-shirt. I realized that I didn’t have to wear uptight dresses or have my makeup be perfect. Maybe my audience are actually people who want to be authentic in every way, completely themselves, no pretentiousness.

I look forward to writing books that are epic, that 25 years from now, I’ll look back and see that I wrote this blog post. If you haven’t purchased your own ebook on How To Make Money Doing What You Love:::::: ————-> CLICK HERE! 


Make A Vow To Stop Re-posting and Sharing Fear Based News

If you want to make this world a better place, please join me in making a VOW to stop re-posting and sharing FEAR BASED news.

If you agree and want to commit to your own wellbeing, success, and growth, please reblog this post or share this on your social media. I realized that a lot of Facebook posts, shares are rather negative. There are crazy stories of how people die, about disease, criminals, etc. I’m not saying that we should be unaware of these news, but we are propagating a culture of where we would rather talk about negative news versus encourage goodness in this world.

How about positive quotes, encouraging posts, posts about people helping others, dreams, etc.

I recorded this right when it was raining in Los Angeles. I know it’s unbelievable, but because of my commitment to my word, I am going to London in 2 weeks, I’ll be living this miraculous life of love. If you haven’t checked out my Ebook, please do! 

 Quotes of the week: 

“Whatever energy you emit, that energy will come back to you. For example, some people are so in their own head that everything that a waiter does is disrespectful, but if you thank them with utmost respect, they’ll treat you the same. It’s not all about you, sometimes people are going through a bad day and all you have to do is see that it’s not about you.” 

“Don’t try to figure out “how”, trust your desires, have faith you are in the right place at the right place and everything will be revealed to you as you go”

“Word for today. Your inheritance, your destiny is here. All that you have been striving for, you can rest now, you can stop trying. It’ already yours, you inherited it not because of what you did, but because of WHO YOU ARE. Know, accept and live in the POWER within. It’s all in you. Nothing that you are trying to achieve is outside of you, it’s all WITHIN YOU. The abundance of life is here (symbolized by rain after a long drought). For some, you have been like me, feeling repressed, like creativity and expression is waiting to burst forth. It is here, there is nothing to wait for. Your breakthrough is here today, start counting your blessings, be thankful for what you have been wanting to accomplish and do in life, be thankful for the people you want to be around,,,,they’re already here. Start dancing and celebrating, the season is here. It’s a season of permanence and power. Stop hoping, stop wishing, do it in power, it’s coming to you!”
Love, Rebekka 

How To Master Social Media

Social Media can be confusing, but after opening my Facebook account in college and conforming to THE WORLD of social media, I have learned a few things to make life more simple for you.

1. Master 1 or 2 Social Media– Just master 1 or 2 and you are fine. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of tumblrs, wordpresses, facebooks, twitters there are, simply find 1 or 2 you feel comfortable with and start with those! My top social media platforms are FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. I am not great at twitter and recently just found out you can add hashtags to build your audience. If you add hashtags to instagram pictures, you will be surprised by the amount of people who will follow you just because of a few hashtags! (Hashtags are tags referring to a certain subject such as #trends).

2. Interact and LIKE other peoples’ Social Media– My mistake in the beginning of social media was to be completely obsessed with my own page. I kept waiting for people to like my posts, but realized, I needed to like other peoples’ posts and comment first. This builds engagement and interaction, people become interested you only if you are first interested in them. This is the LAW of the GOLDEN RULE. People are innately SELFISH and will not want to give first, go and give…..the return will be golden!

3. BE CREATIVE- Post IMAGES, FLYERS, AUDIOS, Think outside the box! I started using Hootsuite.com and auto-post everything to all my social medias, this way, my twitter audiences can also receive updates even if they do not have facebook. As a Realtor, I have access to programs that allow me to create fliers in minutes (I know, seriously unbelievable). The QR codes allow tech savvy folks to access more information and images in seconds. https://www.facebook.com/events/287849711361791/

See below:



4. Be involved in EVENTS, CREATE A BUZZ – creating events on Social Media conveys to your audience that you are a MASTER of whatever industry you are in. They notice that you invited them and they also notice that you specialize in your field (for me, it is Real Estate and sometimes my other profession Fashion). After posting my event and inviting more than a thousand people, a friend messaged me and asked me about buying a house in the future. This occurred all because I was continuously posting, but also because I created a buzz through an event.

I hope to SEE YOU at my OPEN HOUSE THIS SATURDAY June 29 at 10am-4pm at the address 395 N Chester Ave Pasadena CA https://www.facebook.com/events/287849711361791/

I just wasted an hour on facebook

Yes, I just wasted an hour on facebook looking through my past pictures. AND this, for golly, was one of the best times in my life. THIS WAS SO FUN!!! (located in Taiwan). That’s me standing up…sigh. good times.  I woke up and was disappointed everyone was gone, I thought my mom had forgot about my bday. Went to eat with friend, took a midterm at school (easy), and then drove home because there was bday cake waiting for me, then went out to eat korean food with friends.

One thing I miss – being the center of attention, dancing at orange clockwork and everyone just like gawking at me. What in the world has possess this girl, she doesn’t give a beep about what others think! I miss that. Hopefully I can find some place in Asia to get my dance on for the summer.