Heady Beats in London

Losing all sense of time, relevance

I’m here, somewhere else, not home, not what people would call home, conventions

stupid faith

incredible, incredulous, abnormal, alien, faith

which causes me to tread waters, wipe out tornadoes, words landing like volcano remains, falling

Like a Mario character jumping past, on and destroying creatures with wide open jagged mouths

I have dark eyeshadows and leather pants

Like a mystical force

Let no thoughts of worry or lack enter your mind, because as you dwell longer on that thought, will it slowly come to pass. Shut it down. Focus and dwell on that which is good, positive, life giving, abundant, loving. Think about these things without wavering, even with stupid faith. So stupid when it comes to pass, people will wonder why and how.


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Make Money Doing What You Love Journal: 

I was a mystery shopper at duty free stores, reviewed 5 stores at the airport and made income from jewelry/clothes sale at the boutique I sell at back in LA. This is my new challenge- make money doing what I love (travel). You can purchase your complete guide to self-employment, the various ways I have made money being self-employed….from selling products, online commerce, retail, real estate, leasing, teaching fashion, writing ebooks, etc. —–>>> Get yours for only $24.99, any currencies accepted via PAYPAL for immediate download: MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE

Here’s the deal- whatever you can imagine, you can do. There are no limits to what you can do with your life.



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