Make A Vow To Stop Re-posting and Sharing Fear Based News

If you want to make this world a better place, please join me in making a VOW to stop re-posting and sharing FEAR BASED news.

If you agree and want to commit to your own wellbeing, success, and growth, please reblog this post or share this on your social media. I realized that a lot of Facebook posts, shares are rather negative. There are crazy stories of how people die, about disease, criminals, etc. I’m not saying that we should be unaware of these news, but we are propagating a culture of where we would rather talk about negative news versus encourage goodness in this world.

How about positive quotes, encouraging posts, posts about people helping others, dreams, etc.

I recorded this right when it was raining in Los Angeles. I know it’s unbelievable, but because of my commitment to my word, I am going to London in 2 weeks, I’ll be living this miraculous life of love. If you haven’t checked out my Ebook, please do! 

 Quotes of the week: 

“Whatever energy you emit, that energy will come back to you. For example, some people are so in their own head that everything that a waiter does is disrespectful, but if you thank them with utmost respect, they’ll treat you the same. It’s not all about you, sometimes people are going through a bad day and all you have to do is see that it’s not about you.” 

“Don’t try to figure out “how”, trust your desires, have faith you are in the right place at the right place and everything will be revealed to you as you go”

“Word for today. Your inheritance, your destiny is here. All that you have been striving for, you can rest now, you can stop trying. It’ already yours, you inherited it not because of what you did, but because of WHO YOU ARE. Know, accept and live in the POWER within. It’s all in you. Nothing that you are trying to achieve is outside of you, it’s all WITHIN YOU. The abundance of life is here (symbolized by rain after a long drought). For some, you have been like me, feeling repressed, like creativity and expression is waiting to burst forth. It is here, there is nothing to wait for. Your breakthrough is here today, start counting your blessings, be thankful for what you have been wanting to accomplish and do in life, be thankful for the people you want to be around,,,,they’re already here. Start dancing and celebrating, the season is here. It’s a season of permanence and power. Stop hoping, stop wishing, do it in power, it’s coming to you!”
Love, Rebekka 

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